National Seminars & Workshops for Singles
Posting are free. Email us the information and we'll be happy to post your
information below. Please include date of event and email address. 

Fresh Start Seminars  Divorce recovery seminars. Check web site for description and schedule.

Hourglass Seminars: Presented by Don Davidson and Dr. Chris Shanklin.

Single Parent Family Seminars: Focus on The Family sponsors a number of seminars in various locations. For information call Gary Lybic at 719-531-3370.

Soul Mate Seminars  Rose Sweet, author of "Dear God, Send Me a Soul Mate" offers a lively, fun and informative day of eight practical steps for men and women who are searching for a soul mate. Rose guarantees you will leave knowing exactly how to find your One True Love.  Call (760) 346-9401 or visit her website

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