About the SinglesMall

The SinglesMall is your Internet Shopping Center of information and referral links. Here, under one roof, you will find information on a variety of helpful products and services. Please note that we have two divisions: one for single adults and the other (SAMall) for leaders of Singles Adult Ministry programs.
Don Davidson

The SinglesMall was created in 1996 as a joint venture between InterConnections & The Institute of Singles Dynamics. It is now owned exclusively by the Institute of Singles Dynamics, Don Davidson, director. Email address: don@singlesmall.com or don777@swbell.net.

Our commitment as a Christian business enterprise is to provide a wholesome environment where singles can discover valuable information to enhance their lives.Don Davidson-formal

Disclaimer: The information in this mall is provided in good faith but does not necessarily mean total and complete endorsement. As in the real world, it is your responsibility to check out the merits/shortcomings of each product/service as it relates to your situation. We invite you to report any product or service where you have felt mislead or mistreated. Email us that information as promptly as possible and furnish significant details.

Grace happens!


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