Fund-Raising Ideas
(Note: on this page we will post information relative to fund-raising within the context of Single
Adult Ministry. You are welcome to email us your ideas and we'll post them below. Please include
your name, your church and location so we can give proper credits. The most recent is posted
on the top.)
Ideas submitted by Max Holt (see full credits below)
1.  DINNERTAINER -- Provide a popular meal, with table service, followed by entertainment (in-house is cheaper) and then dessert.  Sell tickets or make sure the guests know that donations are expected.  We have done Variety Show formats but the most response came from our Hee Haw Shows (we are in Tennessee.)  We kept expenses down by the singles providing the food and by using borrowed or free decorations (you can do wonders with cardboard!)

2.  DRIVE-IN THEATRE ... Pray for a good weather night, put a king sized sheet on the outside wall of the church near your largest parking lot, use a video projector with external speakers (powerful ones!) and advertise the event, its purpose, and show a good movie (stay from 'R' rated.)  The somewhat old movie, "The Three Amigos" works well.  Charge as they arrive in the parking lot.  We accepted canned goods too because it was an event to provide food for Single Parent families at Christmas.

3.  CONCERT -- Get a group (or inhouse folks) that will honor the music tastes of your members and still attract people.  Stay away from big name groups unless you are REALLY SURE you know what you are doing and can realize a good profit.  My experience...donations DO NOT work.  Go figure!!

4.  PENNIES FROM HEAVEN -- This idea started with a single adult Jerry Lorigan, in our group.  He put a large plastic water jug on the table where our group has snacks every Sunday Morning and advertised in all classes that the pennies, dimes, dollars, etc., placed in the jug will go for food and toys for single parent families at Christmas.  Last year we got over $2500 and gave out 180 boxes of food and toys in our community!

5. USHERING AT BALLGAMES.  The most successful fundraiser we do is ushering for the university football and basketball games.  We contacted the university and asked to usher in exchange for $100 per game donated to Pennies From Heaven (see #4 above).  We had to sign a contract but the football and basketball seasons have neted us $2,200 for next Christmas!

Submitted by.Max Holt - S.P.L.A.S.H.(Single People Loving And Serving Him), Hilldale Baptist Church, 2001 Madison St., Clarksville, Tn 37043, 931-648-8031, FAX 931-905-1635. Posted June 30, 1998

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