Single Person's Prayer

Lord, help me as a single adult.
Help me to acknowledge Your presence in my times of loneliness.
Help me to understand the difference between being alone and being lonely.
Help me to claim Your promise to be closer than a brother.

Help me to be positive in my present circumstances.
Help me to not to allow past hurts to affect my present attitudes
Help me to realize that You allow all things to happen for my good.
Help me to experience contentment even as I acknowledge my need for companionship

Help me to find security not only in my possessions but also in relationships
Help me not to be threatened by possible failure of relationships of others
Help me never to be so self-sufficient that I have no need for others.
Help me to subject myself to the counsel of others

Help me to share my burdens and hurts with others.
Help me always to hear the counsel of others in the light of Your word.
Help me to cultivate friendships for the sake of others as well as myself.
Help me not to withdraw from those who are of different status.

Help me to be supportive of the family unit as You ordained it.
Help me in my freedom to be a channel of Your love to others.
Help me to accept and be thankful for my own sexual identity.
Help me to control my natural desires.

Help me to never become careless about my personal appearance.
Help me to use my time wisely.
Help me never to allow others to take Your place in my life.
Help me to be honest about my desires for the future.
Help me to seek Your guidance and direction in my life.

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