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Everyone Knows a Single Adult compiled by Kris Swiatocho and Dennis Franck. Actually, the subtitle captures the purpose for the book:  FAQs of Single Adult Ministry. Swiatocho and Franck are not only the co-compilers of this material but contributors as well which includes Don Davidson and 50 other single adult leaders nationwide who shared their thoughts and opinions on 100 various questions relating to doing single adult ministry.
    Some of the 14 chapter titles include: Before You Start; Young Adults; Single Adult Ministry Outside the Church; Recruiting Leaders; Training and Motivating Leaders; Ministry Ideas, Growth and Trends; Budget and Finance Issues; Events and Activities; Tough Issues; Advertising and Marketing with the final chapter being Relevant Resources which lists some very valuable resources.

    The 205-page book was published in 2015 by Yes! Marketing and Design Services, Garner, NC. It sells for $17.00 plus postage (trade cover). To order click on link above then go to the Resources tab. 

Hello, My Name is Single by Adriane Dorr Heins. As the subtitle says, this book is about how the author, "...Learned to Ignore the World's Expectations and Trust God." Through her various discussions she aims to help the reader understand better what it means to be single and be open to God's plan even thought it might be different than you had imagined. To accomplish this dual role, she covers the waterfront on the major issues singles face: loneliness, dating, relationships, love, sex, break-ups, and how men and women view things differently, etc.      Sometimes she targets her discussions towards the young single person but she also has material that targets the widowed and divorced as well as "the celibate." Being a Christian, she also reflects on the role of the church and how the church can better interact and be more accepting of single adults. Through out the book she stresses how Jesus loves us and is there to be our guide and direct our paths.
     Some of the 11 chapter titles include, The Untouchables; History Is on Your Side; Lonely, Lame and Overrated; The Caste System; Love>Sex; Awkward Breakups and Other Things Singles Could Definitely, Totally Do Without; The Danger of Fantasy; and We Will Be Understood.
    Published in 2014 by Concordia Publishing House (St. Louis) , this 164-page trade cover book sold for $14.99.

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