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This page is used to post information for job openings in Single Adult Ministry as well as for persons looking to relocate. There is no charge to list your situation...just email us the information using the exact wording you wish so we can simply copy and paste it in thus avoiding potential typos at our end. Also, if you discover some of the positions below are no longer open, please email us that information as well so we can remove that opening. Thanks!
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Singles Ministry: I have served as a Youth Pastor for 15 years and now find myself drawn toward Singles Ministry.  I currently serve as the Singles Minister at an Evangelical Free Church (EFCA ) of 1600 in Chesterton, IN.  We have two separate groups which total around 100 singles involved each week.  My current position is part-time. I am happy to e-mail you my full resume and theological position paper.  I can be reached at mattgiven@hotmail.com or at 219/241-0503.

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