Suggestions on
                        How to Do Singles Ministry

                            On this page we will post various tidbits of information on how to do singles ministry. If you have suggestions,
                            please email them to and give permission for them to be used on this page. The format on this
                            page will range from simply sharing random thoughts on a certain subject to posting Q & A's as we find them. If you
                     have additional answers/thoughts besides what's provided below, please email them to us and we'll consider using them.

Question #1:  How do you divide an existing singles group into younger and older groups?
(Asked by Tim van Helvert, SAM Coordinator, Bethany Community Church, St. Catharines, ONT)

My answer:  by Craig Henry, Pastor of Single Adults, Canton First Friends Church, Canton, OH

My answer: by George McNerlin, Singles Minister, Central Baptist, Chattanooga, TN