Submission Form
 for KC Singles Activities and Events

          OVERVIEW:  this page describes how you can submit activities to be posted on the Kansas City division ( of the SinglesMall.
              Once on the Kansas City Mall, click on Activities. The URL is You may wish to bookmark it. Once there, you will see five
              types of activities. 
If you'd  like to submit an activity to be posted on one of these pages, please follow the instructions below for each category. We are happy
              to post  your activities but must ask you to follow these guidelines. Thanks!
                        1.  MAJOR ACTIVITIESthis is the place to post your major singles events that are open to singles outside your group..
                        2. ONGOING EVENTS/MEETINGS:
if you have regular, ongoing activities or meetings  (e.g. every Sunday morning or every other Tuesday night),
                            post them here on the ongoing page. This is the place to announce your monthly programs
                        3. SINGLES DANCES: Promote your singles dances here but please see SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS below. .                       
                        4. SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS: Promote your singles dances here but please see SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS below. .
                        5. TRIPS:
The place to post your trips for singles.           

1. FREE for non-profit groups: Profit groups are invited to email us for rates.
2. Singles activities only: please only submit activities that are for singles only. Do not submit something like Faith Hill to
Sing at Kemper unless your singles group is going to the event and willing for other singles to go with your group.
3. The deadline: none, just submit it when convenient.
4. Limit/month: 3 major open events (evemts MUST be open to singles outside your group)
5. You MUST submit in paragraph form: use upper/lower case, plain (no bold or italics) 10 or 12 pt., Times Roman, black on white (no colored ink or background). This will enable us to simply copy and paste without having to rearrange, resize, refont, or reformat your submission so that it conforms to the other submissions. Again, if your material is not submitted according to these specs, it will be returned for corrections which may delay it beyond the deadline date and cause it not to be used. Please DO NOT simply send us a brochure and expect us to create the paragraph for you.
6. Proof your work before sending: One of the biggest mistakes people make when submitting material via email is not to proof  their work for clarity and typos before sending it. You do not want inaccurate information, wrong addresses, or typos in your submission. And we don't want to have to go back in and correct the work once it's been posted. So, please, please, double check your work and even have someone else do so as well before sending it in for posting. Thanks!

1. MAJOR ACTIVITIES: So that we can maintain a uniformity in the "look" and include all the pertinent details, we ask that you follow this order or risk your activity not being posted.
Format: Date (day and date), Name of event, time, 10-15 word description of event followed by such details (in any order) as location, cost (if no charge, say no charge), and RSVP details. Then provide the contact name, phone and email address (if available), and all other vital details. Conclude with:  Sponsored by and include group name (not individual name unless the event is privately sponsored).
Summary:  Date, event, time, description, other details (location, cost, RSVP, etc.), contact information, sponsor.
Example: Sunday, Feb. 1. Super Bowl Party/Potluck, 5-9 pm. Come and watch the big game on a wide screen TV. Location: Bud's home, 10345 Moonlight Dr., Kansas City, MO. No charge but bring a dish or soft drink to share, table service provided. .Please RSVP to Bud at 913-555-1234 by Friday, Jan. 30. Questions? call Bud at home or Joyce at 816-555-1498), email: Sponsored by Southside Singles.
Email instructions: Once you've got it compiled and proofed, send it to and put Major event in the subject line. (Bold only for emphasis in these instructions)

2. ONGOING ACTIVITIES: A slightly different format is needed for these events. You do not need to resubmit each month unless there are changes.
Format: Frequency. Event, time, 10-15 word description of ongoing event followed (if desired) by specifics for each of the meetings. Then include (in any order) as, location, cost (if no charge, say "no charge," and RSVP details. Then provide the contact name and phone or email address, and any other vital detail. Conclude by saying, Sponsored by and include group name (not individual name unless the event is privately sponsored).
Summary: Frequency. Event, time, description, specific meetings, location, cost, fee, RSVP, contact information, other details, sponsor.

Example #1: Every Monday, Volleyball, 6-8 pm All singles invited to enjoy recreational level volleyball at the Raytown Community Center, 63rd and Woodson. Locker rooms available, bring non-marking shoes. Cost: $1.00. Questions: Call Tony at 816-555-7401. Sponsored by Southside Singles.
Example #2: Every Monday, 7:00-9:00 pm. Speaker/discussion. Speakers for January are: Mike Sweeney (KC Royals) on the 5th, Senator Pat Roberts on the 12th, Dr. Chris Shanklin (psychologist) on the 19th, and Larry Moore (Channel 9) on the 26th. No charge. Location: Westside  Christian Church, 10455 W 87th, Lenexa. Questions: Call Rev. Tom, at 913- 555-2345. Sponsored by Westside Christian Church,
Email instructions: Once you've got it compiled and proofed, send it to and put Ongoing event in the subject line. (Bold only for emphasis in these instructions)

We are happy to post your seminar and dance information on their appropriate pages in exchange for two passes to said event. This publicity should
bring you more people so you shouldn't mind swapping a few passes for the event.

To get listed
, email Don Davidson your seminar or dance information using
the same basic Major Activity format above. Then email passes to Don. Your listing will be posted once the passes are received. If Don is able to attend your function, that will help him better promote your activities in the future at his seminars. If he is not able to personally to use the  passes, he will try to give them away as prizes at his singles seminars or other venues.

5. TRIPS: Email Don your information. If it is a commercial trip (for profit), there will be a charge for your listing.

Again, we are happy to make some space available for your activities. We would ask that re-read these instructions and follow them as much as possible to avoid any delay in posting your information.

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