Divorce and Separation

50 Ways to Love Your Leaver by Dwight Webb. This book represents the author's own personal journey following the breakup of his own marriage. His thoughts are a kind of a "road map" of the grieving process for others traveling the same path. He helps you discover your own personal way of grieving, learn to express yourself in healthy, productive ways, and avoid the blame and bitterness that can seriously affect your physical, social, psychological, spiritual and sexual life.
     Some of the 15 chapter titles include Grieving Your Lost Love, Going Inside, Intimacy & Loss, Moving Beyond Anger, Purging the Ghosts, The Magic of Optimism, Roadmap for Healing, Sources of Strength and Taking Action. Many of the chapters contain graphs, charts and exercises to help you understand and work through your grief.
     From the Rebuilding Series at Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA 800-246-7228) in 2000, this 155-page book sold for $14.95 (trade).
101 Little Instructions for Surviving Your Divorce by Barbara J Walton.  This fact-filled little book is similar in style to the others on the market that offer short statements of insight and/or instruction. The author, a practicing attorney, provides a step-by-step guide to the divorce process and leads the reader through the maze and mire of divorce attorneys, court procedures, custody, mental health issues, child support, property settlement, and more. Each brief "instruction" offers hope, encouragement, and guidance from one who has been there time and again with her clients.
     These 101 little instructions are divided into the follow nine categories: Divorce, Custody, Mental Health, Friends and Family, In the Courtroom, Support, Property and Finances, Attorneys, and After It's Over.
     From the Rebuilding Series at Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA 800-246-7228) in 2000, this 128-page book sold for $12.95 (trade).
A Passage Through Divorce: An Interactive Journey for Healing by Barbara Baumgardner. The author shows how journaling can help maintain good mental health, diminish negative feelings and begin the process of letting go of negative memories and sorrows, while recognizing that new joys await. As she offers journaling steps and suggestions for examining one's self in light of the loss of the husband-wife relationship, she helps readers put divorce into words. The thoughts, emotions and memories she helps readers express direct them toward a new awareness of self, God and the future.

    The book is divided into seven journaling sessions (chapters): Journaling My Way through Divorce, Responses to Divorce Grief, Facing Firsts, Dear Ex, Creatively Speaking, Holidays and Special Days and Moving On! She ends the book with a leader's guide that includes steps necessary for setting up a divorce-grief journaling group in one's home or church.
     From Broadman & Holman Publishers in 1999, this 160-page book sold for $15.00 (hard).
Adult Children of Divorce by Karen J. Sandvig. Based on exhaustive research and real-life examples, this book grapples with the long accumulation of discontent and unresolved emotions that stem from their parents' divorce years ago. But more than just a catalogue of ills, this book also offers positive, refreshing tips and exercises that adults can apply to their wounds. It gives help and hope for those still saddles with the trauma of their parents' divorce.
    Some of the ten chapter titles include: Dealing with Dysfunctional Relationships, The Tendency to Extremes, The Great Need for Consistency, The Fear of Abandonment, Looking at Low Self-Esteem, Physical Ailments and Emotional Drain, and The Quest for Control.
    Published in 1990 by Word, this 215 page book sold for $8.99 (trade). 
Adult Children of Legal or Emotional Divorce by Jim Conway. The Preface says, "This book is intended to help people of all ages heal from childhood hurts caused by their parents' legal divorce or by parents who were emotionally divorced even though they 'stayed together.' In fact, the trauma form an emotional divorce was torn by constant conflict, denial, and escapism." This book is not only based upon his own circumstances as a child but also upon a national survey of adult children of divorce as well as university research, personal interviews, and case histories. He shows readers how to face their past, grieve their looses, shake off the victim mentality, forgive their parents and yourself, find spiritual direction, and receive support from others.

    The 20 chapters are divided into four parts: Facts about Adult Children from Legal or Emotional Divorce, Major Problems for Children of Legal or Emotional Divorce, Steps for Healing Your Damaged Past, and Helping Others. The Appendix includes a chapter on "How to Start a Support Group" as well as a helpful and healing survey for adults whose parents have divorced.
     Also from Intervarsity Press in 1990, this 270-page book sold for $14.95 (hard).

After Your Divorce by Cynthia MacGregor and Robert E. Alberti, Ph.D. First, this book is for women, not men. And secondly, it is not about the actual divorce process but rather it is about the practical aspects of getting on with your life and finding your way to new happiness. In short, it is about creating the good life after your divorce. It deals with both the emotional as well as the everyday matters of life. It offers seasoned expertise and stories of other women who have going through similar experiences. It is packed with savvy tips, compassionate guidance, and proven methods for rebuilding your life.
    Some of the 15 chapter titles include: Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster, Broadening Your Horizons, Practical Matters, Dealing with Your Ex, Dating Again, and To Marry Again…or Not. Each chapter concludes with a bullet point summary and section of questions and activities to further stimulate your learning, recovery and growth.
    From Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA) in 2006, this 238-page and sold for $16.95 (trade).

Answers: A Divorce/Separation Survival Handbook by Edward Kitzis (editor). This book provides a practical, straightforward approach to the entire uncoupling process, from the initial discussion of divorce to the restructuring of one's life as a happy single person.

   The 33 chapters deal with the many different issues surrounding divorce, such as, selecting an attorney and all the legal questions, controlling stress, coping strategies for dealing with unhappy children, reconciliation, new romance, remarriage, and the uncertainties of step-parenthood.
   The 199-page book also has a number of helpful appendices including: Sample Separation Agreement, Child Support Obligation Worksheet, Visitation Schedule Sample, Prenuptial Agreement, and Guidelines for Parents in the Best Interest of their Children.
    Published in 1991 by Divorce Support Services, Inc. (Box 689, Woodbridge, NJ, 07095), the book sold for $19.95 (trade). 
But I Didn't Want A Divorce by Andre Bustanoby. The author, a former pastor now doing marriage and family counseling, provides a logical and biblical approach to the subject, focusing on how to cope with being single and eventually accepting this new status. In the author's words, "You must be willing to be a healed single person rather than an ever-grieving divorcee." Bustanoby answers such questions as: What does the Bible say about divorce? Given the reality of divorce, what about the practical matter of the law, the children, and the emotional pain of it all? Does the Bible permit a divorced person to remarry, and if it does, is remarriage even wise?

    This book is a timely release that speaks to those who didn't want a divorce, but now must face the reality of it. Also, a fine book for the pastor/counselor because of the amount of Biblical research dealing with the subject.
    From Zondervan in 1978, this book sold for $6.95 cloth and $3.95 paperback. 

Can Your Relationship Be Saved? How to Know Whether to Stay or Go by Michael S. Broder, Ph. D.  This book is a powerful guide to evaluating a troubled marriage or love relationship. The author gives step-by-step guidance for making that crucial decision---and for carrying it out. Each chapter is designed as a "self-contained seminar" addressing a specific problem area that will hit home for readers in this situation. The book has a number of helpful checklists, inventories, case studies and frank questions that should be asked before any tough decisions are made.
    Some of the seven chapter titles include: Can Your Relationship Be Saved?--An Inventory; The Pain of Staying Versus the Pain of Leaving; What If I Leave?---Will I Be Sorry?; What If I Stay?---Could I Be Missing a Better Life?; Yes, It Can Be Saved; and, No, It Can't Be Saved.
    From Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA) in 2002, this 140-page book sells for $15.95 (trade cover).

Catholics And Broken Marriage by Father John Catoir. In this book Catoir accepts the challenging task of explaining the Catholic Church's legal positions and procedures for Catholics involved in the shattering experience of a broken marriage.
   Using a simple question and answer format, the author deals with the dimensions of the divorce phenomenon, supplies clear and insightful information on the annulment process, and discusses the changing justifications for seeking and granting annulments in recent years.
    From the Ave Maria Press in 1979, the book sold for $1.95. 
A Christian Considers Divorce and Remarriage by E. Earl Joiner. This book examines the questions and issues related to divorce from a variety of perspectives. The author re-examines what both the Old and New Testaments teach on divorce. He looks at the historical attitude of the church toward divorce and he provides some practical counsel for those considering divorce and those who care for them.

    Some of the topics dealt with are the possibilities of saving the marriage; legal, moral, and spiritual problems that are part of the divorce process; dealing with the aftermath of divorce; hazards and advantages of living along; the possibilities and hazards of remarriage; and helping children to adjust.
    The author, who is the chairman of the religion department at Stetson University, says he wrote this book for several categories of persons: 1. the married person whose marriage is in the midst of breaking up 2. the divorced person who is often treated as a second-class citizen; 3. for the pastor/counselor; 4. church members and leaders who wonder if divorced persons are qualified to be given church responsibilities, and 5. the friends of divorcees who feel a genuine need and desire to understand the divorce process so that they, along with the pastor/counselor, can offer to help.
    This 154 page book is a 1983 release from Broadman Books and sold for $5.95 (pb). 
The Complete Divorce Handbook by Brette McWhorter Sember. This book, written by a divorce lawyer, is designed to help you think through the issues and concerns that may affect you as you as you walk the path of getting a divorce. Though not a substitute or a lawyer, this book is meant to offer guidance through the legal proceeding and help you to know what questions to ask and what to be prepared for. Throughout the book, the author has included lots of links to helpful websites.
The 13 chapters correspond to the issues you will be dealing with in the divorce: Do You Want or Need a Divorce?, Legal Separation, Family Court, First Steps in a Divorce, The Divorce Court Process, Divorce Mediation, Children and Divorce, Dividing Your Assets and Debts, Child Support, Spousal Support, Emotional and Practical Implications of Divorce and After the Divorce. The appendices contain sections of sample legal forms and frequently asked questions.
    From Sterling Publishing (NY, NY) in 2009, this 280-page book sells for $14.95 (trade cover).

The Complete Divorce Recovery Handbook by John P. Splinter. The author states that healing from divorce is hard work and takes months, even years. This book details a 14-week program for healing and recovery that one can read alone or with a divorce recovery group. It takes you from the first moments of shock and grief to the process of inner healing and wholeness. It's concepts were field-tested by hundreds of divorced people attending divorce recovery groups facilitated by the author. The book is an attempt at blending both clinical and spiritual data, aimed at healing mind and spirit.
    The book contains 12 chapters including: Good Grief, Stressed Out!, How Did We Get Where We Are?, Walking Through Guilt, Facing Forgiveness, Children of Divorce, Getting Your Act Together, Biblical Perspectives on Divorce and Remarriage, Dating After Divorce, and Creating Healthy Marriages. Each chapter concludes by inviting the reader to do three things related to that chapter: to reflect upon some pertinent discussion questions, to take some suggested "action steps," and some ways to grow spiritually through this experience. The book also contains a number of helpful charts and diagrams.
    Published by Zondervan in 1992, this 254 page book sold for $9.95 (trade). This book is a major revision of Second Chapter originally published in 1987. 

Coping with Being Single Again by J. Clark Hensley. This book offers the Christian viewpoint on how to deal with the practical needs created by divorce or widowhood. It offers encouragement, challenge, and practical advice on such topics as loneliness, grief and guilt, money, sex, family relationships, single parenting, and remarriage. The book concludes with a chapter by chapter section of questions that can be used in group sessions.
     From Broadman Press, 1978, this 136-page book sold for $7.95. 
Dear God, I'm Divorced by Sara Arline Thrash. Written out of the author's own divorce experience, it deals with her devastation and her deliverance. This book is like a prayer diary for divorced men and women as it offers healing and perspective for those who ask "Why did our marriage die?"

    The book is divided into two sections (Devastation and Deliverance) with each containing a number of short chapters. Some of the 50 titles are: When You Feel Down, Where Did Our Marriage Die, I Don't Understand, Is There Life after Divorce?, Forgive and Remember, and Good-bye, Pity City. Each chapter concludes with a prayer from the author as well as how God might respond to that prayer.
    From Baker Book House in 1991, this 101-page book sold for $7.95 (trade). 
Defusing the High Conflict Divorce by Bernard Gaulier, Ph.D, Judith Margerum, Ph.D., Jerome A. Price, M.A., and James Windell, M.A. Subtitled, A Treatment Guide for Working with Angry Couples,” this book is for therapists, attorneys, clergy, social workers, custody evaluators, and others who work with angry couples. It gives the them ideas and strategies for helping couples locked in bitter disputes (estimated at 20% of all divorces). It also offers a unique set of proven programs for quelling the hostility in high-conflict co-parenting couples, and defusing their prolonged, bitter and emotional struggles.
    Some of the 17 chapter titles include: Who Gets Hurt When Parents Fight?, Why Do People Have High-Conflict Divorces?, Children in the Middle, Parents Who Remarry, Substance-Abusing Parents, Accusations of Mental Illness, The Role of Therapists, Which Interventions Work and Which Don’t, Mediation, and The High-Conflict Treatment Team.
From Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA) in 2006, this 272-page book sold for $27.95 (trade cover).
Devotions for the Divorcing by William E. Thompson. This book offers a glimmer of hope and reflective inspiration for people in the midst of divorce. These devotions provide relief from the daily pressures and traumas of marriage failure for those who are lonely, guilty, depressed, frustrated and unhappy.
   The author's devotions plus his insightful pastoral letter and postscript enable divorcing people to keep things in perspective. His meditations cover: depression, ecstasy, boredom, death, sexuality, church experiences, social settings, fears, family, and job performance.
    An ideal pastoral resource to give to divorcing members of your church inasmuch as these meditations lead the reader on a spiritual journey through the weeks of separation, through the growing "public" awareness of the divorce, through the anxiety, through faith to the reconciliation that healthy divorcing people achieve before moving on with their lives.
    From John Knox Press, this 97 page book was published in 1985 for $6.95.

Divorce and Remarriage in the Church by David Instone-Brewer. Subtitled, Biblical Solutions for Pastoral Realities, the author's purpose is to share biblical insights on the issue of divorce and remarriage as through the eyes of the first readers of the New Testament. His extensive research of the textual and cultural backgrounds of various Old and New Testament passages related to divorce and remarriage coupled with recent discoveries of early church documents on the subject make this a most scholarly book. His conclusions, based upon his research and a pastor's heart, is that “ both Jesus and Paul condemn groundless divorce, but both allow the victim of broken marriage vows to divorce.” He also asserts that "divorce implies the right to remarry.”
    Some of the 15 chapter titles include: Divorce on Demand, Whey Your Partner Walks Out, Till Death Us Do Part, Four Biblical Grounds for Divorce, Is Remarriage Adultery?, The Teaching that Time Forgot, and What Should the Church Do Now? The book concludes with a group study section complete with discussion questions.
    From IVP Books (division of InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL) in 2006, this 213 page book sold for $15.00 (trade cover). For information on more of the author's writings on this topic, visit www.Divorce-Remarriage.com

Divorce and the Gospel of Grace by Les Woodson. In this book Woodson probes into our attitudes as Christians toward divorce and the divorced. He delves into the racking feelings of insecurity, rejection, failure, loneliness, and guilt felt deeply by divorced people. More importantly, the author instills the reminder that Jesus expressed deep compassion for people who suffered from loneliness and rejection. It stresses the pulsating truth of the Gospel that must find a way to evangelize the divorced without leaving them with the stigma of inferior discipleship.

    From Word Books in 1979, it sold for $3.95 (pb).

Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be That Way by Jane Appell, Ph.D. As the subtitle says, this book is “A Handbook for the Helping Professional.” It is a comprehensive guide to divorce counseling for therapists and is packed with intervention procedures for all key elements of the divorce counseling process, from decision to legal issues. Another purpose is to make it clear about the role of the counselor and to keep out of trouble, ethically, legally, and emotionally, when trying to help the clients and their families. The book also provides guidelines on how to work with divorcing couples with children and how to provide tools for keeping clients functioning properly through all the ebbs and flows of the divorce process. Finally, the book gives a brief working overview of the nuts and bolts of the divorce system.
Some of the 11 chapter titles include: Uncoupling, Helping the Individual, Domestic Abuse, Parenting and Divorce, Parental Alienation, Children and Divorce, The Legal Process, and Avoiding the Traps.  
    From Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA) in 2006, this 288-page book sold for $27.95 (trade cover).

Divorce Recovery Journal    The Divorce Recovery Journal by Linda C. Senn and Mary Stuart.  This book is sort of an instruction manual to help people through
    the long transition of a divorce and to help them with the healing that follows. The book, in  reality, is a collection of thoughts on a wide
   variety of topics related to divorce and recovery. Each page contains a short quote from a famous person followed by the authors'
    insights and advice, often humerous, on that subject. Each page also contains a related question and space for personal journaling. 

    Instead of having chapters, the book has three phases with the 200+plus pages divided into one of these phases. The phases are
    1. Looking Down, the time of despair, 2. Looking Out, the time of coping, and 3. Looking Up, the time of recovery.

         Published in 1999 by Pen Central Press (St. Louis, 314-984-9805), this 248-page book sells for $15.95 (trade cover).

Divorce and Remarriage by H. Wayne House (editor). In the four chapters of this book, the editor brings together four different experts to debate the varying Christian views on divorce and remarriage. Each essayist takes a chapter to not only present his case but also to critique the position of the others. Case studies help to make theory face reality.
    In chapter one, Carl Laney argues that the Bible indicates that marriages are always intended to be permanent, therefore there is no need for divorce and that remarriage after divorce is not allowed. Chapter two: William Heath contends that while there are legitimate biblical grounds for divorce, there are no legitimate grounds for remarriage after divorce. Chapter three: Thomas Edgar defends the position that Scripture allows for divorce and remarriage in cases of adultery or desertion. Chapter four: Larry Richards holds that the Bible, while decrying divorce and the pain it causes, points to a God of grace who will not condemn those who divorce and remarry.
    From InterVarsity Press in 1990, this 267 page book sold for $8.95 (trade). 
Divorce and Remarriage: Biblical Principles & Pastoral Practice by Andrew Cornes. Cornes divides his book into two parts. In his first part, Biblical Principles, he discusses his theology of marriage and singleness, examining all the significant Old and New Testament passages. He concentrates especially on the teaching of Jesus and the interpretation of that teaching by Paul and the early church.

    In the second part, Pastoral Practice, he discusses the implications of the biblical teaching for pastoral ministry in the local church. He tells how to teach children, young people, and adults a Christian understanding of marriage and singleness, how to care for those going through marriage difficulties or divorce, how to help separated couples work toward reconciliation, and how to bear witness to the teaching of Christ in a world that has rejected a Christian understanding of marriage.
    Published in 1993, first in Great Britain by Hodder and Stroughton, then in the U.S. by Eerdmans, this 528-page book sold for $24.99 (trade). 
The Divorce Recovery Guide by Charlotte A. Greeson, Mary Hollingsworth, and Michael Washburn. This book shows you how to work through the painful steps of divorce recovery and how to adjust to a new life. It's charts and worksheets will assist you with specific guidance for facing countless details and pressures following a divorce.

    The 14 chapters deal with helping one cope with their emotions, solving legal and financial matters, learning how and when to tell others what you're going through, dealing with old and new relationships, setting goals for the future, and helping children adjust.
     From Questar Publishing in 1991, this 254-page workbook sold for $15.95 (trade) 
Divorce: The Pain & The Healing by Judith Mattison. This is a book containing some 95 of Mattison's poetic expressions of emotion that came as a result of her divorce.

    Writing from her own experience, she touches the depths of both hurt and healing. Her sensitive meditations will strike many familiar chords for those going through the process of crisis, separation and readjustment. Some of her titles include: tension, friends, anger, uncoupling, vulnerability, living alone, church, and coping.
             From Augsburg Publishing House in 1985, this 96 page book sold for $5.50 (pb). 

The Divorce Book by Matthew McKay, Peter Rogers, Joan Blades, and Richard Gosse. This book is a survival guide written for those going through a divorce and for professionals who want the tools to help them. It begins with a section on emotional survival and also covers some of the changing relationships and healthy ways of resolving conflict with ex-spouse.

   The other sections deal with some of the legal issues of divorce, the effects of divorce on children, and how to survive as a single. This book is both descriptive and prescriptive. It is designed to provide knowledge as well as a guide for action. Professionals can even photocopy sections to hand out to clients as homework exercises. There are abundant checklists, exercises, and examples.
    From New Harbinger Publishers in 1984, this 264 page book sold for $9.95 (pb). 
The Divorce Decision by Gary Richmond. This book is about what happens to people when they divorce. It is about the aftereffects. It is the author's hope, that unless a divorce is absolutely necessary, that the couple contemplating divorce would read this book and weigh the consequences before going through with the divorce. His case histories and personal illustrations will cause potentially divorcing readers to think twice before making any final decision to divorce.

    Some of his chapter titles include: The Children, The Finances of Divorce, The Legal System, Will It Ever End?, World War III, Is Divorce Even the Appropriate Course?, Nothing is Impossible When God's Involved, and Reconciliation.
    From Word Books, this 215 page book was published in 1988 and sold for $8.95. 
Divorce Recovery by Anita Brock. This book is about recovery. It doesn't offer quick fixes but rather offers practical, realistic suggestions of proven, workable steps toward recovery. Well outlined, this 192 page book deals with such significant issues as: erasing resentments, controlling mental flashbacks, rebuilding self-esteem, dealing with the former spouse, forgiving oneself, growing and changing, helping the children, and living comfortably with limited resources. Each of the 13 chapters concludes with a "Divorce Recovery Journal" which encourages the reader to put their thoughts in writing and keep a journal of their growth.

    From Worthy Publishing in 1988, this book sold for $10.95. 

Divorced by B. J. Smith with Irene Burk Harrell. This book is a collection of poetry by Mrs. Smith. For years she and Jim had a happy marriage. But after years of struggle, she found herself divorced. This is the story of her faith, her hope, and her peace.
    Some of the poems are entitled, Made for Each Other, Bombshell, Let's Pretend, Weekend Visitation, Job Made to Order, Messages in Music, Christmas Joy, The Final Severing, Time to Let Go, Ten Cherry Lollipops, and Pride Goeth.
    Tyndale House published this book in 1983. It has 175 pages and sold for $5.95 (pb). 
The Divorced Christian by Charles Cerling. This book attempts to deal with the various issues being faced by the divorced or the divorcing person. It shows you what to expect and how to react as you meet some of the adjustment problems. It meets people where they are and ministers to their need with professional objectivity and Christian concern.

    The first part of each of the 14 chapters discusses a problem a divorced person might face. The last part of the chapter proposes solutions other divorced people have found helpful.
     Some chapter titles are: separation, anxiety, reconciliation, anger, guilt and forgiveness, loneliness, self-image, the future, children in crisis, single parent, dating and sex, and remarriage.
    This 194 page book was published by Baker Book House in 1984 for $5.95 (pb). 
Divorced: Surviving the Pain by Alice Stopler Peppler. This book, originally published in 1974 under the title Divorced and Christian, recognizes that divorce is a daily struggle for many and that they need help grasping the reality of a healing God who is still with them. This book helps those in need of comfort and support by pointing them to the source of light and hope in any situation...God Himself.

    Some of the 14 chapter titles include: Introduction to Divorce, Pastor's Help, Family Help, Means of Coping, Dating, Extreme Doubt, Recovery from Doubt, Ready to Begin Anew and New Life.
    Revised in 1993 by Concordia Publishing House, this 91-page book sold for $6.99 (trade). 
The Divorcing Christian by Lewis R. Rambo. The author, a seminary professor, writes this book out of his own personal grief and experience as a divorced Christian. He deals with divorce in a Biblical and realistic manner. He speaks with objectivity and warmth as he deals with difficult theological issues concerning the subject.

    His chapter titles are: Facing the Crisis, Healing the Wounds, Ministering to the Divorced, Living Again, Dealing with Sexuality, and Developing Personhood. Rambo offers real help and hope for the divorcing Christian but he reaches some conclusions that the more conservative churches may not be able to handle.
    From Abingdon Press in 1983, this 95-page book sold for $4.95 (trade). 
Divorcing with Dignity: Mediation, the Sensible Alternative by Tim Emerick-Cayton. This book is an attempt to provide an easy-to-read description of divorce mediation drawn from the author's ten years experience as a divorce mediator. It describes an approach from a pastoral and spiritual perspective and provides illustrations on how to survive the pain and anguish of divorcing while maintaining personal integrity and faith.

    From Westminster/John Knox Press in 1993, this 98-page book sold for $9.99 (trade) 

Finding Your Place After Divorce by Carole Sanderson Streeter. The author writes from the inside, as one who has gone through the shock and trauma of a divorce. She shares her deepest feelings at each step along the way in an honest and straightforward manner. She also gives comfort, advice and practical suggestions for recovery and healing. Of particular help is her outlines of immediate, short-term, and long-term goals.
   The eight chapters are entitled: Life Among the Breakage, Nobody But Yourself, You Are Forgivable, At Home in Your Home, Your Children's Needs, Never Whimper at Work, and Small Doses of Significance. Each chapter ends with short exercises for the reader to do based on that chapter.
   From Harold Shaw Publishers, this revised edition of 161 pages was published in 1992 and sold for $7.95 (trade). (The former edition was published in 1986). 
Formerly Married: Learning to Live with Yourself by Marilyn Jensen. This book describes life from the point of view of a housewife and mother whose marriage has just ended. The author, the book editor for Guideposts, discusses her feelings of depression, confusion, fear and excitement about her new status.

    The subtitle, "Learning to Live with Yourself," is most descriptive of what the book offers. It deals with such issues as loss, rejection, family, relationships, work, and selfhood in realistic and compassionate manner. And her way back from a sense of emptiness and depression through the development or redevelopment of the self has meaning for all.
   Some of the chapter titles include: Think Shrink, Single on Noah's Ark, Staying Afloat, Men!, and Living Grown-Up.
   This 116 page book is a 1983 release from The Westminster Press. It sold for $9.95 (hard). 
Getting Apart Together: The Couple's Guide to a Fair Divorce or Separation by Martin A. Kranitz. This is an organized, thorough guide to the important issues for every separating couple and an effective aid for those who seek professional mediation. It features helpful exercises and ground rules for the couple wishing to negotiate their own divorce settlement and authoritative guidance from an expert divorce mediator. It addresses key areas of concern from co-parenting to property and money matters. Each discussion includes a sampling of solutions, framed as illustrative scenarios so readers can see what the parties are attempting to accomplish.
     Some of the 10 chapter titles include: Ground Rules, Co-Parenting, Division of Property, Support, Insurance, and Putting it All Together.
    From Impact Publishers (Atascadero, CA) in 2000, this 187-page book sold for $14.95 (trade).
Going it Alone by Michele Howe. The premise of the book is that life as a single mom can be overwhelming. It contains stories of single moms who have faced past hurts, dealt with present fears, and built a future of promise while contending with the everyday pressures of life. The author provides sensitive, compassionate advice for women who are confronting the challenge of being a single mom. She insists that, with God's help, hope and healing are not only possible but promised.
   Some of the 15 chapter titles include: Tough Times, Overcoming Jealousy, Fortified Family, Building Bridges, Finding Fulfillment, Thinking Critically, Boys to Men, Special Needs Kids, Positive Outlook, Fostering Independence, Best Friends, Sex Education, Midlife Changes, Blended Together, and Forgivness. The book concludes with a section called Funstarts, 201 ideas for enriching family fun.
   From Henderson Publishers (Peabody, MA) in 1999, this 131-page book sold for $10.95 (trade).

Growing Through Divorce by Jim Smoke. This book offers practical guidance for anyone facing divorce or already divorced. It is based upon the author's firsthand experience of working with hundreds of formerly married persons.
    Some of the chapter titles include: Letting Go, Getting the Ex-Spouse in Focus, Assuming Responsibility, Finding and Experiencing Forgiveness, Remarriage, and How I've Grown in My Divorce. Each chapter concludes with a series of personal growth and discussion questions which makes the book a good one to use in divorce recovery groups.
     Published in 1976 by Harvest House. The expanded edition of 256 pages was published in 1985 and sold for $7.95 (trade) 

Healing Heartbreak of Divorce

A Woman's Guide to Healing the Heartbreak of Divorce
by Rose Sweet. Truly a 
handbook that touches all the bases for women going through divorce. Drawing upon her own experiences as a divorced woman, the author speaks to the issues firsthand. She augments her own personal journey with stories and insights gained from counseling with thousands of divorced men and women. The bottom line is that she reminds us that we have spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, sexual, financial, material and family needs. And that God cares for us and about each need.
    Her 31 chapters are divided into five categories: Embracing the Pain, Examining the Principles, Establishing New Priorities, Empowering New Practices and Enjoying Your Passions. Each chapter starts with a love letter from God and concludes with specific reminders of how we can replace our fear with our faith.  
    From Hendrickson Publishers (Peabody, MA) in 2001, this 282-page book sells for $13.99 (trade cover).

A Home to Dwell In by Elise Chase. This is a story of a vulnerable woman suddenly cast adrift into the world, a story of her courageous recovery from the depths of despair. Her separation and divorce coincided with her conversion to Christianity, and neither journey was smooth. Her candid reflections on her depression, her doubts, her sexuality, and her fear of homelessness will help readers face their own pain with honesty and courage.
    The chapter titles in this 170 page book are: Facing Divorce but Finding God, Struggling with Separation, Moving through Mourning, Building a Separate Life, Sexuality after Divorce, Growing Through Relationships, and Finding a Spiritual Family.
   Published in 1989 by Ballentine Books, this book sold for $3.50 (mass market). 
Happily Ever After (And Other Myths About Divorce) by Ron Durham. Written by a minister and free-lance writer, the author shares the story of how his own 30+ year marriage almost ended in divorce. He discusses the matter of how so many people think that a divorce will solve all their problems. In this regard, he shares real-life stories of others who found that while divorce dissolved their marriage, it did not resolve their problems. He concludes with the story of how he and his wife rebuilt their marriage.
     The ten chapters are divided into four major sections: Myths About Divorce, Countering Cultural Myths about Divorce, Stories of Short-circuited Divorces, and Challenging the Myth about Divorce. Some of his chapter titles are: The High Cost of Leaving, I Have Met the Enemy---And It Wasn't My Spouse, Conflict is A Growth Hormone, and How Our Planned Divorce Broke Up in Romance.
     From Victor Books in 1993, this 132-page book sold for $8.99 (trade). 
Hope for the Separated by Gary D. Chapman. This is one of the few books ever written that deals with the many issues surrounding marital separation. Chapman's philosophy is embodied in the words of the subtitle: Wounded Marriages Can Be Healed. He believes that the Biblical ideal for a separated couple is reconciliation and he shows how this can be accomplished through small, simple steps.

     While this book does not contain cozy answers or right formulas for all situations, Chapman does seek to give practical, Biblical answers to some key questions such as: "Should I date while I am separated?" "Should we draw up separation papers?" "How will I handle the loneliness?" "What about my bitterness?" "Should I contest the divorce?" "Do I need a lawyer?" and "Am I free to remarry?"
     Published in 1982 by Moody Press, 119 pages (trade). 
The Hurt and Healing of Divorce by Darlene Petri. In this book the author recounts her trip from the altar to the divorce courts after thirteen years of marriage; the frightening experience of separation; and the problems of work, faith, loneliness and life as a single parent. She offers perceptive counsel to divorced people, their friends and families, in this level-headed look at the undeniable reality of divorce.

     From the D. C. Cook Publishing Company in 1978, this 188-page book sold for $1.95 (pb)
I Wish Someone Understood My Divorce by Harold Ivan Smith. This is an honest and practical book to help divorced persons better cope with their situation. Smith, popular author of singles books, writes out of his own divorce experience coupled with thousands of conversations he has had with divorced persons across the country.
  In this book Smith helps the reader come to terms with his/her own situation, find a listening ear, overcome some common fears, set priorities for living, and discover some resources for healing and growth.
   The sixty different stories or "chapterettes" are divided into the following six parts: It's Happening, I Wish Someone Understood, Barriers to Understanding, Dealing with Fears, Priorities for Living, and Resources for Renewal. Most sections contain growth principles or quotes by the author for the reader to memorize and live by, such as "...the tragedies of life can be fertilizer for tomorrow's dreams."
    Published in 1987 by Augsburg, this 160 page book sold for $7.95 (trade). 
Is There Life After Divorce in the Church? by Richard Lyon Morgan. After coming to grips with the torment and spiritual anguish of his own divorce and having found new life in his remarriage, Pastor Morgan shares his experience and conviction that the process of divorce can be a powerful religious experience.

    He enables people to develop a theology of divorce, rooted in the theology of marriage. He looks at the theological themes of confession, guilt, penance, grace, and forgiveness and shows their relationship to the experience of divorce and remarriage. He explores the stages of divorce and identifies the feelings and behavior that are common to the divorce experience.
     Morgan offers the church an insightful resource for ministering to the growing number of christians who are facing the pain, suffering, and guilt of a marriage failure. The church's ministry should be redemptive which comes through ritual, pastoral care, and a clearer understanding of the divorce process by church members. Morgan includes a special chapter on divorce counseling. The book is complete with a good bibliography, an index of names and subjects, as well as an index of biblical references used in the book.
    From John Knox Press in 1985, this 184 page book sold for $12.95 (pb). 
Jason Loves Jane But They Got a Divorce by Jason Towner. This is the thrilling story of a man whose life seemed destined to be shattered by a divorce. It is the story of a man who rebuilt his dreams out of hope and commitment.

     By Impact Books, in 1978, the book sold for $5.95.
     Note: Jason Towner is the pen name for Harold Ivan Smith. 
Jesus and Divorce: The Problem with the Evangelical Consensus by William A. Heth and Gordon J. Wenham. This is a highly technical study which attempts to discover the "true New Testament position on divorce and remarriage." While emphasizing Jesus' teaching in the book of Matthew, the authors also provide detailed survey of other relevant Scriptures. Their conclusion is that "It is always wrong to divorce what God has joined together; what is more, divorce, except for unchastity, is tantamount to committing adultery; and remarriage after divorce is always so."

    The book concludes with practical, sensitive advice to pastors, counselors, and couples, and it points readers to scores of other books and articles on the subject.
     Published in 1985 by Thomas Nelson, this 287 page book sold for $7.95 (trade). 
Life After Divorce by Jim Talley. This book, written by a clergyman who was raised by a single mother, is a guide to encourage single mothers not give up and to trust God. It offers lots of insights and practical helps for facing the reality of the situation and moving on to the road of recovery.
     Some of the 14 chapter titles include: Stabilizing Life After Divorce, Resetting Expectations, Recognizing the Special Needs of Your Children, God Understands the Frustrated Parent, Building Spiritual Vitality in Your Kids, Knowing When You're Ready for Another Relationship, The Weekend War, Remarriage, Blended and Compounded Families, and Am I Succeeding as a Single Parent? Each chapter concludes with a summary and a trilogy of lessons, thoughts, advice, suggestions, principles, etc. based on that chapter.
    Published in 1991 by NavPress, this 179 page book sold for $7.99 (trade). 
Life Goes On by Joseph Neely. This book is a collection of essays as we hear the author "Laughing and crying his way through divorce," as suggested by the subtitle. He says that the experience of writing these essays was one of the ways he avoided a breakdown during his divorce. This humorous and creative book is for those going through divorce themselves as well as their parents and friends.

    Some of the 20 essays are entitled, Divorce: My Generation's Curse, First Date, Easter Alone, Buying the Convertible, A Single Man Entertains, Divorce As a Business Deal, Sister Jeanne and Steve McQueen, Fifth Wheel Syndrome, Just Not Ready Yet, Joint Custody, and Life Goes On.
     Published in 2001 by Benjamin Street Press (benstreetpress@aol.com), this 145-page book sold for $12.95 (trade).
Living Beyond Divorce by Jim Smoke. This is not a book about the divorcing process, the author has written a classic (Growing Through Divorce) on that issue, but rather one that deals with getting on with life after divorce. The major emphasis here is the issue of remarriage for divorced people.

    Some of the 13 chapter titles are: Adjusting Your Focus, The Healing Process, The Myths of Divorce, The Relational Roller Coaster, Learning to Wait, The Good Things in Living Alone, and Am I Ready for Remarriage.
    Published in 1984 by Harvest House, this 159-page book sold for $6.95 (trade). 
Living with Divorce by Kathleen Sheridan. This is a practical and psychological handbook for those contemplating or going through a divorce, as well as those who have been divorced. Though most persons involved in a divorce would think their case is unique, this book is full of insights, helps, and practical steps that most people can use to help smooth the way through this experience.

  Published in 1977 by the Thomas More Association (Chicago), 120 pages (trade). 
Lord, Help My Hurts by Kay Arthur. The author opens the book with the story of her divorce and the suicide of her husband. Her message to hurting women is this: "Whether or not you believe it, you are beloved of God. He desires your wholeness, your healing."

   Each of the thirteen chapters are designed weekly studies to help the reader discover the truths of Scripture concerning: God as healer, God's love and sovereignty, renewing your mind, dealing with anger, bitterness and forgiveness. Each chapter is divided into seven days of reading and questions. And there are discussion questions at the back for use in group studies.
   Published by Multnomah in 1988, this 280 page book sold for $8.95 (trade). 
Loving Again by Ginilou DeMarco. Through her self-designed and accidentally appointed job as a doctor's aide, Ginilou was able to help many people with widely varying problems. She feels, however, that they were the givers--who helped in her struggle to love again after a traumatic and unexpected divorce. Her contact with these patients, each with an overwhelming and immediate personal need, caused her to build a wall about herself so "one will ever get close enough again to touch that soft, vulnerable inside and grind it to shreds and spit it out."
     A 1979 release from Impact Books, it sold for $3.95 (pb). 
Marriage & Divorce by J. Vernon McGee. The material in this book was not written to be a book. Rather these chapters are actually sermons preached by the author to his congregation. His desire was to shift the focus from the problem of divorce to something more positive: namely, how to equip couples to stay married. In these sermon-chapters he presents easy-to-understand biblical principles for engaged and married couples as well as those who are still single but looking.

   Some of his 10 chapter titles are: Are Marriages Made in Heaven or Elsewhere?, Why Do Christian Marriages Fail?, Sex in Marriage, The Best Love, What About the Unsaved Partner?, When Divorce is Scriptural and Marriage is Unscriptural, What Jesus Said about Divorce, and The Greatest Love Song in All the World.
    This 184-page book was published in 1998 by Thomas Nelson (Nashville). Price: $16.99 (hard cover).

Marriage and Divorce: What the Bible Says by James M. Efird. While keeping technical discussion to a minimum, the author helps the reader to explore the various biblical passages that deal with these two important social customs: marriage and divorce.
  The book examines ideas connected with marriage against the background of the ancient world and its practices and presuppositions. Then Efird has a section focusing on the practice of and teachings about divorce, again set against the backdrop of the society and culture of biblical times.
   The last section of the book draws together some of the larger principles relating to marriage and divorce, based on the biblical investigation.
    Published in 1985 by Abingdon, Press, this 93 page book sold for $4.95 (pb). 
The Pain and the Possibility by Paula Ripple, F.S.P.S. Of this book Mel Krantzier, author of Creative Divorce says, "a magnificent call to life and self-renewal in contrast to wallowing in unconstructive guilt and self-pity...offers convincing proof that philosophy of personal growth arising from the pain of divorce is consistent with Catholic doctrine...." A book which speaks to many of the questions raised by the divorced Catholic.

     Published in 1978 the book sold for $2.95 (pb) by Ave Maria Press. 
Picking Up the Pieces by Clyde Colvin Besson. This book assembles material used by Besson in his seminars and retreats for the divorced, widowed and single person. His insights and advice come from 20 years in the pastorate coupled with his own divorce and remarriage experience. His thesis is that it is possible, with God's help, to "pick up the pieces" after a broken marriage.

     Some of the chapter titles (that are very well outlined) include: Making the Most of a Difficult Situation, How to Trust after Being Burned, Single Adult Sexuality, Developing a Healthy Self-Love, The Nature of Love, Preparations for Remarriage, etc.
    Published in 1982 by Mott Media, the trade version sold for $5.95 and the paperback edition for $2.50. 

Preventing Divorce by Greg and Candy McPherson and Bobb and Cheryl Biehl. This book is a type of a workbook containing over 300 lively, penetrating questions designed to create discussion among couples to help them understand each other. These questions, which cover 95% of the major problem areas likely to confront a marriage, cover such areas as financial, marriage and family, personal growth, physical, professional, social, and spiritual.
   There are basic questions for every couple, for those who are engaged or considering engagement, for couples considering remarriage, and questions to ask before a divorce is finalized. There is also a section offering help on how to handle differences.
    This 124 page book was published by Multnomah in 1989 and sold for $8.95 (hard). 
Rebuild Your Life by Dale E. Galloway. This book is subtitled, "How to survive a crisis" and is written by a man who should know. He was a pastor of a large church when he got the news that his wife was divorcing him and taking their children back to her home state some 2500 miles away. He lost his marriage, his ministry, his peace. But out of that brokenness came a new dream of joyful living and usefulness. God rebuilt his life and now Galloway shows others in crisis how God can rebuild theirs, too.

  Some of the chapter titles include: Accept What You Cannot Change, Stop Playing the Blame Game, Slam the Door on Self-Pity, Dream a New Dream, and Believe the Best is Yet to Come.
  This 128 page book was published by Tyndale House in 1975. It sold for $4.95 (pb). 
Rebuilding by Bruce Fisher. See review under Pastoral Care (Leadership section).

Separated and Waiting by Jan Northington. The author, writing out of her own experiences along with the insights of others, offers hope to those separated from their spouse. The book provides good advice and comforting words to help you face the fears, confusion, and struggles that are ahead. It also offers motivation and understanding for the person wanting to bring wholeness back into their lives.
    The author says that separated persons face some hard choices and those choices are the basis of her nine chapter titles: Choose to Wait with a New Attitude, Choose to Learn, Choose to Grieve, Choose to Look at Your Value, Choose to Stop Worrying, Choose to Get Serious with God, Choose to Balance Your Life, Choose to Stay in Touch with God, and Choose to Thrive. Each chapter concludes with some self-examination questions.
    From Thomas Nelson Publishers in 1994, this 184-page book sold for $9.99 (trade). 

Sing a New Song by Andrea J. Shepard. This 91 page book is a "collection of prayers and pep-talks, decisions and confessions during the hardest 18 months" of the author's life which was the time immediately following the legal end of her ten year marriage. She writes devotionally and transparently about the pains of divorce. She says that these poems were meant for God's and her eyes only. Consequently, they are totally honest, no secrets hid.
    Some of her poem-chapters are entitled: A Private Pep Talk, Five Steps Backward, The Dating Mother, Fearing Fear, Cold Showers, Reaching for the Golden Ring, Surrender and recovery, and The Good Life.
    From Zondervan, this book was published in 1986 for $4.95 (trade).

Single Again After All These Years by Bonnie Hannah Broughton. This book describes thousands of people who are re-entering the singles world after being married over twenty years, or MOTY, as the author puts it. Broughton interviewed over one hundred MOTYs, both men and women, in preparation for this book. Some of the major issues dealt with include: Why marriages no longer last a lifetime as did our grandparents, The adjustment period following the death of a spouse or a divorce, How people are treated differently when they become single again, and The problems the over-forty singles encounter in love and marriage.
    Some of the chapter titles are: The Transitional Period, Scared and Hurting, Making Friends in the New World, What Singles Are Looking For, To Clean or Not Too Clean, Deceit Among Singles, and The Finish Line.
    Released in 2001 by Leathers Publishing (Kansas City, MO, 1-888-383-3762), this 154-page book sold for $12.95 (trade).
Single Again: Survival Kit for the Divorced and Widowed (See under Bereavement/Widowhood) 
Second Chapter by John P. Splinter. (See a major revision of this book above under the title, The Complete Divorce Recovery Handbook
Splitting Up by Dandi Kaley Knorr. Subtitled, "When Your Friend Gets a Divorce," this book offers practical advice from the author's own experience, as well as from a variety of other divorced men and women, on how to help someone going through a divorce.

    The fourteen chapters of the book are divided into two parts: Ten Possible Reactions to Divorce and Becoming a Real Friend. Each chapter includes thought-stimulating questions for individual and group use that focus on everyday ways to be a true friend.
    From Harold Shaw Publishers in 1988, this 147 page book sold for $7.95 (trade cover). 

Starting Again: A Divorce Recovery Program by Sandra Scott. This book was written to help people understand and cope with the loss and grief experienced in divorce. Written from a Christian perspective, it helps divorced people gain insight in daily survival and coping skills and helps them explore new possibilities and options for their lives. The book was designed for individual study or group use as part of a church-related divorce recovery program.
       Some of the 11 chapters are entitled, Losses and Feelings, The Grief Process, Letting Go, Forgiveness, Accept Responsibility, Balance, Unfinished Business, The Future, Singles Groups, and Now What? The book also includes eight session plans which may be used by the group facilitator in leading a divorce recovery program.
       Published by Discipleship Resources (800-685-4370) in 1997, this 112-page book sold for $14.95 (trade cover).

Starting Over (See under Bereavement/Widowhood)

Surviving Divorce in December (DVD) by Dennis Henderson, D.Min. See at www.singlesmall.com/audvid.html

Surviving Separation & Divorce by Sharon Marshall. In this book the author relates her own experiences with loneliness, fatigue, illness, guilt, the need to escape, and other real feelings. Her own struggles will encourage others in the same situation to take heart and let God heal the hurt. The book contains many practical and biblical insights that offer the help needed to hold on until further counsel can be sought.
    The author's 40 "seed thoughts" (chapters) are written in brief synopsis primarily for the newly separated or divorced woman. Her thinking is that a woman in a state of shock or depression cannot follow the theme of a book that must be read from cover to cover. These "seed thoughts" can be read separately or in a sequence if the reader desires. The thoughts are divided into the following three sections: Divorce--The Life-style, You Can Survive, and Your Hope for Wholeness.
    This 127 page book was published in 1988 by Baker Book House and sold for $5.95 (trade). 
Surviving Your Parents Divorce by Charles Boeckman. For those whose parents are divorcing, here is a book that can help minimize the pain and confusion. It gives practical advice, lists help organizations, explains why some parents fight, details the legal process involved in a divorce, and covers such other issues as custody, child support, visitation rights and other related topics. In addition, it also discusses some of the dynamics involved if one or both of your parents should remarry, including the "step" relationship situations.

   This practical and emotionally supportive book is a sort of "survival kit" for anyone whose parents are divorcing. It really covers the waterfront in dealing with all the aspects of a divorce where there are children involved.
   Published by the Franklin Watts Company in 1980, 133 pages (trade).  Price unknown.

There's Hope after Divorce by Jeenie Gordon. This book is about hope. The author, devastated after her own divorce, draws from her own personal experience as well as from her counseling practice to cheer you on to move out of self-defeating patterns and embrace all that is nurturing and whole in your life.

    Some of the 12 chapter titles are: Letting go of the Marriage, Dealing with the Former Spouse, Learning to be Real, Forgiveness, Single Parenting, Learning by Waiting, This Thing Called Trust, and A Message from God. Each chapter ends with an Insight for Growth exercise to help the reader further deal with the issues of the chapter.
    Rereleased in 1996 by Spire, this 191-page book sold for $5.99 (paperback). 
Through the Whirlwind by Bob Burns. As the subtitle says, this book is a "Proven Path to Recovery from the Devastation of Divorce." It covers the divorce experience from the point of disenchantment through the emotional outcome of that decision. The author combines the insights of current social and psychological studies with biblical truths and offers hope through the forgiving and restoring power of Jesus Christ.
     Of the ten chapters in the book, the first four present divorce from a broad perspective. The next five chapters look at the "slippery slope," the emotional stages that occur during the grief process. Finally, the last chapter points to the resources that God has made available to those who are facing divorce.
    This 180-page book was published in 1989 by Oliver (Thomas) Nelson Books, it sold for $8.95 (trade).
Untying the Knot edited by Deborah Brodie. This book is actually an anthology of nearly 600 quotes on the subject of divorce. The quotes come from self-help books, legal tomes, the Bible, novels, newspaper and magazine articles, scholarly studies, celebrity biographies and from the personal experiences of the editor and friends. They are honest, funny, bittersweet and insightful remarks made by people who have gone through divorce first-hand.
    This collection of quotes is divided into the following 20 topics or chapters: Some Definitions of Divorce, Why Divorce?, Expectations of Love and Marriage, Affairs, Therapy, Making the Decision, The Network of Support, Anger and Depression, Moving to a New Home, Ex-spouses and Ex-in-laws, I'm OK, Dating and Remarriage and Rebirth and Renewal.
   This 140-page book was published in 1999 by St. Martin's Press (New York) and sold for $9.95 (trade cover).
Warm Reflections by Harold Ivan Smith. This is a book of inspirational poems, which share the agony of this young man's adjustment to the absence of love, his realization of the inner strength that God provides for just such a time, and his awakening to the future and all its blessings.

    Published by Broadman Press (1977), it sold for $3.95 (trade). 
What the Church is Doing for Divorced and Remarried Catholics by James Castelli. The author, speaking unofficially, says that many people assume that the divorced Catholic is automatically cut off from the sacraments, but this is not necessarily true. A valuable book for the divorced Catholic (now numbering in excess of eight million) and for the person seeking to understand the position of the Catholic Church relative to divorce and remarriage.
    From Claretian Publications (Chicago), this 48 page paperback sold for $1.95. 
When a Friend Gets a Divorce by Sharon G. Marshall. This book offers suggestions and insights one might use to help a friend who is in the crisis of divorce. It ranges from helping to meet immediate needs to understanding the grief process. This book is devoted to the recovery process, not to a theological discussion of divorce.
    The 29 chapters are divided into three parts. Part 1 is entitled "What's Happening" and helps you understand the dynamics of loss. Part 2, "Please, Please Help Me!" is a description of the inner cries of your friend. Part 3, "What Works", presents proven techniques and strategies for helping those going through divorce.
    Published by Baker Book House in 1990, this 128-page book sold for $6.95 (trade). 
When Divorce Happens by James Greteman and Joseph Dunne. This book, subtitled, "A Guide for Family and Friends," helps readers understand the turmoil divorcing people experience and helps them understand that divorced persons now, more than ever, need the love of family and friends. The authors offer practical advice on how divorce can be converted into a process of personal growth, both for those experiencing it and those close to them. It is thoroughly grounded in scripture, drawing heavily on the compassion Jesus showed in his life.

  Some of the 13 chapter titles include: The Myth, The Tapestry of Our Lives, Encouragement, Encouraging "The Sinner," The Divorce Process, Overload, Dealing with Anger, Unfinished Business, and Children.
    Published in 1990 by Ava Maria Press (Notre Dame, IN 46556), this 122-page book sold for $5.95 (trade). 
When the One You Love Wants to Leave by Donald R. Harvey. This book is subtitled, Guidance and Comfort for Surviving Marital Crisis. This book deals with marital separation in a redemptive manner. It offers help for the couple involved as well as for the minister who is counseling with them. While each situation is different, the author says that there are scriptural principles that apply to all. With the Bible as his foundation and illustrations from his own practice as a professional counselor, he addresses such questions as Why do spouses leave?, Should I actively pursue my spouse or let him or her go? and How can I stay committed to God when I feel that He (God) as well as my spouse, has abandoned me?
     Some of the 13 chapter titles are "I'm Leaving," Why Husbands Leave, What to Do, Troublesome Emotions, Troublesome Thoughts, Sexual Issues, Ploys and Manipulations, Husbands Who Want to Come Home, Husbands Who Don't Come Home, and How Long Do You Wait? Each chapter closes with some Study Questions and a place to record one's thoughts and answers.
   Published by Baker Book House in 1993, this 222-page book sold for $9.99 (trade) 
When You Are Facing a Divorce by Jan Jovaag Ansorge. This little booklet is for those facing divorce but care enough about their marriages, themselves, and their families to seek guidance as they learn to live with this decision. The author shares her pain and then works her way though to the other side. The book is an affirmation that there is life after divorce. It is about survival and growth and brings hope to those in the throes of a painful divorce.
    The four chapter titles are Is Divorce the Right Solution?, Losses We Must Face, The Decision to Divorce and Recovery.
    rom Augsburg Fortress in 2002, this little 48-page booklet, part of the Difficult Times Series, sold for $4.99 (trade cover).
When Your Divorce is Finally Final by David B. Hawkins, Ph. D. Subtitled, How to Heal the Wounds and Learn to Live Again, this book is part of the Pocket Therapist series. It offers practical, godly wisdom for the one struggling through divorce. While acknowledging there are no simple fixes to life's crises, Hawkins compassionately insists there are important steps we can choose to take thereby opening ourselves to God's healing and peace.
    Some of the main topics covered include: Constant Conflict, Death of A Dream, Stages of Divorce, Grief and Healing, Rebuilding Your Self Confidence, Relating to Your Former Spouse, Helping Your Children, and Learning to  Relate Again.
    This 44-page pocket-size book was published in 2001 by Victor Books (Div.of Cook Communications, Colorado Springs, CO) and sold for $4.99 (trade cover).
When Your Divorce is Finally Final by David B. Hawkins, Ph. D. Subtitled, How to Heal the Wounds and Learn to Live Again, this book is part of the Pocket Therapist series. It offers practical, godly wisdom for the one struggling through divorce. While acknowledging there are no simple fixes to life's crises, Hawkins compassionately insists there are important steps we can choose to take thereby opening ourselves to God's healing and peace.
    Some of the main topics covered include: Constant Conflict, Death of A Dream, Stages of Divorce, Grief and Healing, Rebuilding Your Self Confidence, Relating to Your Former Spouse, Helping Your Children, and Learning to  Relate Again.
    This 44-page pocket-size book was published in 2001 by Victor Books (Div.of Cook Communications, Colorado Springs, CO) and sold for $4.99 (trade cover).

When Your Long-Term Marriage Ends by Elaine Newell. This book is for women who "grew-up" with their husbands, raised a family together--then suddenly found themselves alone. The author, who experienced this herself, shares how she faced and eventually overcame her fears. She also explains her ten phases of recovery.
     Some of the 10 chapter titles include: Accepting Responsibility, Getting Help, Dealing with Anger, Alone vrs. Lonely, Being Good to Yourself/Him, and Dating, Mating, Relating. Each chapter includes exercises to help readers identify and discuss, journal style, their feelings around each phase of recovery.
    This 136-page book was published in 1994 by Resource Publications (1-888-273-7782) and sold for $14.95 (softcover). 

Your Pocket Divorce Guide Your Pocket Divorce Guide by Linda C. Senn. This book was written for those on the verge of a divorce. It provides basic, practical information that applies to most divorce situations. It will help them prepare for the separation, attorney searches, divorce mediation and down to earth suggestions for starting over. The book contains helpful checklists, a good bibliography of other resources and a valuable glossary.

    The seven chapters are entitled: Preparing for Divorce, Financial Realities, Your Attorney, Divorce Mediators, Initial Steps in the Divorce Process, Spousal Maintenance and Child Support, and The New You. 

    Published in 1999 by Pen Central Press (St. Louis, 314-984-9805), this 95-page book sold for $13.95 (trade cover).

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