Single Parenting/ Stepparenting

101 Ways to be a Long Distance Dad by George Newman. Written by a newspaper reporter, this book draws upon his experiences a divorced father and shares valuable ideas he discovered for improving the parent-child relationship across the miles. He talks about staying in touch through the use of the telephone as well as sending letters and photos through the mail, how to plan your vacations together, how to keep in touch with your youngster's growth and development by contacting teaching, coaches, and others, and how you can help with your child's homework---from a distance.
     Published in 1981 (4th printing in 1989) by R & E Publishers (468 Auzerais Ave. Suite A, San Jose, CA 95126, 408-977-0691), this 108-page book sold for $7.95 (trade).
365 Positive Strategies for Single Parenting by Susan B. Brown and Monica Simmons. This book will help you make single parenting "the most happy and rewarding experience for you and your children" as you create a family with important values, strength and love. It will help you answer the many questions and handle the complicated issues of single parenting with children of any age.
     The nine chapters are titled: Developmental Differences, Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Elementary School Children, Adolescents, Visitation, Abandonment, and Preparing for the Future. The authors begin each chapter with a pertinent story, followed by some introductory comments on the topic. They follow with a discussion of general parenting strategies with specific questions and answers to help make you a more efficient parent.
    From Peak Road (Macon, GA) in 1998, this 209-page book sold for $16.00 (trade cover).

Being A Single Parent by Andre Bustanoby. This book was written for single parents who want to do a better job of parenting and live happier and more successful lives, for their families and friends who need to understand them better, and for those who would minister to their needs more effectively.
    This book offers compassionate understanding of the concerns and the needs of single parent children. There are chapters on emotional well-being, guidance for children of specific ages, custody and visitation concerns, child-care for working mothers, and resources for individuals and churches.
     In addition, the final chapter, entitled, "What the Church Can Do to Help," offers some valuable insights for effective singles ministry. Also, the book contains a number of appendices that deal with mediation contracts, resources for self-help groups, and resources for single parents.
     This 297-page book was released in 1985 by Zondervan. It sold for $7.95 (trade).

Bible Wisdom for Single Parents compiled by Gary Wilde. This book offers time-tested Scripture truths to give encouragement, comfort, strength, healing and love to single parents who often struggle with stress, discouragement, loneliness, etc.
     From Chariot Family Publishing, this book was published in 1993 and sold for $5.99 (trade).

By Myself But Not Alone by Barbara Owen. This book is really a prayer journal for divorced moms. It is a collection of prayer devotions of various women who have gone through the difficult times of separation and divorce. These 60 entries are the starting point for developing your own journal to record the thoughts, struggles, emotions, and joys that inevitably go along with raising children on your own.
     Some of the prayers deal with the following topics and issues: Alone, Child Care, Child Support, Christmas, Custody, Dating, Emotions, Faith, Guilt/Shame, Jealousy, Money, The Other Parent, Rules, Sergeant Mom, and Time. Each devotion is seeded with scripture and has a blank page for the reader's use in doing his/her own journaling.
     From Judson Press in 1994, this 120-page book sold for $10.00 (trade).

The Complete Financial Guide for Single Parents  See below under The Financial Guide for the Single Parent.
Dear Lord, I Can't Do It All! by Bobbie Reed. This is a book filled with meditations written for single mothers by a woman who was there herself. She speaks from the depths of her own trials and joys. The book offers hope, humor, and the realization that, in God, help is always there.
     Her 53 meditations are divided into the following categories: Feelings, Special Days, My Ex and Other People, The Kids, Challenges, Hope, and Joy. Each meditation concludes with an appropriate scripture verse.
    Published in 1991 by Concordia (St. Louis), this 95 page book sold for $6.95 (trade).

Divorced Kids by Laurene Johnson and Georglyn Rosenfeld. The authors, both divorced mothers, wrote this book to show positive steps parents can take to move themselves and their children along the road of recovery from divorce. Some of the questions they answer are: What is the best way to handle the situation when my ex comes to get the kids for the weekend?, How in the world do I establish consistent discipline when my efforts are constantly undermined every other weekend by my ex?, What about dating and remarriage?, What about grandparents?, How about household chores?
     Some of their 23 chapter titles are: How Divorce Affects Children, Mourning the Loss, Visitation, Common Visitation Mistakes, Guidelines for Visitation, Holidays, Between Visits, Communicating with a Hostile Ex-Spouse, Communicating with Hostile Children, Does Divorce Mean Discipline Problems, Making Discipline More Effective, Protecting and Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem, Teaching Children to become Self-Sufficient, Enlisting the Support of Others, The Extended Family, Teachers: Friends or Foes?, A Child's Perception of Dating, His, Hers, and Ours...The Stepfamily, and Forgiveness: The Ultimate Healer.
     Published by Thomas Nelson in 1990, this 224 page book sold for $8.95 (trade).
Every Other Weekend by Kenneth F. Parker and Van Jones. This book is for divorced men who want to try to maintain quality relationships with their children but must now squeeze their fathering into an every-other-weekend frame. The book helps confront your pain and loss, understand your children's feelings, and accept your changed role in their lives.
    From Thomas Nelson Publishers in 1993, this 242-page book sold for $10.99 (trade)

Fathers Without Partners by Kristine M. Rosenthal and Harry F. Keshet. Rosenthal, who teaches sociology at Brandeis University, and Keshet, clinical director of the Divorce Resource and Meditation Center in Cambridge, talked to 129 fathers who had been separated or divorced for more than a year and who were actively involved in taking care of their children. Their study examines the nature of the father-child bond, especially after divorce. Their work describes the daily lives of fathers with custody and joint custody, and men who visit their children. The authors show that divorce need not mean an inevitable distancing of a father and his children.
     Of special significance to sociologists, counselors, therapists, lawyers and policy makers and any divorcing parent is the discussion of the conditions necessary for divorced fathers to have a positive and significant impact on their children's development. Both authors have been single parents and offer good advice as well as sympathetic observations.
     Published in December 1980 by Rowman & Littlefield. This book sold for  $15.95.

The Financial Guide for the Single Parent by Larry Burkett. This book discusses some of the more common problems facing single parents today and offers some insights into how they overcame their desperate situations. It also includes basic budget guidelines, practical advice for stretching the dollar, Biblical answers to alimony and child support, tips on financial aid for education, and details about wills and insurance.
    Some of the 10 chapter titles include, The Unexpected Divorce, The Never Married Parent, Custodial Fathers, Losing a Spouse, Child Support, Facing the Job Market, and Housing, Cars and Kids.
    The 235-page edition was published in 1997 by Moody Press and sold for $11.99. (The former title was The Complete Financial Guide for Single Parents, published in 1990 by Victor Books). The new edition includes single dads and never-married single parents. The companion workbook of 105 pages sold for $11.99. It is a step-by-step budgeting guide with ideas to stretch the dollars for each expense category.

Financial Relief for Single Parents by Brenda Armstrong. This book offers hope for those single parents facing financial hardship by showing them how to achieve financial freedom. It gives lots of tools to help you manage your financial resources. It includes valuable information on how to set up a spending plan, gain money-stretching ideas, and learn biblical principles of money management. It deals with virtually every aspect of our financial lives: taxes, giving, debt reduction, insurance, investments, entertainment, home decorating, clothing, and tithing.
    Some of the nine chapter titles include: Necessities; Walls, Wheels & What's to Eat; Lightening Up; Walking on Thin Ice; and Reflecting God's Image. The book also includes some valuable worksheets to help outline the person's spending plan and debt reduction as well as several pages for the kids to use in developing their own budget based on their income (allowances, earnings, etc.) and expenses.
    From Moody Publishers (Chicago) in 2007, this 183-page book sold for $13.99 (trade cover).
The Fresh Start Single Parenting Workbook by Thomas Whiteman. Whether you are a custodial parent or a long-distance mom or dad, this book will help you and your children adjust to the changes and challenges that come with family breakup. It tells you how to identify and overcome past family dysfunctions, work through grief and move on to a healthy new life-style, build strong, caring relationships, create an atmosphere of trust and open communication in your home, handle feelings of failure and isolation, and cope with time and financial pressures.
    The nine chapters are titled, The Plight of the Single Parent, Looking Back, Are We a Dysfunctional Family?, Breaking the Cycle, The Overburdened Parent, The Overburdened Child, Just for Dads, From Dating to Remarriage, and Remarried...with Children.

    Published in 1993 by Thomas Nelson Publishers, this 249-page book sold for $14.99 (trade).

From One Single Mother to Another by Sandra P. Aldrich. Subtitled Advice and Encouragement from Someone Who's Been There, the author shares what it takes to survive as a single mother today. With heartfelt and genuine words, she shares her experiences and answers many of the questions that single parents ask. Her practical and spiritually uplifting message is simple: Single mom, you and your children do have bright tomorrows.
    Some of the 13 chapter titles include: So, How Do We Handle Loneliness; Battling the Bills and Winning the War; We Love our Kin, But We'll Raise Our Kids; Counting Wrinkles, Celebrating Joys, Anticipating Life; and New Adventures Are Ours to Grab, Let's Be Ready for Them?
    Form Regal Books/Gospel Light (Venture, CA) in 1991, this 192-page books sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

How to Live With a Single Parent by Sara Gilbert. The author, drawing upon her own and hundreds of young people's experiences as well as experts' opinions, helps to break the silence on both sides of the fence. This book is a straightforward, highly readable guide that offers sound, practical advice on how to anticipate and resolve the rough spots of single-parent family life.
     The chapter topics include: adjustments to single-parent life, other people's opinions, phony fears and real worries, dating children and their dating parents, what happens when parents take new partners (and their children), and what the experts say about single-parent kids.
     Published in 1982 by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books (NY), the book sold for $6.50 (trade).

Just One of Me by Dandi Kaley Knorr. This publication is, as the subtitle suggests, a book of the "confessions of a less-than-perfect single parent." The author shares some of her secrets about how to avoid superparent burnout, distinguishing the greats from the not-so-greats about you and your kids, and whether or not you should be first or last on your priority list. She also discusses remarriage, child-support and visitation. She shares how you can handle your kids and their emotions.
     Some of the 19 chapter titles are: Superparent Syndrome, The Single-Parent Trap, Child-sized Greatness, Kids Aren't Perfect, Are We Having Fun Yet?, and Raising Okay Kids. Each chapter concludes with a set of questions and things to think about. The author also includes a listing of resource organizations for single parents.
     This 196 page book was published in 1989 by Harold Shaw Publishers and sold for $7.95 (trade).
Making Up the Difference: Help for Single Parents with Teenagers by George Alan Rekers and Judson J. Swihart. This book is an excellent tool that concentrates on helping the single parent of teenagers. The authors, both professional counselors, write pragmatically and preventively. Their wise counsel can lead the single parent to a pathway of healing, redemption, and understanding that can prevent further hurt, disappointment, and brokenness.
     Some of the chapter titles include: Peer Pressures, Understanding Body Changes, Understanding a Teenager's Mood Swings, Mastering Male and Female Roles, and Free Love or Married Love.
     This 147 page book is a 1984 release from Baker Book House and sold for $6.95 (pb). 
Meditations for Single Moms by Susanne Coalson Donoghue. The author, herself a single parent, has written 30 sets of meditations and poems that are all associated with being a single parent and designed to present encouragement and trust in God. Her themes include: challenge, stress, suffering, grief, joy, hope, and fulfillment.
    Some of the titles of these 30 meditations include: To a Young Mother, Bedtime Prayers, Perfect Day, Great Expectations, Labor of Love, The Eden Tree, Harvest Time, and The Back Side of the Wave.
    From Herald Press in 1997, this 91-page book sold for $7.99 (soft cover)

Never a Day Off by Elizabeth Hilbun Rigdon. This pocket-size booklet of 59 pages is aptly subtitled, "Surviving Single Parenthood." In it the author offers help and encouragement to the various types of single parents: the major custody parent, the weekend parent, widows and widowers, the deserted parent, and the alienated parent. Her challenge is to put the past behind and seek a new image of oneself through God. The book also deals with being alone, financial crunches, and building new relationships.
     From Beacon Hill Press in 1990, this booklet sold for $1.95 (trade).

Our Family Got a Stepparent by Carolyn E. Phillips. This is a book for children who are involved in a stepfamily relationship. The book will make some of the happenings that occur in a stepfamily easier to talk about and, therefore, easier to deal with.
     Each of the 16 chapters deal with a separate subject or concern--real or imagined--to children of stepfamilies. Some of the titles are: But You Don't Even Know My Mom!, More New Relatives!, What a Christmas!, But What Do I Call Him?, Can I Really Trust You?, I'm Gonna Try. There is a concluding chapter written for the parents which discusses some of the special issues and relationships involved in stepfamily situations.
     This 110-page book was published in 1981 by Regal Books.

Parent Alone by Suzanne Stewart. This is the story of a woman's heartbreaks and hardships (after being told by her husband to take the three children and move out after eight years of marriage) and how her faith helped her to cope.
     From Word Books in 1978, this 174-page book sold for $6.95 (trade).

Parenting After Divorce by Philip M Stahl, Ph.D. As the subitle to this second edition says, this book is about, "Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Your Children's Needs." This revised edition features ideas from the latest research, more inforamtion on long-distance parenting, dealing with the courts, and working with a difficult co-parent. It is packed with real-work examples and offers a realistic perspective on divorce and its effects on children. It offers practical help for divorcing parents, custody evaluators, family court counselors, marriage and family therapists and others interested in the best interests of the children.
    Some of the 12 chapter titles are: It's Time for a Truce, Your Child is Not a Percentage, Talking to Your Children, Children Aren't Property, Parenting Responsibility On Your Own, Taking Care of Yourself, Resolving Parent Conflicts, Dealing with Special Problems, Dealing with the Courts and Children's Thoughts and Feelings.
    Originally published in 2000, the second edition was released in 2007. Both editions were published by Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA). The second edition has 194-pages and sold for $17.95 (trade).
Parenting Alone by Jane Porter. This little discussion guide of 48 pages helps single parents to become more at ease and break free of paralyzing anxieties. It will also help them find a secure foundation for their lives and a godly perspective for their parenting. These studies will bring the single parent to the discovery that they aren't alone at all, that God is with them each step of the way.

     The eight study chapters, all containing scripture references, are entitled: ALONE--Does It Have to Mean Loneliness?, HELP--Is There Any Available?, WORRY--Will We Make It?, OPPORTUNITY--What Do You See?, VICTIM--Look at What's Happening to Me!, FORGIVENESS--Who Will Benefit?, BAD CHOICES--Can I Overcome?, and, HOPE--Can Life Ever Be Better? Each chapter is really a set of study and discussion questions designed to last about 30 minutes. Leader's Notes are at the end of the booklet.
     Published in 1992 by Harold Shaw Publishers, this book sold for $3.50 (trade). 
Parenting on Your Own by Lynda Hunter, Ed.D. In this book the author, a single parent herself, combines her own personal insights with those of hundreds of other single parents across the country to offer this comprehensive handbook for single parents. This guide not only supplies help for your greatest struggles (money issues, barren social life, overload) but gives new hope and encouagement.
    The 31 chapters are divided into the following six categories (and includes these topics): What Route Brings You Here (divorce, widowhood, never married), What Legalities are Involved (issues such as custody, visitation, child support), How Do You Feel? (emotions such as grief, anger, forgiveness, etc.), Who's Riding Along? (chapters on the various age levels of children),What Roadblocks Do You Face? (discipline, self-esteem, preparing the kids), and What Are You Learning? (skills such as setting goals, finding balance, dealing with conflict, managing money, developing safe relationships, and getting remarried).
    From Zondervan in 1997, this 328-page book sold for $14.77 (trade).

Parenting Solo: How to Enjoy Life and Raise Good Kids by Emil J. Authelet. The author first helps parents understand their need for healing, then he helps them sort through the problems that constantly beset single parents. He shares ways parents can overcome the barriers that keeps them from growing and their children from enjoying a fulfilling life.
    Some of the 19 chapter titles are: Self-Discovery Needs, Why Go It Alone?, Sharing the Journey, Changing Directions, Taking Your Single-Parent Inventory, Growing Your Family, Handling Problems From Divorce and... From Loss by Death, The Triple-A Family, and Completing the Journey.
     From Here's Life Publishers in 1989, this 238 page book sold for $7.95. (trade)

Parents Without Partners Sourcebook by Stephen L. Atlas. This book covers almost every subject that a parent without a partner will want to know about. They will enjoy reading about single-parent finances, how to improve communications between parents, and learning to enjoy being single. They will benefit from the comments made by teenagers growing up in single-parent families and they'll get advice on working with the schools, the church, and on forming new relationships.
     This 192 page book has 18 chapters plus a resource appendix for parents and their children. The book also contains a fine bibliography of publications relating to single parenting.
     Published in 1984 by Running Press, the book sold for $8.95 (pb).

Pregnant and Alone by Henrietta VanDerMolen. In short, this is a book on how we can help an unwed friend. The author offers information and insight into how you can help your friend and shares stories of the more than thirty young women who have stayed in her home during crisis pregnancy situations. Her commitment to the protection of unborn children has drawn her into a unique ministry of providing encouragement and a loving home to young women in crisis pregnancy.
     The chapter titles include: Telling Parents (and other significant people), the Unwed Father, Facts about Abortion, To Parent or Not to Parent, All About Adoption, A Better Way, and Where Do You Go From Here?
     Published by Shaw in 1989, this 127 page book sold for $6.95 (trade).

Pregnant and Single by Linda Roggow and Carolyn Owens. This book offers excellent guidelines for the decisions that must be made by every pregnant single woman. The authors, a mother and a social worker, frankly discuss the heavy issues of pregnancy, adoption, single parenting and marriage. They help women weight the options and their own motives so they can make the best decisions for themselves and the baby.  The tough choices are set in the context of faith in a loving God.
   Some of the 14 chapter titles include: Don't Panic! Who Can I Turn to? What are My Options? How Do I Make Good Decisions? What About Him? Grandparents Have Feelings, Too, and Faith Helps. The book also includes a number of appendices including a Prayer of Blessing, a Statement to the Church Family, and a listing of Pregnancy Care Centers in Canada and the USA.
    Originally published in 1990, this 160-page revised edition was published by Harold Press (Scottsdale, PA) in 1998. It sold for for $8.99 (trade).

The Ready-Made Family by Andre Bustanoby. The subtitle aptly describes the book: How to be a Stepparent and Survive. The author, a marriage and family counselor, wants to dispel the myths that say that stepfamilies usually aren't and can't be happy; and that they can't function like natural families. This book seeks to adapt to stepfamilies as many of the biblical and psychological principles of natural parenthood as possible. The author helps to sort out the complex emotions that the various members bring into a new household and to deal constructively with the conflicting forces that cross the threshold of the home.
     One of the eleven chapters deal with The Stepparent Test which helps assess one's status as a stepparent and opens discussion between stepparents and natural parents. Some of the other chapters are entitled: Stepfamilies Are Different, Guilt: The Great Spoiler, We First, Characteristics of a Helpful Stepparent, The Stepmother, What to expect of a Stepfather...and a Stepchild, The Rest of the Cost and How to Handle Them, and Evaluating Your Stepfamily System.
     This 144-page book was published by Zondervan in 1982 and sold for $6.95 (trade).

Rest Stops for Single Moms by Susan Titus Osborn and Lucille Moses. This little devotional book invites all single moms to experience the rest and refreshment that only Jesus can give in helping you raise your family alone. It provides inspiration to help you cope with your situations, face your issues, and experience victory in your lives.
     Some of the 12 chapter titles are: New Beginnings, Looking at Ourselves, Coping with Windy Days, Joy Blooming, Picking Flowers or Weeds, The Price of Freedom, Harvest Time, Setting Boundaries, Growing in Strength, and Celebration of Love.
     Published in 2000 by Broadman & Holman (Nashville), this 175-page book sold for $14.99 (hard).
Sharing Parenthood After Divorce by Ciji Ware. Ware believes that all children have a right to both parents as parents. In this book she explains why joint custody is the only sane and humane solution for divorcing families: it is the only solution that guarantees a lasting and realistic relationship between parent and child.

     This book is a guide that takes the reader, step-by-step, from the warning signals of possible divorce that every family should be aware of to managing the day-to-day details of child care in two separate households. There is information on how to talk to a former spouse, a lawyer, or a judge, plus advice that takes into consideration the ages of the children and the emotional and financial status of the parents, and answers to the questions of geography and convenience that may influence final agreement. Ware has included checklists, possible scenarios, and samples of shared custody agreements that are now working for families all over the country.
     Published in 1982 by The Viking Press, the book sold for $14.95 (hard). 
Single Moments by Lynda Hunter. This book is a collection of 52 weekly thoughts to uplift, inspire and help single parents on their way. The author, herself a single parent, offers personal stories and biblical truths in each devotional to bring the reader closer to God.
    Some of her chapter titles are: Singularly Significant, God's Army, Encouragement for the Down Times, Capture the Teachable Moments, Strengthening the Lines of Defense, A Foolproof Battle Plan, When the Bottom Drops Out, The Teen Thing and Seasons of Change.
    From Focus on the Family in 1997, this 298-page book sold for $10.99 (trade cover).

Single Mom, Single Dads by David R. Miller. This book addresses the problems parents face as single guardians of the family tree. The book covers the practical concerns of preparing children for a divorce, facing the challenges of a one-parent home, the age different characteristics of how children respond to the emotional trauma of a family break-up, etc. It offers realistic, Christ-centered hope and help.
     Some of the 14 chapter titles include: Accepting the Challenge, As "D" Day Approaches, Long-Term Adjustment, Step-family Readjustment, and Future Family.
     From Accent Books in 1990, this 175-page book sold for $6.95 (trade).

Single Mothers Raising Sons by Bobbie Reed. In this book the author, a single parent herself, responds to the problems she faced as well as those voiced by other single mothers, psychologists, pastors, and divorce and custody attorneys. She gives practical, reassuring guidance on discipline, sexuality, custody battles, instilling values, and offers encouragement for the single mother. This 191 page book contains a helpful resource section in the back along with scripture helps and discussion questions for single parent groups.
     Published in 1988 by Thomas Nelson Publishers, the book sold for $6.95 (trade).

Single Parent Family is the name of the new monthly magazine created in 1994 by Focus on the Family. It's purpose is to help single parents tackle the challenges of being a single parent. The subscribtion rates are $12/yr. For more information write Single Parent Family Magazine, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO 80995 or call 1-800-A-Family.

Single Parenting: A Wilderness Journey by Robert G. Barnes, Jr. This book offers practical answers to many of the important questions asked by those who suddenly become a single parent. Such questions as: Why me?, How do you learn to love again?, and all the other questions concerning how to raise children alone.
     The author provides biblical insight and common-sense understanding of such vital topics as: Communication, Finances, Discipline, Visitation, Self-esteem, Sex Education, Value-building, and Remarriage. He points the way to personal and family healings.
     Published in 1984, this 199 page book sold for $5.95 (pb) by Tyndale House.

Single Parenting with Dick and Jane by Dick Stafford and Jane Hannah. This book offers a unique perspective on single parent, having been co-written by a custodial single mother and a custodial single father with a combined 40 years experience as single parents. The book begins by helping you assess your personal situation and deal with loss. The book discusses the value of healthy self-esteem for you and your child and suggests ways to develop a new life-style and new relationships. It also offers practical guidance in areas of communication, discipline, and decision making, based on your child's state of development.
     The seven chapter titles are After the Storm, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, A Gift that Keeps on Giving, Batteries Not Included, Did You Hear Me?, Someday You'll Have Children of Your Own, and Dear Dr. Hannah, a chapter dealing with questions from single parents. The book concludes with a Single-Parent Workshop Facilitator's Guide which provides valuable tips on what the leader can do to make such a workshop successful.
     From Family Touch Press (div. of Broadman Books) in 1993, this 153-page book sold for $4.95 (trade)

Single Parent's Survival Guide by Robert G. Barnes. This 88-page publication is one of the many Pocket Guides published by Tyndale House. This one deals with single parents and offers guidelines for dealing with various issues, some unique to single parents, such as communication, sexuality, discipline, beliefs, money management, and survival tips for blended families.
     Published in 1987, this little pocket guide sold for $1.95 (pb).

Single with Children by Caryl Waller Krueger. This book offers many "how-to" suggestions for coping with the various adjustments and responsibilities of being "single with children." It is filled with case studies and practical ideas for successfully raising children without the aid of a spouse.
     This 176-page book was published in 1993 by Abingdon Press and sold for $7.95 (trade).

Smart Parenting During and After Divorce by Peter J Favaro, Ph.D. Written by a psychologist who is often used as a court-appointed expert, custody evaluator and mediator, this book offers lots of helpful information, strategies, and resources on some 52 different topics such as visitation, communication, conflict resolution, anger management, scheduling of holidays and visitation, decision making, the effects of divorce on children at different ages, the influence of a parent's social life on children, negotiating under both good and bad circumstances, and much more. The book also includes over a hundred tips or "takeaways"of advice to help you and your child enjoy each other and the time you spend together a lot more.
Some of the 10 major divisions of the book are: Smart Parenting During and After Divorce, The Common Threads of Conflict, The Art of Avoiding War, Seek Neutral Input to Solve Problems, How to Negotiate with a Jerk, and How to Keep Your Cool.
    From McGraw Hill (NY, NY) in 2009, this 229-page book sells for $16.95 (trade cover).

Solo Parenting: Raising Strong and Happy Families  by Diane Chambers. This book gives you more than just good advice on a variety of pertinent subjects related to single parenting. It also gives you a road map to follow through the maze of single parenthood, with checkpoints along the way to make sure you're on the right track. It helps single parents not only to meet the needs of their children but their own as well.
   The nine chapter titles are: Overcoming Fear, Reframing, Turning Negative Energy into Positive Steps, Learning New Skills, Living a Good Life on One Income, Taking Care of You, Guiding Your Child with Effective Discipline, Ensuring Your Child's Future Welfare, Giving Your Child the Best Chance for Success. The appendix also includes a number of helpful worksheets for recording your thoughts and a list of other helpful resources on single parenting.
   Published in 1997 by Fairview Press (Minneapolis), this 207-page book sold for $12.95 (trade).

Stepfamilies: A Cooperative Responsibility by Fredrick Capaldi and Barbara McRae. Written by two family therapists who specialize in working with stepfamilies, their aim was to fill a void in the needs of single parents considering remarriage and in the needs of blended families. The purpose of the book is to assist step-parents and step-children in gaining a better understanding of those problems that beleaguer them, and to guide them toward a successful resolution.
     Published in 1979 by New Viewpoints/Vision Books (div. of Franklin Watts). Price known.

Stepfamilies: A Guide to Working with Stepparents and Stepchildren by E. B. Visher and J. S. Visher. This book covers the unique adjustment and stress problems of the tremendous number of adults and children in stepfamilies. It covers family characteristics; problems of each parent; individual, group, and family therapy, the professional's role; internal and external pressures; treatment strategies for children; family therapy.
     A 1979 publication by Brunner/Mazel, this 280-page book sold for $15.00 (trade).

Stepfamilies--Living in Christian Harmony by Bobbie Reed. This book, realistic and yet sensitive, is based on dozens of interviews with stepfamilies and professionals who work with stepfamilies. Reed, who also is the author of SINGLE ON SUNDAY, divided the content of the book into three sections: Understanding Steprelationships, Demystifying the Roles, and Facing the Challenges.
     In her introduction Reed says, "Contrary to glowing expectations and bright hopes, the everyday realities are often harsh. And yet stepfamilies can be successful if each member recognizes that the relationships are fragile and need to be handled with prayer."
     From Concordia Publishing House in 1980, this 143-page book sold for $5.95 (pb).

Still Going It Alone: Mothering with Faith and Finesse When the Children Have Grown by Michele Howe. Through stories and practical advice, the author shares insights how women can adjust to the empty nest, how to impart goal-setting to your young children, how to help them make wise relationship and marriage decisions, how to deal with career and financial issues, how to embrace grandparenting and car for your own aging parents and finally how to find the gift of inner rest in these turbulent times.
    Some of the 12 chapter titles include Gathering Strength for the Last Hurrah, Nagivating New Relational Territories, Assessing Career and Educational Options, Welcoming the Next Generation, Pondering Remarriage, and Discovering Joy and Contentment Despite the Unknown. Each chapter contains some action steps, an appropriate prayer and a Thought for the Day based on the chapter theme.
    From Hendrickson Publishers (Peabody, MA) in 2009, this 126-page book sold for $12.95 (trade cover).

Strengthening Your Stepfamily by Elizabeth Einstein and Linda Albert, Ph.D. Whether you are considering marriage where one of you has children or are presently in a stepfamily situation, This workbook will help you understand both the problems and the potential of your stepfamily. In it <>you can learn to build a healthy family life by
making your stepfamily strengths work for you. The book provides a “trail map” for successful families, prepared by expert authors with decades of experience as stepfamily counselors and consultants. You’ll find help for almost any challenge ranging from overcoming unrealistic expectations, debunking myths, decision making, building effective communication, establishing sound discipline, handling stepsibling rivalry and working with non-custodial parents.

   Some of the 16 chapter titles include: Clearing the Path to Stepfamily Success, Recreating Roles and Relationships, Overcoming Stepfamily Obstacles, Stepfamilies and Discipline, and The Heart of Your Stepfamily. The book has a number of charts, cartoon illustrations, Questions for Review, and Points to Ponder.
   From Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA) in 2005, this 261-page workbook sold for $17.95 (trade cover).

Successful Single Parenting by Antoinette Bosco. Originally published under the title A PARENT ALONE, Bosco writes out of her own personal experiences as a single parent. This book can provide help for the single parent as well as understanding to friends and family.
     Some of the chapter titles are: The Transition Trauma, The "Good News--Bad News" Scale, Authority, Overcoming Powerlessness, Creating Trust Between Parent and Child, Wholeness, Plugging Into Community, Sex, and Dealing with Your Energy Crisis.
     From Twenty-Third Publications in 1979, this 143-page book sold for $3.95 (pb).

Successful Single Parenting by Gary Richmond. This book has practically everything a single parent needs to know to live and thrive while raising healthy confident children. It provides some good answers to such tough questions as: How to explain the absence of the other parent, How to handle visitation rights, delinquent child support payments, your ex's remarriage, and How to balance your needs and the needs of your children without guilt. It also provides some practical advice on setting financial priorities, disciplining the children, and developing an emotional support system.
     Some of the 12 chapter titles are: Going It Alone, Extra Baggage, When There's No One Else, Staying Tuned-In, Ready to Move On, The Winner's Heart, and Some Difficult Questions.
     Published by Harvest House in 1990, this 234-page book sold for $6.95 (trade). 
Turbulent Teens of Panicking Parents by Jeenie Gordon. This book, written by a single parent, teaches that good parenting can be learned. The author gives practical guidelines for getting teens to listen and respond, setting boundaries and making them stick, learning the crucial difference between punishment and discipline, avoiding rescuing and instead instilling responsibility, and confronting harsh realities such as drugs, sex, and date rape.
    Some of the 13 chapters include: Listen Up, Kid--I'm Talking, Corralling Those Suckers, But You're Still My Baby, Exploring Your Parenting Style, The Little Red Schoolhouse, The Big "S" Word--Sex, Suicide--the Only Way Out?, Keeping Your Teen's Self-Confidence out of the Toilet, Letting Go Just Ain't Easy, and Follow the Leader.
    From Revell in 1997, this 190-page book sold for $10.99 (trade cover).

What You Should Know About LIVING WITH ONE PARENT by William L. Coleman. In this book, written for children ages 8-12, the author responds to the various fears and questions of young people who live with only one parent. He offers help in overcoming problems and suggests that with God's help, a single-parent family can be a happy and loving one.
     This book contains 46 "chapterettes" (short chapters of one to two pages each). Some of the titles are: Each Family is Different, You Got a Dirty Deal, You Can't Parent Your Parent, The Courage of a Single Parent, Single Fathers, Absent Parents, Never-married Mothers,Tell God About It, Your Parent-Friend, Home Alone, Too Old for Baby Sitters, Growing Up Fast, and Is Your Parent Dating?
     From Augsburg in 1993, this 96-page book sold for $5.99 (trade).

Willing to Try Again: Steps Toward Blending a Family by Dick Dunn. The author, a single adult and stepfamilies minister, reports that the U. S. Census Bureau predicts that by the turn of the century, stepfamilies will be the most common form of family life in the United States. Further, that one-third of all the children born in the 1980's will be part of a stepfamily situation before they graduate from high school. Dunn points out that subsequent marriages are much different and more difficult than first marriages. He says that some families "blend" easily while others never "blend" at all. This book was written to help those couples who realize that they need help before they get married in order to achieve a successful "blended" marriage.
     The ten chapter titles are Children and Stepfamilies, Challenges of Stepparenting, Being a Biological Parent in a Stepfamily, Outside Relationships That Affect Stepfamilies, Helpful Stepfamily Tools, and A Matter of Faith. The remaining four chapters constitute a supplement for persons preparing for remarriage. The chapter titles in this section are When Is a Person Ready to Marry Again, Critical Issues to Discuss, Prenuptial Agreements and Wills, and The Wedding. Each chapter of the book concludes with several discussion questions based on that chapter.
     Published in 1993 by Judson Press, this 106-page book sold for $10.00 (trade).

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