Dating, Love & Sex

The 10 Commandments of Dating by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams. This book provides, as the subtitle says, Time-Tested laws for building successful relationships." It gives practical, no-nonsense commandments on how to make dating work for you.These 10 commandments, if kept, will help your relationships run more smoothly, protect yourself from the pain of various pitfalls,and help you to build loving, lasting relationships.
    The 10 chapters (Commandments) are: Thou Shalt get a Life, Thou Shalt Use your Brain, Thou Shalt be Equally Yoked, Thou Shalt Take it Slow, Thou Shalt Set Clear Boundaries, Thou Shalt Save Sex for Later, Thou Shalt Not Play House, Thou Shalt Fight Fairly, Thou Shalt Not Ignore Warning Signs, and Thou Shalt Choose Wisely.
    Published in 1999 by Thomas Nelson (Nashville), this 174-page book sold for $10.95 (trade cover).
10 Great Dates Before You Say "I Do" by David & Claudia Arp and Curt & Natelle Brown. In a nutshell, this book provides 10 fun and innovative relationship-building dates for engaged couples and others who are dating seriously. Sprinkled throughout are the authors' own personal experiences as well as stories from the many couples with whom they have worked who wanted to build a loving, lasting marriage.
    The book combines the best of marriage preparation research with a fun, easy-to-follow format. The first part speaks to ten different themes, each theme being a chapter: Sharing Hopes, Dreams and Expectations; Appreciating Your Differences; Communicating and Connecting; Solving Problems as a Couple; Managing Your Money; Leaving and Cleaving; Celebrating Intimacy, Love and Romance; Realizing Roles and Planning for Family; Developing Spiritual Intimacy; and Choosing an Intentional Marriage. The second part of the book is a personal dating guide and each of the ten dates correspondes with one of the themes of the book. The guide offers suggestions on how to prepare for each date, basic ideas for where to go, an outline of what to discuss, and how to benefit from the written exercises.
    From Zondervan in 2003, this 222-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

101 Great Dates by David and Diane Coleman.The authors, a husband and wife team, believe that the time you spend with your date can be exciting and full of special moments. This book provides specific details on some creative and out-of-the-ordinary dates that you can try. This book is all about creative dating.
    Some of the 101 "great dates" include: Volunteer Together, Scary Film Festival, Pet Shopping, College Campus Visit, Sunrise Breakfast, Museum Adventure, Work Out Together, The Arcade, Airport Rendezvous, Driving Range, The Bus Loop, Batting Cage, and Paint by Number. Also interspersed throughout the book are various little chapters that deal with various issues related to dating and relationships.
    Some of these chapters are: You Can Improve Your Social Life, Barriers to Effective Relationships, Do's and Don'ts for Dating and Relationships, Bringing Back Romance, When an Extended Relationship Ends, and How to Have a Successful Blind Date. The book concludes with an appendix of additional dating suggestions.
    This 141-page book was published in 1995 by Abingdon and sold for $9.95 (trade). 
101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention by Michelle McKinney Hammond. This book is the result of the author's surveys of men from all walks of live, believers and non-believers alike. Here she paints a realistic picture of what attracts men to women. Her 101 discoveries are both practical and on-target. She reveals what makes a man appreciate a woman, what small details are a big deal in a man's mind, what inspires a man to make a lasting commitment, what keeps passion alive in marriage, and what his deepest desires are.
    Her 101 ways are divided into the five categories of the senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. Some of her pointers include discussions on Lips, Legs, Posture, Compliments, Soft Tones, Perfume, Home Cooking, Sweetness, Moods, Tears, Secrets, Passion, Softness, Modesty, Color, Clothing, Kisses, Mind, and Attention.
    From Harvest House (Eugene, OR) in 2003, this 132-page book sold for $8.99 (trade cover).

911: Urgent Dating Solutions by Gail Burgess. This book is one of the most comprehensive books yet published that speaks to the whole range of ways single adults can meet each other. The author has learned how to be a "magnet for meeting people" and shares those insights in this book. She provides a map or guidelines to follow in meeting new people and suggests ways to plan your social life so that you can "kiss loneliness goodbye." 

Each of the 17 chapters focuses on a different way to meet others. The author-nurse cleverly calls these ways, treatments. For example, she says one treatment is to meet people at the gym, thus the chapter title, Get Physical; another treatment is to attend various community education classes, thus Get Mental. Other chapter titles (and their treatments) include Get Advertised (use the personal ads), Get Involved (do volunteer work), Get Out (go to singles events), Get Competitive (play recreational games), Get Inspired (go to religious groups), and Get High-tech (try Internet dating). In each chapter the author offers some case histories and suggests some specific organizations to contact for that particular treatment.

From Social Lite Productions (800-700-8016) in 1998 (updated in 1999), this 209-page book sold for $14.95   (trade). 

A Match Made in Heaven by Susan Wales and Ann Plantz. This title actually comes in two volumes, both by the same two authors. Both books are heart-warming collections of short, true-life romances that celebrate the miraculous power of love.
     Each volume contains about eighty short stories are both are divided in the following categories: Divine Appointment, The     Moment We Met, Will You Marry Me,? With this Ring, I Thee Wed, To Have and to Hold, From this Day Forward, To Love, Honor, and Cherish, For Better, For Worse, For Richer, For Poorer, In Sickness and in Health and As Long as We Both Shall Live.
    Both of these books were published in 1999 by Multnomah Publishers (Sisters, OR) and sold for $10.99 (trade covers). The first  volume contains 267 pages and the second one 323 pages.

A New Dating Attitude by Suzan D. Johnson Cook. This book, written for women by a woman pastor, says that your quest for a mate starts with yourself and tells you how to get ready for the mate God has for you so you can enjoy your single life and make dating a journey of spiritual growth. Largely based on the Beatitudes of Jesus, it helps you acquire and apply Christ-like "betrothal attitudes" to prepare yourself to receive the husband God has in store for you.
    The 14 chapters are divided into three parts: Why a New Dating Attitude?, Beatitudes for Dating (with chapters on each of the eight beatitudes), and When You Date (with chapters dealing with salt and light).  Each chapter ends with a prayer and some action steps to take to get ready.
    From Zondervan Publishing (Grand Rapids, MI), in 2001, this 195-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

Are You Fit to Love? By Allie Ochs. This book is “a radically different approach to successful relationships” according to the subtitle. This book is designed to empower you to turn your relationships around or seek love with more clarity than ever before. Some of the topics covered are: Becoming road-kill on the Singles Highway, How to stop stripping prematurely, How to avoid getting hurt (again), How to give someone a chance, Why there are so many “right” people for you, Overcome the anxiety of not measuring up, Why to put all your eggs in one basket, and, Why so many relationships don’t last.
    Some of the ten chapter titles include: Garage Sale for Singles, Are Women from Utopia and Men from Wal-Mart?, Driving School for Singles, Love McDonald’s Style, I Love Me; Whom Do You Love?, Sex Versus Making Love, What is This Thing Called Love? Each chapter ends with Principles to Remember, a summary of the main points of that chapter.
    Published by Little Moose Press (Beverly Hills, CA) in 2004, this 232-page book sold for $15.95 (trade cover).

The Art of the First Date by Hayley DiMarco and Michael DiMarco. This is a delightful little book filled with cute graphics and eye-catching statements that talk about the importance of the first date. The husband-wife team of authors say that dating is an art, not a science. To help you make a good first impression, they offer clever conversation starters, tips on flirting and complimenting, and guidelines for telephone calls and saying good night.
    Some of the eight chapter titles include: The Art of the First Impression, The Art of Flirting, The Art of Saying Goodnight and the Art of the Ask.

    From Fleming H Revell (div. of Baker Publishing Co.) in 2006, this 117-page book sold for $9.99 (trade cover).

The Art of the Chase by Hayley DiMarco & Michael DiMarco. In this book the husband-wife team of authors suggest that dating is really a game of attraction and pursuit…and you can’t win without purpose and strategy. They have advice for the guys, such as The advantages and dangers of romance and What you can learn from chick flicks, and for the gals, like How to catch a guy with precision, patience, and skill and Ways to shut up and be mysterious.
    The four chapter titles are: Dating Game Art, The Art of Chasing Girls, The Art of Chasing Mr. Right, and The Chaser.

   Published in 2007 by Fleming H Revell in 2007 (div. of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, MI) this 117-page book sells for $9.99.

The Art of Rejection by Hayley DiMarco and Michael DiMarco. The husband-wife team of authors say that Rejection Happens! But with the right perspective, you can turn it into something positive. They offer suggestions on how you can learn to view rejection as an art form instead of a painful experience that requires healing.
The four chapter titles are: Appreciating the Art of Rejection, For the Rejected, For the Rejector, and Cleaning Up. Like it’s companion book, the Art of the First Date, this book also contains some cute graphics and eye-catching statements to draw attention to the important points of that chapter.
    From Fleming H Revell (div. of Baker Publishing Co.) in 2006, this 115-page book sold for $9.99 (trade cover).

The Art of Small Talk by Hayley DiMarco & Michael DiMarco. The husband-wife authors say that small talk is crucial to establishing important relationships and they show you how to slowly and comfortably get to know someone of the opposite sex. A few of their instructions reveal: How small talk helps you flirt, Small talk tips and no-no’s, Conversation starters, topics for interesting banter, and How and when to get personal.
    The five chapters are: The Art of Small Talk, The Small-Talking Flirt, Date Chatter, Small Talking Up the Family and Friends, and Moving from Small Talk to Big Talk.
lished in 2007 by Fleming H Revell (div. of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids
, MI) this 113-page book sells for $9.99.

Attracting Your Extraordinary Love by Ricky Cohen. This is a thoughtful book to help you understand the complexities of love, it's toughest challenges and its many expressions. It will help you develop keener insights about who you are and what makes you the happiest. It will also help you discover how to find your love mate. 

These 90+ pages of prose include the following titles: The First Two and All Twos, Destiny and Responsibility, An Emotional Attraction is Paramount, Mistaken Expectations Will Cause Mistakes, To Feel Pride and To Be Proud, To Learn To Love, You Do Marry the Family, Religion No---Spirituality Yes, Just You, Close Your Eyes and Jump, Relationships Should Not Be Perfect, and The Partnership.

From Hues of Blue (NY) in 2000, this book sold for $19.95 (hard). 

Baby Boomer Bachelorette
by Patsy Stagner. This is a book about dating for those over forty. The author offers

practical instructions on how to overcome dating anxieties, achieve vibrant health, and master dating techniques designed to overcome problems associated with middle-age people. She challenges you to rebel against the status quo, forget midlife stereotypes and cliches, and begin a new and wonderful life with your dream person.

Some of the 21 chapter titles include: A Cause Looking for a Rebel; What Would it Take to Make Me Happy?; When You Look Good, You Feel Good;  What Do Women Want?; First Date; Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll; and Are You Ready for Love?

Published in 2004 by JPS Publishing (Grand Prairie, TX), this 188-page book sold for $16.95 (trade cover).

Beating the Break-Up Habit
by Dick Purnell with Jerry Jones. The authors explore why relationships form and why they break up. They highlight the false expectations that develop, how men and women communicate, why premarital sex leads to burnout, and why the "grass is always greener...." Yet the authors also show when a relationship has become destructive and break-up is necessary. They also touch on healing the broken heart and how the Bible helps us develop healthy expectations.

    Some of the chapter titles include: There is More to a Good Relationship Than Going to a Movie, What I Think You Think I Am, 50/50 Is Not Enough, Love is More than Hormones, and When to Undo What Has Been Done.

    Published by Here's Life Publishers in 1983, this 40-page book sold for $5.95 (trade).
Becoming a Friend and Lover by Dick Purnell. In this book the author stresses the importance of building a friendship with a person to whom you are attached. He then tells you how to accomplish that and how not to accomplish it.
    His 14 chapters are divided into three sections: How to Short-Circuit a Relationship, How to Start and Starve a Friendship, and How to Finally Become the Right Person. Unique to his book is what he calls the five-pointed star of an intimate relationship: the social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. These five points represent the five major areas of life. Each point makes for a chapter in the middle section of his book.
    This 221-page book was published in 1986 by Here's Life Publishers for $5.95 (trade). 
Beyond The Ropes End by Robert E. Ross. The author, a former Navy Chaplain, pastor, and director of counseling centers, has boiled down his 25 years of personal experiences into a few dozen quick answers that work. Put into daily practice, these simple truths guide the reader out of his or her comfort zone and onward towards emotional self-reliance.

    Some of the short chapters deal with such subjects as; Communicating with Those You Love, Is Love a Risk?, Why Men Are Sensitive About Sex, Finding a Sense of Direction, How to Face Your Fears, Understanding Depression, What to Do When Hope Is Gone, How to Deal With Hurt, and How to Survive One Day at a Time.
    From Priority Projects, Inc. (157K Helm Rd, Barrington Hills, IL 60010), this 176 page book sold for $12.00 (trade). 
The Black Christian Singles Guide to Dating and Sexuality by Chris Jackson. The author, an African-American pastor, knows the promise and the pitfalls of being single as an African American. In this book he offers down to earth advice to help singles have a dating life that is in accordance with the Bible's plan for fulfillment.

    Some of the 12 chapter titles are: Male and Female: Appreciating the Differences, No Condom for the Mind, Sanctified Sex, Beyond Dinner and a Movie, Common Questions/Uncommon Answers, Date Rape, Breaking Up without Breaking Down, How to Recognize Mr. or Ms. Right, and Who's Loving You?
    This 159-page book was published by Zondervan in 1999 and sold for $9.99 (trade)

Boundaries in Dating by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. This book is aptly subtitled, Rules for Romance that Can Help You Find the Love of Your Life." This book is for single people to help them set healthy boundaries in dating that will help them grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control. It is your "road map to the kind of enjoyable, rewarding dating that can take you from weekends alone to a lifetime with the soul mate you've longed for."
    Some of the 18 chapter titles are: Take God on a Date, Dating Won't Cure a Lonely Heart, Don't Repeat the Past, What You Can Lie With and What You Can't Live With, Don't Ruin a Friendship out of Loneliness, Kiss False Hope Good-bye, Say No to Disrespect, and Set Appropriate Physical Limits.
   Published by Zondervan Publishing House (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2000, this book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris. This book is a sequel to the author's I Kissed Dating Goodbye. This book is about dating with a purpose; it's about courtship. It's about finding a lifetime partner in a way that's God-centered, not self-centered.  Some of the 12 chapter titles are: Romance and Wisdom; More than Friends, Less than Lovers; What to Do with Your Lips; Courtship is a Community Project; True Love Doesn't Just Wait; and Are You Ready for Forever? The book includes an interactive music and video CD featuring Rebecca St. James and Joshua Harris. 

    Published in 2000 by Multnomah (Sisters, OR), this 227-page book sold for $14.99 (trade cover). There is also an audio version (4 cassettes) of this book that sells for $19.99)
Breaking Up by Stina Wilson. Written out of her own personal life and years of working with students in Young Life, the author has written this book to help you find out if your romantic relationship is godly, how to decide you should break off the relationship, how to cope with guilt and emotional fallout, and finally move forward to a new relationship with God.
    Her nine chapter titles are: Discovering the Love of a Guy, A Desire for More, Discovering God’s Love, Why Should I Break Up?, Breaking Up, Getting through It, Not Over it, Who Am I Without You?, Taking a Detour, and Will I Ever Love Again.

    From Kregel Publications (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2007, this 126-page book sells for $9.99 (trade cover).

Building Lasting Relationships by Britton and Bobbye Wood. This is a workbook that helps individuals get in touch with what makes relationships last. The husband-wife authors talk about some of the barriers and obstacles which destroy relationships as well as the techniques which enhance relationships.
    The six sessions of this workbook are: What keeps relationships from lasting, Communication: The connector in lasting relationships, What do men/women really want from each other?, What does conflict have to do with closeness in lasting relationships?, What can anger teach us about ourselves and our potential in lasting relationships?, and What are some realistic ways to turn barriers into bridges in relationships? Each session asks probing questions that are designed to create interaction among the participants.
    This 53-page workbook was published in 1991 and sold for $10.00. There is also an audio and a video series based on the book. For more information contact Britton Wood and Associates, 4055 Glenavon Ct., Fort Worth, TX 76109. (817) 924-8509. 

Buyers, Renters & Freeloaders by Willard F Harley, Jr., Ph.D.  In short, this book is about how you can "turn a revolving-door romance into lasting love," as the subtitle says. The author, a clinical psychologist, draws upon both personal experience and professional study to offer a tried and proven plan for building a relationship that will go the distance. It is packed with practical insights such as: how to measure relationship attitude, why we all need a romantic relationship, and how to take the risk out of a permanent commitment. His references to Freeloaders, those who take but don't give back into a relationship, Renters, those who view the relationship as short-term, and Buyers, those willing to invest time and energy into making the relationship last, are refreshing and on-target.
    Some of the 13 chapter titles include: What You See Is What You Get, I'll Do Anything to Make You Happy, We'll Be Lovers Till Death Do Us Part, No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, We All Have Split Personalities, Buyer Resistant, Bargaining with Finesse, and Ready to Buy? The book contains to valuable appendices: A Romantic Relationship Attitudes Questionnaire and a Personal History Questionnaire.
    Published in 2002 by Revell (div. of Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI), this 195-page book sold for $19.99 (hard cover).

Call It Love or Call It Quits by Tim Timmons and Charlie Hedges. The purpose of this book is to talk about serious dating, dating with a view toward making a lifelong commitment of marriage. This book helps minimize the guesswork and maximizes the process of finding the right one for you.

    The 16 chapters are divided into three parts. the first part, Personness, helps to identify some important issues of personal growth and talks about the individual before he/she becomes part of a couple; part two, Process, discusses how a couple gets together, and part three, Permanence, talks about how a couple stays together.
    Published in 1988 by Word, this book sold for $12.99 (hard). 
Choosing God's Best by Dr. Don Rauniker    The author, a psychotherapist, says that this book "will help you see how your attitude toward today's relationships will affect your marriage and family in the future." He points out that there is a difference between making good choices and making God's choices. In that vein, he delves into the real issues singles face and offers proven advice for "creating a godly, deeply satisfying courtship."
    Some of the ten chapter titles are: God's Antidote for Dating Disease, A Prescription for Failure, Counterfeit Oneness, Crumble Proofing Your Foundation, Relating without Dating, Recognizing God's Voice, Becoming Accountable, and Two Becoming One for a Lifetime.
    From Multnomah Publishers (Sisters, OR) in 1998, this 211-page book sold for $18.99 (hard)
Clear-Headed Choices in a Sexually Confused World by Terry Hershey. This book offers honest advice for making Christian decisions about sexuality. What level of intimacy is right for me? How far is too far? Is sex okay if we're committed to each other?

    Some of the 12 chapters include: Sex and the Choices We Make, Illusions about Ethics and Sexuality, Commandments that Fit, Legalism: Morality by Law, Live-Giving Choices, and The Trouble with Being Human.
    Published in 1988 by Group Books, this 211 page book sold for $11.95 (trade).

Creating Loving Relationships: Living a Life of Authenticity
by Janet A. Beverley, The author is a licensed psychotherapist whose specialty is working with clients on relationship issues. She has developed a model for her clients to help them change their “path” and improve problem solving skills while developing deeply intimate and fulfilling relationships. This book provides solutions for ending the struggles with intimacy and conflict by revealing the Three Forces in Life which are the foundation for all encounters and the "Model of Conscious Love and Compassionate Relating." One’s ability to master these forces determines the level of health in any relationship. The book contains lots of graphic drawings to further illustrate the author's points.
    Some of the 16 chapter titles include: The Desire for Connectedness, The Desire for Autonomy, Fear of Abandonment, The True Self, Understanding the False Self and The Path of Conscious Love. Each chapter begins with a relevant scripture verse and prayer by the author and concludes with a section of questions for further exploration.
    Published in 2008 by Aurora Canyon Publishing (913-642-1555), Overland Park, KS, this 368 page book sold for $19.95 (trade cover).

Creating Quality Relationships in a Fast-Paced World by Denny Rydberg. This book is actually a 12 session curriculum that helps young single adults evaluate and discuss their relationships. Each session is student-centered, discussion-centered, and Christ-centered. Each study has an opening, an exploration of that topic, and a closing. There is also "homework" for those who wish further opportunity for growth.
    Some of the chapter studies include: The Death of the Lone Ranger, Created to Relate, How to Be My Own Best Friend, The Dating Relationship, Marriage, The Single Option, Relating to My Parents, Relating with Brothers and Sisters, Relationships in the Work Place, and That Unique Relationship with Christ.
    From Group Books in 1988, the 132 page study guide sold for $4.50 and the 118 page leader's guide sold for $10.95. Both are trade covers. 
Cupid is Stupid by William L. Coleman. This is a book about falling in love and the cautions that should go with it. The author "clips Cupid's wings and offers some lighthearted but down to earth help." He answers such questions as How do you know if someone loves you?, "Why is love scary?, Why does breaking up hurt so much?, If God is love, is God love?, What's the difference between sex and love? and How do you know when love is real.
    Some of the 35 chapter titles are: What is Couple Love?, Learning to Love, Buying Love, Having Loved and Lost, Love is Responsible, How to Tell if Love is for Real, Love Doesn't Have to Win, Trying Too Hard, Love is a Bug, Male and Female Love, False Love, Becoming More Loveable, and Love is Well Worth It.!
    From InterVarsity Press in 1991, this 167-page book sold for $7.95 (trade).

Date…or Soul Mate? by Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D. This book is a revision of an earlier work titled, How to Know If Someone Is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less. This new edition contains 29 clues, based on the author's clinical and empirical research, which a person should consider if they wish to be married for a lifetime. Using sound advice and practical marketing strategies, Warren offers solid principles that, if used, will guide you in the selection of the best possible mate.
    Some of the 10 chapter titles include, Winning at the Dating Game, Know Yourself, Your Must-Have and Can't-Stand Lists, How to Read Someone Like a Book, Differences that You Must Not Overlook, and How to Make an Accurate and Early Decision.
    From Thomas Nelson Publishers (Nashville, TN) in 2002, this book sold for $14.99 (trade cover).

Dating Backward by Rick Soetebier and Penny Dunning. As the subtitle says, this book is "A Practical Guide to Dating and Finding Your Soul Mate." It helps you to look back and identify your past mistakes in relationships so that you can look forward to creating healthy ones. Written from a Christian perspective, the authors cover the basics as well as the essentials in setting your priorities of what you want in a soul-mate. The book deals with "Must Haves" and "Deal Breakers"  to help you narrow your choice. Of particular value is the chapter on The Four Cornerstones of Relationships which offers solid advice to guide you in "picking" the right one. In short, the book is filled with practical tips and techniques to help you find and make that special connection with your soul mate.
    The eight chapter titles are: What Is a Soul Mate?, Life's Journey and the Baggage We Collect, Emotional Baggage and What We Have Packed, Open Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Conversations to Have Before You Get Too Serious, The Four Conerstones of Relationships, and Dating and Finding Your Sole Mate.
    Published in 2013 by Rick Soetebier and Penny Dunning.(Grain Valley, MO), this 192-page book sells for $14.99 (trade cover).

Dating and Relating by Cherie Scalf and Kenneth Waters. This book, subtitled "A Guide for Single Christians," brings refreshing candor to all aspects of Christian dating--from arranging that first date to handling such sticky subjects as sex and going out with nonbelievers. In between there's a lot of practical help on communication, friendship, and living the Christian life.
    In their down-to-earth approach, the authors deal with the following issues: Can singleness be God's will for some? Should you stay that way? How do you know "marriage love" when it happens? How can you be open to deep feelings but not crushed by a breakup?
    This 147 page book sold for $6.95 (pb), and was published by Word in 1982. 

Dating & Waiting by William Risk. Subtitled, "Looking for love in all the right places," this book is for all singles, especially those who are asking such questions as Why am I not married? and How long do I have to wait? To answer these questions and others, the author turns to the pages of Scripture to see what the Bible says.  The goal is to lead the reader to a more intimate relationship with God and show single people who they can prepare for a future relationship with a spouse.
    The 11 chapters are entitled: Taxonomy, Paradigm Lost/Paradigm Regained, Satisfaction, Gaining Wait, "Don't Make No Sense," The Yoke's on You, A Commotion of Emotions, The Swirling Vortex of Desire, Solitary Refinement, A Psalter for Psingles, and Finishing Well. Each chapter concludes with a series of questions causing one to reflect upon the matereial in that chapter.
    From Kregel Publications in 2000, this 190-page book sold for 10.99 (trade)
Dating, Love and Sex by Joyce Marie Smith. This 76 page booklet is a workbook type publication that was designed for those ages 14 to 20 but can be modified to provide good discussion questions for older singles.
    Some of the 12 chapter titles include: You Are Sexual, The Original Plan, Dating, Is It Really Love? The Meaning of Marriage, and Priorities.
   Published in 1986 by Tyndale House, it sold for $2.95 (trade).

Dating with a Pure Passion
by Rob Eagar. This is a practical guide for helping the reader discover how Christ’s love can ignite a
passionate desire to share that love with a special person. The author shares the forgotten Christ-centered answer to the relationship issues that many singles face. This book offers plenty of suggestions for establishing successful dating relationships such as dealing with the pressure to get married, experiencing healing for past hurts, finding and attracting mature singles to date, choosing whom to marry, and resisting sexual temptation.
    Some of the 13 chapter titles include: The Power of Pure Passion, Passion from Heaven, Choose Your Passion, The Pursuit of Passion, The Enemy of Passion, Confronting Counterfeit Passion, The Sabotage of Passion, and Embrace Your Passion. Each chapter concludes with a personal Bible study as well as group discussion questions that can be used for private devotions, small group studies, or premarital counseling.
    From Harvest House Publishers (Eugene, OR) in 2005, this 248-page book sold for $11.99 (trade cover).

Send Me a Soul Mate

Dear God, Send Me a Soul Mate
by Rose Sweet. The subtitle is "Eight Steps for Finding
a Spouse…God's Way." As a basis for her theory, the author uses the wonderfully romantic story of how Isaac met Rebekah in Genesis 24. She then draws eight parallels between them and us today, thus the "Eight Steps."
 Her 12 chapters include a chapter for each of the eight-steps which are: Pray for God's Blessings, Seek the Help of Others, Prepare Your Best Gifts, Look for Things that Matter, Ask God for a Sign, L.O.V.E. Each Other, Be Willing to Wait and Save Your Best for Last. She closes each chapter with some faith reassurances and some points to remember.
From AMG Publishers (Chattanooga, TN) in 2002, this 218-page book sold for $11.99 (trade cover)

Define the Relationship by Jeramy and Jerusha Clark. In short, this is “a candid look at breaking up, making up, and dating well, “ as the subtitle says. More specifically, it is about talking and defining your dating relationships so you both can know each other’s expectations. Doing so will help you avoid painful and confusing dating dilemmas and experience the freedom of well-defined relationships that are spiritually grounded.
    Some of the ten chapter titles are: Defining Your Most Important Relationship. What is a DTR?, When to DTR, Where Do We Go From Here, The End?, Surviving a Breakup, The Lowdown on Sex, and How Character Defines Relationships.
Published in 2004 by WaterBrook Press (Colorado Springs, CO), this 214-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).
Dirt, Greed, & Sex by William Countryman. Subtitled, Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and their Implications for Today," this book reassesses some familiar and significant texts of the New Testament, texts which provide some keys to understanding the Bible's ethics of sex. The author shows how different the biblical ideas on sex are from our own and then how the basic principles of the New Testament can provide guidance for human sexuality today.
    The 12 chapters are divided into three parts. Part One is entitled "Dirt" and deals with the purity codes. Part Two, "Greed," deals with the property rights. And Part Three, "Sex," offers some insights from this theological study for conversations about sexual ethics by Christians today.
    Published by Fortress Press in 1988, this 290-page book sold for $19.95 (hard). 
Don't Bite the Apple 'Til You Check for Worms by Ken Abraham. Whether you are single and content to remain that way, single and frustrated about not being married, or single and planning to be married, this book offers a practical plan for discerning God's will. Written while the author was a single person himself, he understands your struggle as you desire to follow the Lord while you are squeezed by the pressure to conform to society's standards. 
     Some of the sixteen chapter titles include: Cruising the Lonely Seas, The Rocks and Roles of Dating, Dating Non-Christians, Looking for Love, Terms of Endearment, Almost Paradise, Heartbreakers, and Believing for the Best. 
     This 160-page book was first published in 1984 (second printing 1995) by Spire/Revell, div. of Baker Book House. It sold for $5.99 (pocketbook). 

Every Single Man's Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker. The focus of this book, the workbook companion to Every Man's Battle, is to help men stay on the path of sexual purity. The book contains practical, no holds barred advice on how to win your battle against sexual temptation. The authors, who reveal some of their own pitfalls, delve into key scriptures that helped them and can also help you develop practical tools and biblical strategies for living the pure life in a sex-crazed world.
    Some of the eight chapter titles include, How We Got Here, Choosing Victory, Victory with Your Eyes, Victory with Your Mind and Victory in Your Heart. Each chapter provides a section of questions for reflection and examination either for personal or group study.
    From Waterbrook Press (Colorado Springs) in 2011, this book of 183 pages sells for $12.99 (trade cover).

Every Single Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge. This book, the workbook companion to Every Woman's Battle, is about how you can guard your heart and mind against sexual and emotional compromise. It addresses real life temptations, helps you evaluate your present lifestyle, and teaches you, through practical and biblical lessons, to fulfill your God-given desires.
    Some of the eight chapter titles inlcude: Whose Battle Is It?, Finding Truth, Taking Thoughts Captive, Guarding Your Heart, Surrendering, Cultivating True Intimacy and Retreating with the Lord. Each chapter provides a section of questions for reflection and examination either for personal or group study.

  From Waterbrook Press (Colorado Springs) in 2011, this 127-page book sells for $12.99 (trade cover).

Everything Romance by David Bordon and Tom Winters. Written for anyone in love, this book contains a sweet potpourri of creative ideas and inspiring prose. There are no chapter divisions in this book, just a treasury of ways to capture your love's heart daily through a variety of ways including quotes by famous people, poetry, love letters, inexpensive date night suggestions, and recipes to fan the heart flames. It also contains fun and creative date and gift ideas for any budget, love busters and love boosters even some trivia about the history of love and romances. Truly a charming book.
    From Waterbrook  Press (Colorado Springs, CO) in 2011, this 288-page book sells for $14.99 (hardcover).

Finding a Lasting Love by Dick Purnell. This book is actually a revision of Becoming A Friend and Lover (Here's Life, 1986) with some updated stories and points. It offers some great insights for understanding the opposite sex, suggestions on how to avoid short-circuiting a good relationship, answers to your questions about finding "the right one," ideas to help you relax and enjoy the dating process, and insights from God's Word on building how to build a lasting relationship. Unique to his book is what he calls the five-pointed star of an intimate relationship: the social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.
    Some of the 14 chapters titles are: The Search for a Love Worthy of Your Life, The Foundation for a Lasting Love, Having Real Fun, Discovering How You Think, Understanding Your Feelings, Expressing Love Creatively, Exploring Your Souls, Saying Yes and Being sorry, Build Qualities That Attract, and Keep on the Right Path to the Right One.
    From Harvest House (Eugene, OR) in 2003, this 260-page book sold for $10.99 (trade cover).

Finding Love (Again!) by Connie Merritt. This book is aptly subtitled, The Dating Survival Manual for Women Over Thirty. The author claims that this "is the first book to concentrate on the specific needs, desires and fears of women over 30 in search of a satisfying, committed relationship." A successful seminar presenter since 1984, Merritt uses many of the tips, anecdotes and stories on finding love again from the 250,000 men and women who have attended her talks. She also writes out of her own experience of being a twenty-something widow.
      Some of the 10 chapter titles include: Are You Looking for a Prince or a Frog?, Be the One Before You Meet the One, Finding Love in All the Right Places, Master Dating Secrets, Sex and Other Physical Intimacies, and Call It True Love or Call It Quits. Some of the advice she gives is on guidelines for blind dates and first dates, questions to ask to discover if he's the one you deserve, secrets of why men fall in love, dating tips for women from men and how to spot the men you need to avoid.
    From BookPartners, Inc. (800-895-7323) in 1997, this 247-page book sold for $14.95 (soft cover).

Finding the Right One by Tim Stafford. This little 24 page booklet is one of many from this publisher on a wide variety of subjects. Some of the other titles related to singles issues deal with forgiveness, divorce, singleness, anger, and intimacy. This particular booklet asks (and answers) 20 questions to help make a person think about the commitment to marry a certain person.
    Published in 1985 by Multnomah Press, these booklets sold for $1.50 each. 
Finding Your Life Partner by William J. Diehm. The author, a minister/psychologist, offers practical helps for men and women of all ages who are searching for the right person to marry. He believes that God will help in the searching process but that single people must do their part as well.

    Some of the points discussed are: how to overcome negative feelings about yourself, guidelines for self-improvement, where and how to look for your future mate, integrity in sexual relationships, how do you know when you're in love, and testing your compatibility.
    This 125 page book was published in 1984 by Judson Press. It sold for $7.95 (pb).

The Five Love Languages for Singles by Gary Chapman. This book is a sequel to the author’s best selling book, The Five Love Languages  that talk about the specific five languages of love: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. In this book he tailors that message to meet the unique needs of singles, using real-life examples and anecdotes taken from his 30 years of interaction with single adults. Regardless of your singles status, you can apply these principles in all your relationships, including friends, coworkers, classmates or roommates.
    In addition to devoting individual chapters to each of the five love languages, the book contains the following chapter titles: Discovering Your Primary Love Language, Making the Family Connection, Love Languages and Dating Relationships, Should Love Lead to Marriage?, Love Languages and the Single Parent, Loving Your Way to Success and Roommates, Classmates, and Coworkers. Each chapter ends with a Questions to Ponder section to stimulate reflection on that chapter. And the book concludes with a profile that  you can take to determine your primary love language.
    From Northfield Press (div. Moody Press, Chicago, IL) in 2004, this 245-page book sold for $12.95 (trade cover).

Five Steps to Romantic Love by Willard F. Harley, Jr. This workbook offers strategies for recognizing and defeating habits that destroy love and for identifying important emotional needs.

    Published in 1993 by Fleming H. Revell, this 194-page books sold for $9.99 (trade)

For Love's Sake by Chris Shanklin, Ph. D.  The subtitle says it all, "How to Express Your Gift of Love." In this book the author introduces us to four specific ways to express our love and keep our relationships from deteriorating. She does an excellent job of bringing to us the elements of being a loving person by teaching us the thoughts, words and behavior we need to use each day as we interact with our family, friends and associates. She counsels us in a practical and humorous style that is both thought-provoking and palatable.
    The 14 chapters are divided into the following six parts: The Power of Love Expressed, Speaking Your Love, Showing Your Love, Sacrificing Your Love, Spending on Your Loved Ones, and Summing Up. Each part begins with a chart that prepares the mind of the reader for the material in that section. And each chapter is filled with true-to-life vignettes to illustrate her points along the way. 
    Published in 2000 by Christilaw Books (866-247-0208,, this 257-page book sold for $14.00 (trade).


Free To Love Again by Dick Purnell. The author gives some realistic, practical steps that can be taken to help people face their sexual regrets and shows how to handle them. He says, "You can never restore your physical virginity, but you can restore your emotional and spiritual virginity."  The 13 chapters are divided into two parts: Sexual Regrets and Steps to Freedom (trade).
    From Here's Life Publishers in 1989, this 172 page book sold for $7.95.

Million Dollar Mate

Finding Your Million Dollar Mate by Randy Pope. This book is about finding the right spouse for the long haul, a spouse that you can love more at the end of a lifetime together than at its infatuated beginning. Here the author shares six powerful principles that will change your thinking about how to find a marriage partner and a love that lasts.

The eight chapter titles are: So You Want to Get Married?, My Million Dollar Mate, Two Pictures Worth a Thousand Words, Fatal Attractions, The Greatest Hope, All That Increases, Finding Your Million Dollar Mate, and A Personal Story. All chapters, except the last one, conclude with a section entitled, Think About It, questions for reflection.

From Northfield Publishing (div. Moody Publishing, Chicago, IL) in 2004, this 121-page books sold for $10.99 (trade cover).

God on Sex: The Creator's Ideas about Love, Intimacy and Marriage by Daniel Akin. This book is a commentary on the entire text of the Song of Songs and as such, it celebrates the joys of physical, intimate sexual love. It also examines popular misconceptions about marriage and sex, and it exposes their shortcomings in the light of God's design, intention and blessings for this vital dimension of life.
    Some of the 13 chapter titles include: The Power of Praising Your Partner, How to Fan the Flames of Love, Making Preparation for Marriage, Men Are from Earth and Women Are from Earth...Deal with It!, How to Avoid a Bad Night in the Bedroom, Men Behaving Beautifully, The Wonder of a Woman, and Love that Lasts a Lifetime.
    Included in the book are attitude assessment tools related to sex and love, crucial questions to be considered before saying, "I do," and an overview of research that proves God's way holds the key for happy, healthy relationships. Other interactive features include The Lover's Quotient test, Twelve Ways to Keep Passion Alive in Your Marriage Checklist, The Love or Infatuation Quiz, The Marital Intimacy Test and How Well Do You Know Your Spouse.
    From Broadman & Holman Publishers in 2003, this 291-page book sold for $12.99 (trade).

Growth of Love and Sex, The by Jack Dominian, M.D. Writing as both a committed Christian and an honest psychiatrist, Dr. Dominian provides information about the development of sexuality from infancy, through puberty, and into marriage. He points out that during the last twenty years there has been a mixture of sexual attitudes ranging from the extreme permissive variety to the strict traditional ones. In the midst of all this, Christians are "reassessing the changes and trying to make some sense of them." This book makes some contributions to this discussion.

    Some of the chapter titles are: Love and Sex in the Christian Tradition, The School Years, Experimenting with Sex, Living Together, Premarital Sex, Sexual Variations, and Marriage.
    Published in 1984 by Eerdmans Publishing Co., this 91 page book sold for $4.95 (pb).

Guys, Dating and Sex: The Girls Guide to Relationships by Tammy Bennett.  This book will help enlighten you with everything you need to know about making good decisions so can avoid the consequences that follow bad judgment. According to the author, she’s “going to tell you what your mother wanted to explain to you but couldn’t.” You’ll learn the difference between love and infatuation and how to focus on your most important relationship…with God. The book is filled with questionnaires, rating charts, tips for special occasions, and do’s and don’ts.
    Some of the 10 chapter titles include: Love vs. Infatuation, The Dating Game, Dating Dilemnas, Special Occasions, Kiss and Tell, Is S-E-X a Four-Letter Word, and Alternative Lifestyles.
    From Revell (div. of Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI) in 2005, this 204-page book sold for $14.99 (trade cover).

Hero: Becoming the Man She Desires by Fred Stoeker and Jasen Stoeker. Written by a father-son team, this book offers straightforward insights and real-life examples to encourage men to make personal purity their utmost goal in their dating relationships. By doing so, they will become "heroes" to the women who long for men of faith. Regardless of age, all men need to ask themselves, "Are you leaving the women in your life better off for having known you or not?"
    Some of the 16 chapter titles include: The Double Mind, The Promise of Pain, Failing Her, Here Needs, Here Desires, Sparks, Train Her Well, Fleeing, No Fear and How to Live. Nine of the chapters start with a myth about dating then attempts to debunk that myth in the chapter.
    From WaterBrook Press (Colorado Springs) in 2009, this 218-page book sold for $15.99 (trade cover)

He's Saved But Is He For Real? By Kimberly Brooks. This is a novel about the lives and loves of three friends, Michelle, Liz and Sandy, as they are learning that a good, saved man isn't always easy to find—but he's definitely worth waiting for. This is a story about friendship, forgiveness and trusting your heart.
    The book was published in 2008 by Kimani Press (Detroit), the book contains 39 untitled chapters and 315 pages. It sold for $14.95 (trade cover).

High Cost of Free Love, The by Al Haffner. With the rampant spread of AIDS and venereal disease and the skyrocketing statistics on abortion, the author says that the idea of "free love" is a misnomer. Using the Bible as the ultimate guide, Haffner offers strong arguments for abstinence and morality purity. He presents fresh, relevant insights and challenging thoughts to those grappling with earnest questions.

    The 13 chapters include: The Psychology of the Heart, Sex as Worship, Pornography, Sex and the Single, and A New Breed. Each chapter concludes with a section called "Here's What You Can Do" which is a suggested course of action the reader can do regarding that chapter's topic.
    From Here's Life Publishers in 1989, this 224 page book sold for $7.95 (trade).

Rules by Christopher L. Burge and Pamela Toussaint. This is, as the subtitle says, God’s Practical Road Map for Becoming and
Attracting Mr. or Mrs. Right. Using wit, straight talk, and real-life illustrations, the book explores relationship guidelines singles can follow as they seek out lifelong love. These no-nonsense relationship rules will equip you to get closer to God, challenge you to clean up your act in preparation for a mate, and give you the savvy you need to distinguish a godly mate from an imposter. When you commit to God’s guidance, your relationship will not only work, it will last.

Instead of chapters, this book divides by rules. Some of the 15 rules are: Make Sure Your Relationship Road Map isn’t Upside Down, Know the Plan, Recognize Stop Signs, Pare Down Your Pals, Quit Looking Back, Learn What Mr. or Mrs. Right Needs, Handle the Heat, and Listen More, Talk Less.

Published by WaterBrook Press (Colorado Springs, CO) in 2005, this 245-page book sold for $16.99 (hardback).

Hollywood Dating Blunders by Jim Carroll and Dennis Foose. This book debunks Hollywood's myths about dating and successful marriages by using screen plays and movie clips to entertain and drive home common sense points. The authors do an excellent job integrating the principles of scripture into their advice and stories. They encourage the reader to enter into relationships that are Christ-focused "with an emphasis on living life together in accordance with God's Perfect Plan."

Some of the 12 chapter titles include Take Charge, The Most Important Thing, Compromising and Growing, Honor the Time, Forgiveness and Past Hurts, Sex and Purity, Ethics and Dating and The Grass is Greener---with Envy. Each chapter ends with 1. Rules of Dating (boundaries to follow when dating), 2. Questions to Ask (useful when checking out new prospects), and 
3. Baggage and Warning Signs (red flags to avoid).

Published in 2000 by Skyward Publishing (Kennett, MO), this 287-page book sold for $18.95 (trade cover).

Hope for New Relationships by Dennis Henderson, D.Min. As the subtitle says, this book is “A Case Study in Friendship and Strength.” Specifically, this is a case study in the main characters in the book of Ruth, with remarks directed specifically to the single and single-again person. The author's goal is to explore their relationships and see if they can provide a workable model for living single today. This book is ideal for both individual Bible study or group discussion.
    The four chapters are entitled, Where is God When You Need Him (case study of Naomi), What Every Single Godly Woman Wants (case study of Ruth), What Every Single Godly Man Wants (case study of Boaz), and What God Wants for Every Single Person (applying insights drawn from these case studies to show what healthy and Godly single living would look like today.) The author concludes with some probing questions based on each of the four chapters.
    Published in 2008 by Single Initiative (Brighton, MI), this 144-page book sells for $14.95 (trade cover).

How to Be Irresistable to the Opposite Sex by Susan Bradley. The author's goal in writing this book was "to provide a reusable resource that will improve your ability to relate with the opposite sex." This book is a collection of skills, practical exercises and relationship techniques to help you in finding a loving partner.
   The 21 chapters of this book are divided into four parts: Dating, Mating, Relating, and a Love Advice directory. Some of the chapter titles are: Looking Irrestible, Flirting, High Maintenance Mates, Playing Cat and Mouse, Choosing the Right Mate, Compatibility and Physical Chemistry, Relating Skills, Managing Your Emotions, Understanding Women, and Re-invent Your Relationships.
    From Loving University (216-521-5683) in 1996, this 233-page book sold for $19.95 (trade).
How to Choose the Wrong Marriage Partner and Live Unhappily Ever After by Robert L. Mason, Jr. and Caroline L. Jacobs. This book, written by two noted counselors, alerts couples to some of the most common problems encountered in marriage today. The authors draw on their extensive experience and provide helpful suggestions and guidelines which can prevent poor marriages and even the tragedy of divorce.
    Mason and Jacobs are interested in reaching couples before rather than after marriage. Their purpose is "to alert persons in the processing of choosing a mate to some of the common differences or problems which most often lead to difficulty in building a lasting and rewarding marriage." And, finally, "it is hoped that this may be of service to the many men and women, once married but now single due to divorce or death, who hope to remarry."
    The tongue-in-cheek approach (based on sound theory) makes this book unique and very useful. The examples in this excellent "how-to" (or how-not-to) book are taken from real marriages and premarital situations. This practical guide builds an awareness and enlightens you to the complex problems of achieving a happy marriage.
    From the John Knox Press, it was released in 1979 and sold for $4.95 (pb). 
How to Find Mr. or Ms. RIGHT by Beverly and Tom Rodgers. As the subtitle says, this is "A Practical Guide to Finding a Soul Mate." It shows you how to take the right steps to find the right person, your soul mate. The authors say, "It was never intended for love to be so hard…. Our souls have been divinely designed to ache as we yearn for the presence of our partner." The book includes many case histories that support the philosophies presented by the authors.
    The eight chapter titles are: Understanding What Falling in Love Is All About, Addressing Your Internal and External Resistance to Love, Dealing with Your Past Mistakes for a Better Future, How to be Healthy, Learning Why Opposites Attract, Navigating the Stages of a Love Relationship, How Do You Know If You Have Found Mr. or Ms. Right? and, Now that You Are Engaged, What Do You Do?
    Published in 1999 by Resource Publications (San Jose, CA), this 254-page book sold for $17.95 (trade cover).
How to Find the Love of Your Life by Ben Dominitz. This book, written for the secular market, is a type of a textbook demonstrating practical ways of meeting people of the opposite sex (POS). It contains positive reinforcement to raise the morals of those in the search for a mate.
    The author touches most of the bases in advising people of the options and ways you can meet POS. He gives hints on whom to call, how to call, what to say, and what to do to meet people. This may sound simplistic, but for sensitive people who fear rejection, this book offers many positive suggestions on legitimate ways of meeting others.
    Some of the chapter titles include: Chance Encounters and Other Popular Myths, Removing the Obstacles, Thrive on Your Uniqueness, What Color is Your Paradise, and The Secret of Being "Attractive."
    Published in 1985 by the Prima Publishing Co. (Rocklin, CA), this 203-page book sold for $8.95 (trade) 
How to Find Your True Love by Diane Mordecai. This book is a comprehensive directory of suggestions on where and how to find a mate. It provides the ways or the "tools," not the "rules," that make finding love much easier and a lot more fun. These tools include introduction services of all kinds, singles publications, personal ads, the Internet, singles ministries, singles events, and travel opportunities for singles.
    The book is divided into two parts. The first part is titled, Get Ready. It contains nine chapters that offer advice on how to use each of the tools (dating services, personal ads, etc.) to find someone special. Part Two is Go For It! and is a national directory of those tools. Each entry is described in some detail and many have testimonials to support their claim.
    Published by Diamond Works (888-312-5683) in 1997, this 316-page book sold for $9.95 (soft cover).
How to Get a Date

How to Get a Date Worth Keeping by Dr. Henry Cloud. The author bases this book on more than ten years of personally coachingsingles on dating. This book answers the question of “where all the good ones are,” as well as explaining the things that cause
stagnant and unfruitful dating. He then shares his proven, step-by-step approach to overcoming your sticking points and getting all
the dates you could want.

Some of the 33 chapter titles are: Gut Check, Keep a Log, Change Your Traffic Pattern, Don’t Limit Yourself to a Type, Check Your Expectations at the Door, Forget Love at First Sight, Keep Your Boundaries, Look in the Mirror, and Beauty Is Only Skin Deep but Character Goes All the Way to the Bone.

From Zondervan (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2005, this 225-page book sold for $14.99 (trade cover).
How to Really Love the One You're With by Larry James. This book offers encouragement, inspiration and the opportunity for enlightenment in relationships. The book will benefit marrieds and singles who are in search of a healthy love relationship. The book offers advice on how to create the love you want, how to invent your future love relationship, how to reconstruct your relationships into healthy ones, how to invite the spark of divinity to ignite your passion, strategies for recovery of a broken heart, and lots more.
    The book is divided into two parts, each having 30 chapters. Part one : Affirmative Guidelines for a Healthy Love Relationship and part two: More Reflections about Having a Healthy Love Relationship.
    Published in 1994 by Career Assurance Press (800-725-9223), this 282- page book sold for $14.95 (trade).

I Kissed a Lot of Frogs But the Prince Hasn’t Come by Kathleen Hardaway. What does a single woman do until her prince come? And what if he never comes? Is there “life” without a man? If these are some of the questions you’ve been asking, he author has some wonderful insights that will greatly strengthen and encourage you. She deals with these troubling questions but also takes the reader to the surprise gift of singleness, which, when lived with passion, bears fruit rather than a feeling of barrenness.
    Some of the eight chapter titles are: A Broken Heart, Bitter or Better, Is It About Sex or Is It About Love?, The Surprise Gift, Why Are Singles Misunderstood? And The Real Prince Is Coming.
    From Moody Press (Chicago) in 2002, this 133-page book sold for $11.00 (trade cover).

I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. In a nutshell, this book offers, "A New Attitude Toward Romance and Relationships," as the subtitle says. It's not so much about dating itself as it is about how we treat others. It deals with your motivation in relationships and how current relationships may hinder you from serving God.
    Some of the 16 chapters include: Smart Love, The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Dating, A New Attitude, Looking Up "Love" in God's Dictionary, The Right Thing at the Wrong Time is the Wrong Thing, The Direction of Purity, Starting with a Clean Slate, Just Friends in a Just-Do-It World, Guard Your Heart, "You Don't Date? What Are You, Nuts?", Ready for the Sack but Not the Sacrifice, What Matters at Fifty, Principled Romance, and Someday I'll Have a Story to Tell.
    Originally published in 1997 by Questar (Sisters, OR), the updated, 221-page edition was published in 2003 by Multnomah Publishers (Sisters, OR) and sold for $12.99 (trade cover).  Note: there is now a 77-page study guide based on this book and is to be used by individuals in private study or in a group or even a class. The study guide was published in 2003 by Multnomah and sold for $5.99. 

I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Study Guide by Joshua Harris. Based on the book, the guide offers a Chapter at a Glance review of each chapter, Key Questions to break the ice then lead into the heart of that particular chapter and Reflection,  or personal, devotional thoughts for take-away points. The Study Guide is designed for private study and/or group discussions.
    Published in 2003 by Multnomah (Sisters, OR), this 77-page guide sold for $5.99 (trade cover).
If I’m Waiting on God, then What Am I Doing in a Christian Chatroom? By Kerri Pomarolli. The author, a stand-up comedian, shares her side of the Christian dating
scene and brings a fresh new light to dating, faith, and being single. In this tell-it-how-it-is book, she offeres a glimpse into the mind and heart of a single woman as she
shares her personal stories of joy, frustration, pain, and late-night snacks. This is a humorous and moving story of one woman’s search for real faith and true love.

  Some of the 66 chapters include: Band-Aids and Shortcuts, Being a Cool Catholic, What I Did for Love or College Frat Boys, Jewish Love--Los Angeles Style, Why I   Don’t Go to Trendy Bars, Cheating on God, My date with a Metrosexual, and The End?
From Zondervan (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2006, this 249-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover). 

If Men are Like Buses, Then How Do I Catch One? by Michelle McKinney Hammond. In this book, the author uses the analogy of being a passenger on a bus. She mingles humor with lively advice and used God's blueprint to show you how to get to your ultimate destination, a God-given relationship with Mr. Right.
     Some of her chapter titles are Get Out of the Street, Dressing for the Journey, Bus Stops and Yield Signs, Tokens and Transfers, Taking the Express Route, Checking out the Scenery, All is "Fare" in Love, and, Destination: Love City.
     From Multnomah Publishers (Sisters, OR), this 185-page book sold for $9.99 (trade cover).
I'm So Tired of Dating Other People, I'm Dating Myself by Michael Nolan and Eve Sarrett. This is an insider's guide for being single. It offers a multitude of lists, tips, and familiar scenarios that every single can relate to. It is a fun-filled book that keeps you laughing with such topics as: New Reasons to Explain Why You're Not Married, Pet Peeves of Singles, Bachelor Housekeeping Tips, Hierarchy of Roommate Crimes, and Selected Greeting Cards from the New Singles Collection. The book also tackles such land mines as How to Attend Reunions, How to Attend a Wedding, and Was It a Date?

    This 182-page book was published in 1993 by Thomas Nelson and sold for $7.99 (trade). 
In Two Dates or Less by Neil Clark Warren. Actually the full title is "How to Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less." This book helps men and women who want healthy and satisfying marriages by identifying the early warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. The author shows readers how to hold out for God's best for their lives instead of settling for the first one to come along. It also outlines the factors that increase the chances for marital success.

    Some of the 10 chapter titles are: Winning at the Dating Game, Know Yourself, Your Must-Have and Can't-Stand Lists, How to Read Someone Like a Book, The Powerful Impact of Emotional Health, Differences that You Must Not Overlook, The Principles of Negotiating a Great Deal, and How to Make an Accurate and Early Decision.
   This book was published in 1999 by Thomas Nelson (Nashville) and has 188 pages. It sold for $14.99 (trade cover).
Intimacy: Where Do I Go to Find Love? by Terry Hershey. As the author says in his preface, this book is "a word about a life-long struggle toward intimacy. It's a journey of joy and pain, highs and lows, laughter and tears, risks and rejections. It's the journey of one who desires to know what it means to be fully alive."

    In this book Hershey attempts to answer why so few people experience true intimate relationships. Some other questions dealt with include: Is intimacy worth the risk? Why does my sexuality end up being a barrier to intimacy? and, Why am I afraid of intimacy with God?
    Some of the 14 chapter titles include the following: Obstacles to Intimacy, Intimacy with God, What will Intimacy Cost Me and Where do I go From Here?
    Published by Merit Books in 1984, this 201-page book sold for $10 (hard). 
Intimate Deception: Escaping the Trap of Sexual Impurity by P. Roger Hillerstrom. This book, written by a Christian therapist, provides practical steps for preventing harmful sexual patterns and gives hope to those who have already become enmeshed in false intimacy. It encourages single adults to develop healthy relationships in which emotional intimacy can grow and flourish.

    The nine chapter titles are: The Balancing Act, The Intimacy Trap, The Illicitness Trap, The Technical Virginity Trap, The Abstinence Trap, The Double-Edged Trap, Sexual Addition, The Genius of Scripture, and Disengaging the Traps.
    From Multnomah Press, this 156 page book was published in 1989 and sold for $7.95 (trade). 
The Joy of Not Being Married by Ernie J. Zelinski. The purpose of this book is to motivate, educate and challenge you to be all that you can be---with or without a mate---by getting in touch with your goals, your interests, and your true essence.
    Some of the 10 chapter titles are Some Important Purpose is Calling You, Be Creative or Else!, Leave Me Alone or I Will Find Someone Who Will, Put Money in its Place, and Tips for the Romantically Challenged.
    Published in 1995 by Visions International Publishing, Canada, this 172-page book is distributed in the USA by Logan Publishers Consortium (Chicago),
 1-800-626-4330. Price: $16.95 (trade cover).
Just About You! by Marianne Crabtree. As the subtitle says, this is a Personal Preferences Workbook where couples can enter and record their own answers to a number of questions then hand the book to their partner so each can become aware of the other's likes and dislikes. These questions seek to learn your desires and preferences on a wide variety of matters from  your choice of food, to music, pets, color choices, etc. The book also includes open-ended statements for you to complete as well as helpful comments by the author. The workbook could be used by the couple during  their dating life (and even years to come) as they learn new things about the other person and then record them for later reference as needed.
    Some of the 22 chapter titles include, We’re All Special, Millionaire’s Island, Furry Friends, Move those Joints, Garden Variety, Smile and Say Cheese, Munchies & Crunchies, Sweet Tooth Central, and Food Network.
    This 70-page workbook was published in 2004 by Great Ideas Group (Glenview, IL) and sold  for $19.95 (set of two, soft cover).

Just Friends by Andre Bustanoby. In this book, the author/counselor deals with the matter of friendship, often a perplexing issue with singles: What is it? Who can be your friend? Does sexuality inevitably interfere with friendships between sexes? He examines some contemporary views of friendship and shows how they affect our search for intimacy. He also shows the differences between companionship, friendship, and love in what they are and how they behave. He also discusses same-sex and opposite-sex friendships.
    Some of the nine chapter titles are: Friendship in Judeo-Christian Roots, Friendship American Style, Making Your Spouse Your Best Friend, and When There Is Someone Else.
    This 144 page book was published in 1985 by Zondervan and sold for $6.95 (trade). 

Kisses aren't Contracts by Lewis Tagliaferre. In preparation for this book, the author researched over 300 experts on the topic of healthy relationships. This book is a condensed report of that research. It contains the best views on intimate relationships of the 20th century and is filled with many golden nuggets extracted from that research. The author likens the book to "a country quilt that is compiled from a variety of other sources and is stitched together into a new comforter." It is a must for everyone considering marriage.
       The 11 chapters are entitled: Outgrowing Imperfect Role Models, Overcoming Social Factors, Blending Different Personalities, Searching-Searching-Searching, The Sexual Question, Holistic Love and Self-Esteem, Intimate Communications, Holistic Intimacy and Commitment, Loving through Conflicts, Healing Inevitable Losses, and the Power of Confiding. The book concludes with a Study
      Guide with questions based on each chapter and an extensive 10-page Bibliography.
      Published in 1997 by the C-E-C Group (Box 1739, Springfield, VA 22151) this 258-page book is available from BookMasters (800-247-6553). Originally sold for $19.95 (trade cover).

Lady in Waiting by Debby Jones and Jackie Kendall.  This book is not about finding the right man but about being the right woman. It focuses on the ten qualities of a godly woman that are found in the Book of Ruth. The authors state that these qualities will not only enhance your love relationship with your heavenly bridegroom but will also guide you as a single woman, guard you while you date, support you in marriage, and comfort you if you are ever widowed or divorced.
    Each of the ten chapters talks about one of these ten virtues of Ruth: Reckless Abandonment, Diligence, Faith, Virtue, Devotion, Purity, Security, Contentment, Conviction, and Patience. Each chapter ends with a page of reflective questions as the authors attempt to engage the reader in a discussion of the major points of that chapter.
    From Treasure House, an imprint of Destiny Image Publishers (Shippensburg, PA) in 1995, second edition in 2002, this 153-page book sold for $7.00 (trade cover).

Letters of Love edited by Salvatore Caputo. This book is a collection of short love letters to long, romantic reminiscences. From the hearts of real people, these touching letters will show you the many faces of love and reaffirm your own faith in love.
    Some of the 40 chapter titles are A Kiss on the Nose, Spiderly Love, A Letter from Daddy, The Night Before, All I've Got is a Photograph, Love in the Library, Tie-Dye Love, A Meeting in Paris, For the Love of Adam, Frequent Fliers, Eternal Circle, and How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?
    From Five Star Publications (Chandler, AZ, 480-940-8182) in 2000, this 137-page book sold for $12.99 (trade).

Living Together by Jeff VanGoethem (see under Pastoral Care/Counseling at

Love for a Lifetime by Dr. James Dobson. This is an ideal gift book for an engaged couple, newlyweds or even for those who have been married for years. The book offers guidance that will help any marriage stand the test of time. It helps couples discover and apply God's principles for a successful marriage.

     The book contains the following chapters: Newlywed Nonsense, How Not to Make the Biggest Mistake of Your Life, Suddenly, Virtue is a Necessity, Vive la Difference, Fundamentals of a Christian Marriage, Money: The Great Mischief-Maker, A Few Basic Facts about Sex, The Marriage Killers, and Just Passing Through.
    This 126-page book was published in 1999 by Multnomah Publishers (Sisters, OR) and sold for $19.99 (hard cover).
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places by Joe White. This book deals with sex, dating, love and God's plan for your life. The author says that many are looking in the wrong places for love and fulfillment. They search for pleasure but find pain.

    Some of the chapter titles include: I Don't Wanna Play House, Love Cures Anything, What Are the Odds?, Your Mind: Friend or Foe, Make Him/Her Number One, "Neither Do I Condemn You," and Checkmate. Many of the chapters have discussion questions at the end to stimulate thought.
    This book contains 191 pages and was published by the author in 1982 and sold for $2.95 (trade). 
Love Gone Wrong by Thomas Whiteman and Randy Petersen. This book explains the characteristics and roots of relationships that go wrong. It also helps you learn how to identify the danger signals of bad relationships and make your way toward balanced, happy relationships.

    From Thomas Nelson Publishers in 1994, this 212-page book sold for $10.99 (trade). 
LoveNotes for Lovers by Larry James. This book is actually a collection of the author's meditations, affirmations and reflections on love. There is a LoveNote or meditation on most every page of the book. Each one is a mini-lesson in love. Some of the LoveNotes are for men only, some for women only, and some are for singles. Plus, there is a special section in the back dealing with singles only.
    It is the author's prayer that these LoveNotes "will assist you in your own personal and spiritual journey toward healthy relationships and in becoming a specialist in matters of the Heart."
    Published in 1995 by Career Assurance Press (800-725-9223), this 229-page book sold for $9.95 (trade). 
Love, Sex, and Relationships by Dean Sherman. The author examines romantic love and sexuality in the
Christian's life. The book counter's the relationship guidance often found in many of today's movies and
magazines by challenging the reader to build their relationships on God's logical, loving and freeing precepts.There are questions for each chapter that can be used can be used for group discussions.
     Some of the 13 chapter titles include: World, We Have a Problem, The Bottom Line, Back to the Beginning,Twisted Truths, The Gift of Attraction, The Romantic Gift, Logical and Loving Limits, Damage Done, How Far is Too Far?, A Dating Philosophy, and What if I Have Already Blown It?
     Published by Youth With A Mission (Seattle, 800-922-2143), this 196-page book sold for $11.99 (trade cover).
Love, Sex, and the Whole Person by Tim Stafford. The author, a columnist for Campus Life, has gathered the best of those columns in book form as he responds to questions people ask about sex with a distinctive Christian philosophy of sexuality. He answers questions such as: Does God say to wait? Isn't it better to pet than make love? Is it sinful to think about sex? How can we develop a spiritual relationship?

    Some of his 16 chapters include: Dating/Relating, Controlling Sex in Relationships, Sex in Our Heads, Sexual Abuse, Singleness, Guilt and Forgiveness, and Why Wait?
    From Zondervan in 1991, this 262-page book sold for $9.95 (trade). 
Love Story: Questions and Answers on Sex by Tim Stafford. The format of this book is, as the subtitle indicates, questions and answers about sex and is geared to the teenager or young single. The author groups the questions, which are in the form of actual letters he has received, into the categories with each becoming a chapter; Why Wait, Pressure: How Far Do We Go? Masturbation, Singleness, Homosexuality, Going Out, Miscellaneous Topics, and a Love Story.

    Published by Tyndale House in 1986, this 160-page book sold for $5.95 (trade). 
Loving Again by Joseph A. Ryan. Subtitled, "Advice on Dating and Remarriage for the Widowed," this book is just that. It carries the reader from the grief process through the special effects of remarriage. The author deals with myths about widowhood that need to be debunked, the five "musts" before remarriage, playing it safe through "non-dating," the warning signs of fraud, what the church can do for the widowed community, and the spiritual journey of it all. It is for widowed persons who contemplate remarriage as well as the caregiver who works with them.
    Some of the 15 chapter titles include: Coming Alive Again, The Dating Game, Courting and Deciding, Protecting Your Assets, In Sickness and In Health, Speaking of Sex..., What Will the Children Say?, Busting Ghosts and Merging Lives, Walking Together, and The Church and the Widowed. The author concludes most chapters with either a summary or review, a set of questions, a list of resources, or some suggested steps to take.
    From Zondervan in 1991, this 203-page book sold for $7.95 (trade).

Marriable: taking the desperate out of dating by Hayley DiMarco and Michael DiMarco. This married couple have teamed up to offer the gritty truth on the dating game. They help singles identify the desperate lies they tell themselves, calculate their “marriable Quotient,” instruct on dating do’s and don’ts, decipher signals form the opposite sex, and ultimately guide readers to determine their own “marriability.” With clever “interruptions” interspersed throughout the book the DiMarcos’ personal anecdotes and advice add flavor to this dating guide.
    Some of the 15 chapter titles include Playing the Game, Desperate Lies Women Tell Themselves, Men Lie to Get What they Want, They Just Might Be Out of Your League, Stand Up and Be a Man, Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last, Online Dating and Marriable vs. Divorceable.
    From Revell (div. of Baker, Grand Rapids) in 2005, this 185-page book sold for $14.99.

Mates Don't Grow on Trees by Todd Landen. The subtitle says it all: "How to Meet the Man or Woman for You." And, according to the author, it has never been easier. In this humorous and helpful book, the author offers some time-tested techniques that will help you in finding that someone special. This book will help you hone your social skills, show you how to penetrate the singles market, master the art of mingling, and become adept at dating.
    Some of the 26 chapter titles include: Create Your Own Luck, Who is Mr/Mrs. Right?, The First Impression Factor, The Art of "Positioning," Finding Something in Common, The Party Phenomenon, This Dating Game, Time-Tested Phone Techniques, and Always Keep These Rules in Mind.
    Published by Dancing Hearts (1-800-444-2524) in 1996, this 197-page book sold for $14.95 

Men Are Like Fish by Steve Nakamoto. As the subtitle says, this book is about "what every woman needs to know about catching a man." It offers a fresh approach on how women can capture the love of their dreams by understanding the true nature of men. Using the fishing metaphor throughout, the author helps women hook up with the right man and land him safely in the net of a committed and compelling love relationship.

Some of the 20 chapter titles include: Fishing Lessons, Beginner's Luck, The Fishing Rod, The Bait, The Hook, The Cast, The Snags, The Nibbles, The Landing, Catch & Release, and The Keeper. Each  chapter is filled with pithy quotes, sage advice and humorous cartoons. 

Published in 2000 by Java Books (Huntington Beach, CA, (800-431-1579), this192-page books sells for $14.95 (trade). 

Need to Know Basics: DATING by seven authors (Christopher Hudson, Christine Erickson, Maryann Lackland, Amber Rae, Randy Southern, Linda Washington and Len Woods). This book is an upbeat guide to relationships and offers many secrets to help you meet, date, and finally tie the knot with the right person. It offers tips on how to make dating easier and a lot more fun.
    The many chapterettes are divided into 15 Sections: Deal with Yourself First, What God Thinks, Asking Someone Out, Once You’ve Been Asked, The Actual Date, Respecting Your Date, Going Deeper, When It Doesn’t Work Out, Is THIS The One?, Sex and Purity, Date Ideas, Group Dating, Dating Games People Play, Safety Tips and The Courtship Alternatives.
    From Barbour Publishing (Uhrichsville, OH) in 2003, this 185-page book sold for $7.95 (trade cover).

Next Time I Fall in Love by Chap Clark. This is a book to help young singles come to grips with how to handle sex, intimacy, and feelings in dating relationships. It deals with questions like: What is love, anyway? Why would anyone want to date me? What can hurt a dating relationship? Sex: How far is too far? How can I know when it's time to break up? and, What can I do to improve my dating relationships?
    Some of the seventeen chapter titles are: Looking for Love, Agape Love, Self-Esteem, Feelings, Intimacy, Breaking up with Style, Forgiveness and Healing. There is also a section that deals with a relationship graph which can be used to measure the level of intimacy in six areas of one's present dating relationship.
    Published in 1987 by Youth Specialties, Inc. and distributed by Zondervan, this 144 page book sold for $5.95 (trade). 
Not Just Any Man by Jennifer Logan. Subtitled "A Practical Guide to Finding Mr. Right," this is a book that practically and realistically examines why there are so many women who seem to "have it all" yet are still alone. The author, a leading Christian journalist writing under a pen name, affirms God's will and authority in the single woman's life and recognizes that women can be happy whether or not they are married. However, for those who do wish to marry and are willing to do something about it, she outlines specific steps of help and offers them a new enthusiasm.

    She also includes men's perspectives on a variety of topics. Some of her twelve chapters are entitled: Lonely Hearts, How Marriageable are You?, Write Your Own Romance Story, A Self-Improvement Plan, The Approachability Factor, Where Have All the Good Men Gone?, and More Ways to Meet Men. She also includes a number of "Cathy" cartoons to make a serious point in a humorous way.
    Published in 1989 by Word, Inc., this 192 page book sold for $13.95 (hard).

The One by Willard F Harley, Jr. This is, as the subtitle says, A Field Guide to Relationships that Last. This book proposes to help you discover the truth of what makes a relationship work and what makes it fall flat. The author says that it all depends on three common attitudes which he describes as buyers, renters and freeloaders. He says that healthy relationships should pass through all three in order for the relationship to succeed.
    Some of the 13 chapter titles include: What You See Is What You Get, I’ll Do Anything to Make You Happy, We’ll Be Lovers Till Death Do Us Part, We All Have Split Personalities, No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, and Compatibility Test or Curse? The book includes two appendices: one a Romantic Relationship Attitudes Questionnaire and the other a Personal History Questionnaire.
    Published in 2002 By Fleming H. Revell (div. of Baker Book House), this 195-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).
One Way-Relationships by Alfred Ells. This book is subtitled "When You Love Them More Than They Love You" and is about codependency. The author, a Christian family counselor, says that most relationship problems are one-way problems with one person loving, caring or giving too much for the wrong reason. This book offers healing and lasting answers to hidden causes of these unbalanced and one-sided relationships.

    Some of the fifteen chapter titles are: The Truth about One Way Relationships, Am I to Blame for All the Problems, How to Deal with the Other Person in a One-Way Relationship, Why Are Codependents Codependent?, The Remarkable Power of Imprinting, What You Lose Can Change Your Life, How to Heal Your Wounds, How to Face Their Anger and Win, Intimacy Can Cause or Cure Codependency, How to Prevent Codependency, and Who Is Your God?
    From Thomas Nelson in 1990, this 223-page book sold for $9.95 (trade). 
Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. According to the introduction by Ruth Bell Graham, "This is a book about bringing one's love life under the authority of Jesus Christ." The author, through letters, diary entries, and recollections, shares the temptations, difficulties, victories, and sacrifices of two young people whose commitment to Christ takes priority over their love for each other. She gives direction in such areas as singleness or marriage, putting God's desires ahead of personal desires, what men and women look for in each other, and virginity and chastity.
     Some of the 43 chapter titles are: Passion is a Battleground, The First Date, Honor above Passion, What to do with Loneliness, How Much Can a Kiss Tell You?, How Do You Say No?, Hold God to His Bargain, and Out of Love and into Charity.
    Originally published in 1984 (now in it's 29th printing) by Revell/div. of Baker Book House, this 192-page book sold for $8.99 (trade).
Pure Joy: The Positive Side of Single Sexuality by Rick Stedman. This book is written for those millions of singles who need more than don'ts, they need a positive approach to single sexuality. It is an eye-opening look at a revolutionary, but thoroughly biblical, approach to the struggle of living as a sexual being who is single.     The 15 chapters of the book are divided into four parts. Part one presents the positive side of single sexuality; part two deals with the reason God leaves our sexual switches on; part three answers that bottom line question, "How far is too far?" and presents a completely new ethical guideline for single sexuality; and part four gives answers to some of the really tough questions that singles ask about such topics as fantasies, lust, masturbation, and sexual incompatibility. Each chapter concludes with a number of discussion questions designed to help singles talk though some of these important issues.
    From Moody Press in 1993, this 210-page book sold for $7.99 (trade).

Pursuit of Righteousness by Nicholas Jefferson. In short, this book is for single men and deals with sexual desire. The author challenges all single Christian men to hold relationships in biblical perspective and undertake a godly pursuit of righteousness that will unlock their divine potential. He offers a biblical roadmap to a lifestyle pleasing to God.
    Some of the 15 chapters include: Defining Manhood, The Libido, The Motor Inside Me, Procreation and Intimacy, The Lifestyle of Honor, Seeing Women as Sisters, Back to Basics, and Divine Focus.
    Published in 2005 by Herald Press (Scottsdale, PA), this 116-page book sold for $8.99 (trade cover).

Real Sex: the naked truth about chastity by Lauren F Winner. This book is about sexual chastity before marriage and real sex in marriage. The author starts by noting that the church’s teaching about sex can seem irrelevant and that the church must offer more resources for educating people about chastity and sustaining them in the midst of it. The book is a product of her own sexual confessions, an examination of what scripture has to say about sex, and many conversations with Christian mentors. In the book she confronts cultural lies about sex and challenges how we talk about sex in church. She also addresses pornography, masturbation, and the perennial question of “how far is too far?”
    From Brazos Press (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2005, this 175-page book sold for $17.99 (hard cover).

Relationships that Work (and those that don't)  by H. Norman Wright. As the subtitle says, this books is "The Single's Guide to Looking for Love in all the Right Places." Here author takes a sensitive, compassionate look at today's dating world, revealing specific ways to identify a godly partner and build a relationship that will stand the test of time. It helps identify the positive features that can lead to a long-lasting  relationship as well as pointing out relationships that we should avoid because they contain negatives that are incurable.
   Some of the 14 chapter titles include: The Four Pillars of a Relationship, Where Did YOU Come From, It's Not a Good Sign, How Different Can You Be, Twelve Steps to a Lasting Relationship, How to Fall Out of Love, and Personality Types.
   From Regal Books/Gospel Light (Ventura, CA) in 1998, this 258-page book sold for $12.99 (trade). There is also a 120-minute video available based on this book for $24.99. 
Romance Factor, The by Alan Loy McGinnis. The author, who also wrote The Friendship Factor, helps us to understand the nature of romantic and erotic love and reaffirms the values and possibilities of monogamous relationships. He shows how anyone can achieve and maintain a loving, satisfying, and enduring relationship.
This book offers practical advice based on McGinnis's extensive counseling practice, warm encouragement and solid endorsement of "Old-fashioned, romantic love."
    Some of the chapter titles are: Four Suggestions on How to Ignite Romantic Love, How to Choose the Right Partner, Four Ways to Build Intimacy and Still be Yourself, How to Avoid Affairs, and Sixteen Ways to Weather Marital Storms Without Sinking the Ship.
    This 214 page book was published by Harper & Row in 1982 and sold for $5.95 (pb). 
Survival Guide for Single Women
Romance in the New Millennium: A Survival Guide for Single Women by Loriann Wigfall. 

This book discusses the current trends in relationships and why many women find themselves unsatisfied. The author leads you down the path of rediscovering yourself, your life, and ultimately, the desire to strive for the relationship that reaches to the next level. 

Some of the 14 chapter titles include: Would You Like You If You Met You?, Be Realistic, Say Goodbye to Old Baggage, Don't Be Afraid to Change, Develop Standards, What Signals Are You Projecting?, When the Warning Signals Should Go Off in Your Head, and Make a Stand.

From Zorrie Publishing (Phoenix, AZ) in 2000, this 92-page book sold for $10.00 (trade).

Men Romantically Challenged
The Complete Guide for the Romantically Challenged Male by John P. Borden. When the title says, "Complete Guide," it means just that. This book touches all the bases of how a man can become more romantic. As the author says in the Preface, "This book is a guide for men in the art and science of romantic gestures." Writing in an easy, straight-forward manner, often punctuated with humor, the author provides practical hints and suggestions as well as the dos and don'ts to aid the man to be more comfortable in his attempt to be romantic.
     Some of the 22 chapter titles include, Remembering...and/or Not Forgetting, The Little Things, Chivalry, Gifts and Presents, Touching, Occasions, Hard Cases, Curable or Not, and Technology. Each chapter ends with a list ways to put the suggestions into practice and what to avoid.
     Published in 2002 by iUniverse (Lincohn, NE), this 152-page book  is as current as when it was released. It sold for $14.99 (trade cover).

Safe People by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. The essence of this book is to show you how you can find relationships that are good for you and how to avoid those that aren't. The authors, both clinical psychologists, offer solid guidance for making safe choices in relationships, from friendships to romance. They will also help you recognize 20 traits of relationally untrustworthy people.
    Some of the 13 chapter titles include: What is an Unsafe Person?, Interpersonal Traits of Unsafe People, Why Do I Choose Unsafe Relationships, False Solutions, Why Do We Need Safe People, and Shoud I Repair or Replace?
    Published in 1995 by Zondervan, this 199-page book sold for $18.99 (hard cover).

Searching for a SUPER MAN, Watching for a WONDER WOMAN by Kenn Kington. This book is based on the author's journey to find real love and was written to help single adults find the truths that make relationships workable and fulfilling.The author states that there is no magic in these words but rather that the magic is in "the encounter you will have with the Living God...."
    The twelve chapters are divided into three parts: Defining Love, Understanding Love, and Becoming Love. Some of the chapter titles are: What is Love?, Microwavable Minute Rice, Sharing Tongues, Big Macs and Vitamins, Road Map to Love, Time to Join AAA, Becoming a Great Lover, Attitude of Gratitude, A Plan and a Promise, Completely Trusting, and How about Those Fries. The book also contains a Daily Devotion exercise for 10 weeks and a CORE Group which is a  section of reviews and questions designed to be used with small groups.
    Published in 1998 by King 2000 Publishing (404-896-2595), this 181-page book sold for  $15.00 (trade).
Secret of Loving, The by Josh McDowell. In this book the author shares from his heart and his research what he has learned about being the right person in order to be a good husband or a good wife. He also provides eleven keys to a mature love relationship. A good book for those contemplating marriage or already married.
    Some of the 26 chapter titles include: Looking for Mr. Right, Resolving Conflict, Learn to Forgive, No Conditions, Joy in Being Together, Dynamic Growth, and Creative Love.
    From Tyndale House in 1987, this 322 page book sold for $3.95 (trade).

Sex 180 by Chip Ingram and Tim Walker. This book is a challenge to all teens to ignite a sexual revolution by making radical changes in their lives, making a “sex 180,” doing an about face in terms of how we think and feel about sex. This is more than a book on the “do’s and don’ts” of sex as the authors drive the readers to understand that God made us to be sexual creators and then to better understand what it means to explore and live out that part of our lives in a way that is both honoring to him and beneficial to us.
    Some of the 15 chapter titles include: Sex 180, The Heart of the Revolution; Extreme Makeover, Inside Edition; Real Friends, Real Benefits; Getting (and Giving) Something Out of It; One + The World; Daily Revolt; and Worldwide Revolt.
    From Baker Books (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2005, this 218-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

Sex & Love When You're Single Again by Thomas F. Jones. Based upon the premise that many single again persons are struggling with their sexuality, the author writes this level-headed, help-filled guide in which he discusses sexual frustrations and temptations yet maintaining a steadfast loyalty to Christian standards.

    Some of the 12 chapter titles include: Defining Sexuality, The Meaning of Sexual Intercourse, Relearning the Rule of God, Is There Life Without Sex?, Searching for Love's Meaning, Sexual Growth and Fulfillment, and Single Sexual Relationships.
    This 191 page book was published in 1990 by Oliver (Thomas) Nelson Publishers and sold for $8.95 (trade).

Sex and the City Uncovered by Marian Jordan. Based on the escapades of the recent TV series (now in reruns), the author takes a close look at the inadequate and destructive ways many singles try to find love. But, Jordan proposes, there is no substitute to filling the void in our lives with anything or anyone but God. The book exposes the emptiness of the “sex and the city” lifestyle and helps women find hope and the answer to true joy and fulfillment through life in Jesus Christ.
    Some of the seven chapter titles include: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, Locking for Love in Mr. Right, Looking for Love in Approval, and Looking for Love at Happy Hour. The book concludes with a series of discussion questions based on the content of the chapters.
    From B & H Publishing (Nashville, TN) in 2007, this 194-page book sells for $12.99 (trade).

Sex and the Single Christian by Barry Coleman (editor). This book is primarily designed for the young singles who are asking a lot of questions about sex. The editor has posed certain questions to some well-known Christian leaders such as Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Dennis Guernsey and others. His book is a compilation of their answers.
    The questions and answers are grouped into the following categories: The Importance of Sex, Premarital Sex, Masturbation, Sexual Awareness, Homosexuality, Celibacy, Sex After Marriage, and Contraception.
    This 135 page book was published in 1985 by Regal Books and sold for $6.95 (trade). 
Sex and the Single Christian by Audrey Beslow. The author writes as a single to singles about a secret she has discovered and lived, namely that Christian sexuality is rooted in reverence and responsibility. Hence, she calls for intimacy and celibacy. She explores the psychological effects of sexual union and examines whether abstinence from sexual intercourse is God's best plan for singles. She argues for a celibate mind-set that can help control physical reactions.

    This 176 page book is divided into two sections: part one deals with singleness and sex and includes the following chapter titles: How Belief Systems Determine Choices, How Singles View Sex, Why Singles Pursue Sex, Effects of Sex Among Singles, and The Need for Healing. Part two deals with the question, "What does a healthy single look like? Each chapter tries to answer that question by saying that a healthy single is...a chooser,...practices loving, a friend,...builds a base camp,...and finds meaning.
    Scattered throughout the book the author has placed various thought-provoking questions that make this book not only helpful for individual readings but also an excellent and effective resource for a church singles class, small group discussion, retreats, and conferences.
    Published in 1987 by Abingdon Press, this book sold for $9.95 (trade).

Sex and the Single Church Sister by Sha Givens. The author is a self-confessed woman who spent many years trying to find fulfillment through sex and running from God. Finally, she turned her life over to the Lord and found out that He had something unique in mind for her to do: to build refuge homes and schools for women in Kenya, East Africa. Her book is about faith, living single and the struggle to walk with God through all the minefields of sexual temptations that come with being single woman, even a church woman. In essence, this book is about how "church sisters" can keep their dresses on when they want to take them off" for anyone but their husband.
    Some of the 20 chapters include Corn Flakes, Closet Freaks, Emotions, Cookie Coupons, Sugar Momma, That's My Husband, When Your Man Is the Devil, Wolf Alert, and A Dream. Many of the chapters conclude with "how-to" tips for overcoming the pitfalls discussed in the chapter. Also, most chapters include a "Word from the Wise" where the author offers advice on how to handle certain issues based on her own experience.
    From I Can Fly Publishing (Los Angeles) in 2010, this 107-page book sells for $11.99 (trade cover).

Sex and the Single Guy by Joseph Knable. This is a book written by a single guy for singles guys. It is brutally honest as it deals with such topics as lustful thoughts, pornography, and masturbation. The author uses a combination of humor, personal stories, and practical advice to challenge men to win the battle of sexual purity. He also employs various scriptures to support his claims and arguments.
    Some of the 15 chapter titles include: War Has Been Declared!, Why Do We Keep Sinning?, Broken and Made Whole, Lust: Where the Battle Starts, Pornography: You Can Break Free, Treat Her Right, A Deeper Pain, and What Life Do You Want? Each chapter ends with a few discussion questions to cause the reader to further reflect upon the material in that chapter.
    Published in 2005 by Moody Publishers (Chicago, IL), this 200-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

Sex & the Single Person by Robert G. DeMoss, Jr. In this book the author, an unmarried man in his upper-30s, says that marriage and sex should not be our objective, rather becoming a godly lover is the goal. He explores the area of sexuality and offers appropriate ways to express and enjoy intimacy this side of marriage. With humor and biblical insight, he addresses such important topics as The six phases of the singles emotional cycle, dealing with the problems of divorce or widowhood, handling sexual desire and temptation, and how to prepare for true intimacy in marriage.
   Some of his 9 chapter titles are: Virgin Territory, Sex and Intimacy, The Fine Art of Intimacy, How to Handle those Hormones, Becoming a Great Lover, and Hope for the Single Heart.
   This 186-page book was published in 1996 by Zondervan and sold for $10.99 (trade).

Sex, Dating and Love by Ray E. Short. This book grew out of the author's lectures to young people across the nation. In this book, the author identifies and responds to the 77 questions young people most frequently ask about dating, love, marriage, and sex. His answers are honest, frank, and responsible.
    Short, a Methodist minister and professor of sociology, groups these 77 questions into the following categories: Is the Urge a Scourge?, How Old is Old Enough?, Dating Not for Mating, "Just You and Me, Sweetheart," How Can I Know When It's Love?, About These Bodies of Ours, Premarital Sex: Look Before You Leap--Into Bed, Is Living-In Flunking Out?, Going It Alone: What About Masturbation?, Who Should Tell Us About Sex?, VD: Those Antisocial Diseases, and The Guilt Trip Trauma.
    Published by Augsburg Publishing House in 1984, this 144 page book sold for $3.75 (pb).

Sex: It’s worth Waiting For by Greg Speck. Primarily written for teens, the author covers a wide variety of sexual issues impacting adolescents today. He explains the
whys behind God’s desire for people to wait until marriage for sex. But he also gives great hope to those who’ve crossed lines or been victims of abuse.
Some of the 17 chapter titles include the following: How Far Can I Go?, Reasons for Waiting, Incest, Rape, For Girls Only, For Guys Only, But I’ve Already Gone
Too Far, and Life That’s Worth Living. Each chapter concludes with a section of questions based on that chapter.
    From Moody Publishers (Chicago) in 2007, this 251-page book sells for $12.99 99 (trade cover).

Sexual Ethics by Stanley Grenz. The question is: Is the Biblical mandate for sexuality still valid in today's world of indulgent attitudes and technological advances? In this book the author probes theology, ethics, and medical research to present a Christian perspective.

    Some of the questions he answers are: What does sexual intercourse signify?, Is sex outside of marriage ever right? What sexual expressions are appropriate for single persons?, and What about ethics of technological tools such as in vitro fertilization and contraception?
    His eleven chapters are divided in three parts: Human Sexuality and Christian Theology, Marriage as an Expression of Human Sexuality and Singleness as an Expression of Human Sexuality.
    From Word in 1990, this 268 page book sold for $14.99 (trade). 
Sexual Fulfillment by Herbert W. Chilstrom and Lowell O. Erdahl. The authors believe sexuality is a God-given gift intended for our good. They
discuss healthy sexuality in a variety of life stages and relationships: singleness, non-marital committed relationships, heterosexual marriage, same-sex relationships, and relationships among the elderly. Sometimes traditional, other times radical, the authors celebrate healthy sexuality.
    The seven chapter titles are: Life-Giving Sex, Life-Degrading Sex, Sexual Fulfillment in Marriage, Sexual Fulfillment when Single, Sexual Fulfillment when Single, Sexual Fulfillment while Living Together, Sexual Fulfillment in Same-Sex Relationships, Sexual Fulfillment in Elder Years. Each chapter ends with a section of Questions and Answers in a Dear Abby format. The questions were real ones asked by their clients in counseling sessions and the answers are those provided by the authors. Plus, there is a concluding chapter of Questions for Reflection and Discussion which raises questions on the various chapters that can be used in group discussion.
    From Augsburg Fortress Publishers (Minneapolis, MN) in 2001, this 177-page book sold for $13.99 (trade). 
Sexual Understanding Before Marriage by Herbert J. Miles. In this book the author, a Christian sociologist, attempts to grapple with the everyday sexual quandaries of young singles. It is a practical, forthright analysis of the young adult and the sexual pressures he or she faces, but more importantly, here are realistic, believable, helpful suggestions for discussion and solution of these problems.

      Some of the 12 chapter titles include: Some Honest Questions Youth are Asking about Sex, Why Society Objects to Premarital Sex Relations, Some Questions about Sex Examined, How to Control Sex Until Marriage, and Dealing with Past Sexual Sins.
    From Zondervan in 1987, this 222 page book sold for $6.95 (trade). 
Sexuality & Marriage by James F. Moore. Starting with the premise that individualism and the drive for immediate personal satisfaction are replacing the Christian Values of love and self-giving. Moore attempts to recover the meaning of God's love in the biblical images of covenant and servanthood while rebuilding a Christian foundation for healthy and rewarding marriages.
     The author tries to answer many modern-day questions about sex and marriage such as: Has the "sexual revolution" changed our attitudes as Christians, How do parents and teens deal with premarital sex, and Is there a positive theology of marriage for our time?
    Some of his ten chapter titles include: How Can We Make A Positive Response to this Crisis? How Can We Respond to Sexual Issues Through God's Creative and Sustaining Love? How Can We Make Tough Moral Decisions in Response to God's Serving-Love? and How Can We Learn to Enjoy Each Other in Response to God's Enduring Love?
    This 155 page book was published in 1987 by Augsburg and sold for $8.95 (trade).
Sexuality: God's Gift edited by Anne Krabill Hershberger. This book is not a sex manual but rather is a series of essays featuring different aspects of sexuality. It brings together various topics on sexuality that have special meanings for Christians and interprets them from a Christian perspective. It is the editor's desire that "each reader will perceive healthy sexuality as vital to human wholeness, intimacy, joy, and caring relationships, as well as a reflection of God's creative love."
    Some of the 14 chapter titles include: The Gift, Guidelines from the Gift-Giver, The Gift and Young People, The Gift and Singleness, The Gift and Marriage, The Gift and Same-Sex Orientation, The Gift and the Sensuous, The Gift Expressed in the Arts, The Gift Misused, and The Gift Restored. Each chapter contains some stimulating questions and there is a rich bibliography at the end of the book.
    This book of 216-pages was published in 1999 by Herald Press (Scottdale, PA) and sold for $14.99 (trade).
Single Again: Dating and Meeting New Friends the Second Time Around by George Blake. The author, a syndicated columnist, writes this book to help those trying to start over again after a relationship has ended. He shares his insight based upon 12 years of research and over 15,000 interviews with singles from across the country. The book is filled with useful advice and practical insights on whatyou must do to recover from the relationship. He describes the "singles scene" and removes the stigma often attached to it.
    Some of his 21 chapter titles are: Meeting Other Singles, Understanding Single Men/Women, Age and the Age Difference, Getting Over Someone, Singles Pitfalls, and Holidays and Anniversaries.
    From R & E Publishers (468 Auzerais Ave. Suite A, San Jose, CA 95126) in 1991 and revised 1995, this 152-page book sold for $11.95 (trade). 
Single Men Are Like Waffles, Single Women Are Like Spaghetti by Bill and Pam Farrell. In a nutshell, this book is about Friendship, Romance and Relationships that work as it guides singles through the process of developing and maintaining healthy relationships with the opposite sex. It offers advice on how singles can work together more effectively, socialize with each other more enjoyably and date one another more successfully. It celebrates the differences between men and women and shows singles how they can discover God's plan for building lasting and meaningful relationships.
    Some of the ten chapter titles are: Male and Female He Created Them, Don't Overcook Communication, Waffles and Spaghetti at Work, The Waffle Warrior, The Pasta Princess, The Social Life of Waffles and Spaghetti, and God Loves Waffles and Spaghetti. The book also contains a set of discussion topics based on the various chapter themes as well as a ten-week study guide for couples dating seriously.
    From Harvest House (Eugene, OR) in 2002, this  287-page book sold for $9.99 (trade).
The Single Solution by Donna Cowan.  This book deals boldly with a one of the greatest issues facing single women:  sex. Finding nothing to help her make decisions, the book was born out of her own search.  Written especially for the single-again woman,  though applicable for all singles, it acknowledges the difficulties for those who have known the fun of sex and now live alone.  It is an eye-opening glimpse into what happens even in our churches today. Cowan notes not just what the Bible says about sex, but suggests the meaning behind  it. You will find no condemnation in the pages of this book, but you will find definite steps to help you make these critical and life-altering decisions.
        The twenty chapters of the book are divided into three sections: the dilemma single women face about the desire to have sex; the various insights and revelations revolving around the sex issue; and some practical, easy-to-live-by scriptural solutions to the sex question. The book includes a Relationship Survey to evaluate a future mate. The author also includes a number of scriptures that provide affirmation and encouragement for the single person longing for a marriage partner.
        Published in 1996 by New Leaf Press (Green Forest, AR), this 191-page book sold for $9.95 (trade cover).

Smart Love by Nancy L. VanPelt. The author's main thesis is that "whatever the state of your love life (or lack of it), you can stop drifting in and out of relationships and start having more control." This book will help you assess more accurately the potential in relationships, educate yourself about what you want and need from the opposite sex, avoid relationships with emotionally unhealthy persons, improve your romantic self-esteem, and to increase your chances of meeting someone great.
    The 14 chapters are divided into the following six parts: Self-worth, The Dating Game, Breaking Up without Breaking Down, True Love and Infatuation, Close Encounters of a Dangerous Kind, and Before You Fall in Love Again.
    From Baker Book House in 1997, this 285-page book sold for $9.99 (trade).

Soul Virgin by Doug Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson, As the subtitle says, this book is about “redefining single sexuality.” The authors, both Christian sex therapists, contend that true sexuality, which encompasses body, soul, and spirit, is more about relational intimacy than just the physical act of sex. They believe that it’s time for a new model of sexuality for singles, one that allows them to celebrate who God created them to be as sexual beings.
    Some of the 16 chapter titles include: God’s Design in Sexuality, The Romance of Soul Virginity, So What Do I Do with My Sexual Surging?,  and Law, Lovetouching, and the Bikini Line. Most chapters have some helpful charts to illustrate points and each chapter has plenty to reflect upon and digest as you discover God’s purpose  for your sexuality. The book concludes with some questions for individual thought or group discussion.
From Baker Books (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2006, this 254-page book sold for $14.99 (trade cover).

Still Going It Alone: Mothering with Faith and Finesse When the Children Have Grown by Michele Howe. See under Single Parenting.

Struggling with Sex by Arthur A. Rouner, Jr. Whether 15 or 50, we all struggle with sex. This sensitive and yet realistic book by a well-known evangelical pastor takes a fresh look at God's intentions for sex and marriage.
    Using case studies from his own premarriage and marriage counseling experience, Rouner shows the destructive effects of modern sexual permissiveness and calls for a return to a biblically based, marriage-centered sexual life.
    Some of the eight chapter titles include: The Meaning of Morality, The Bottom Line in Sex, Sex as a Symbol, A Reason for Waiting, Where Teens Fit in the Sexual Cycle, Selling Short or Gaining Long, and Growing Old Together. Some of the issues addressed include: premarital and extramarital sex, teenage sex and pregnancy, what does the Bible say? and what should a Christian do?
    This 112 page book was published by Augsburg in 1987 and sold for $6.50 (trade).

To Have and to Hold by Sharon Yoder. See under Marriage. 

Too Close, Too Soon by Jim Talley and Bobbie Reed. This book is about relationships between men and women who have decided to go beyond the friendship stage to explore the possibility of becoming serious dating partners. The authors say, "In today's world of instant gratification, many single adults do not give relationships time to grow, to develop, and to prove that they are strong before marriage is entered or a sexual alliance developed."
    Some of the ten chapter titles are: Togetherness Is Not Enough, Fairy Tales or Reality?, Building Together, and Avoiding the Pitfalls. The book concludes with a study guide which is intended to help reader interact with the material in the book.
    Published by Thomas Nelson in 1982, the book sold for $4.95 (pb). 
Twenty Tips to More Dates in the 90's by Marie France. This book offers practical suggestions for women who need some fresh, new tips on how to meet men. Although written in a secular manner, the book does contain lots of helpful insights to those interested in improving their dating life. The first section helps the woman get herself ready to meet men. There is a chapter entitled "Personal Grooming 101 and another entitled "Communication 101."

    The next section offers 20 categories of "Tips" on where to meet men. These 20 different places include: athletic clubs, special interest groups, work, religious affiliation, hobbies, museums, singles organizations, and newspapers. Each chapter/location contains suggestions unique to that chapter. For example, in the chapter on Trade/Professional Associations the author suggests that if you and your colleagues go to an association meeting, do not sit with your fellow-workers but rather with some new people. The reason is that you'll run the risk of not meeting (m)any new people.
    Published in 1990 by Paris Press (Box 291, 2040 Polk St., San Francisco, CA 94109), this 135-page book sold for $12.95 (trade).

The UnGuide to Dating by Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz. This book is, as the subtitle says, “A he said/she said on relationships.” As such, the authors dialogue with each other on their own dating experiences and offer their thoughts and bewilderments on adult dating relationships.  With discussion on everything from Internet dating to shifting gender roles to adult abstinence, their give and take style offers insights to help singles navigate the pressures, trends and temptations of dating as an adult.
    Some of the themes discussed in the 14 chapters include: Why Aren’t Christian Singles Dating?, Men in the Church, Changing Gender Roles, Making the First  Move, Dating Non-Christians, Internet Dating, Body Image, Biological Clock and Breaking Up.   
    From Fleming H Revell (Division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, MI) in 2006, this 206-page book solds for $12.99 (trade cover).

Untangling The Sexual Revolution by Henry W. Spauling II. In this book the author, a Nazarene college professor, defines the sexual revolution problem, outlines its effects upon society, and offers direct and relevant insights gained from theological and biblical truth.

    The six chapter titles are: The End Is Now the Beginning, Self-Respect, The Meaning of Love, Responsible Freedom, The Question of Homosexuality, and The Revolution and Its Lesson.
    Published in 1989 by Beacon Hill Press, this 111 page book sold for $6.96 (trade). 
VICTIM OF LOVE: How You Can Break the Cycle of Bad Relationships by Tom Whiteman and Randy Peterson. This book is for those who are caught in the cycle of addictive relationships. Here the authors examine various kinds of unhealthy relationships and shows you how to indentify their danger signs so you can break the cycle of bad relationships and find love that lasts. The book concludes with The God Factor, encouragement to depend upon God as a guide, teacher, and comforter...and to believe that God can make you whole.
    Some of the 19 chapter titles include: Characteristics of Addictive Relationships, The Roots of Addiction, Breaking the Addictive Cycle, Best Friends, Balance, Addiction within a Marriage, Addiction in a Same-sex Relationship and Family Relationships.
    From Pinon Press in 1998, this 234-page book sold for $13.00 (trade).

Wait...He's Coming by Kimberley McConico, PhD. See under Marriage.

Waiting and Dating by Myles Munroe. This book is “a sensible guide to a fulfilling love relationship” as the subtitle says. It offers a balanced, biblical view for every believer who wants a prosperous and fulfilling marriage relationship. Some of the major points to the book are: the importance of sharing your faith in God, the need for personal wholeness, the importance of true friendship in a relationship, and much more.
    Some of the six chapter titles include: Preparing to Date, The Purpose of Dating, Myths of Mate-Finding, Discerning the Right Life Partner, Preparing to Marry and Redeeming the Time. Each chapter ends with a series of statements or principles based on that chapter.
    From Destiny Image Publishers (Shippensburg, PA) in 2004, this 142-page book sold for $7.00 (trade cover).

What to Do Until Love Finds You by Michelle McKinney Hammond. The subtitle, Preparing Yourself for Your Perfect Mate, aptly describes the purpose for the book. It offers single women valuable techniques and insights as to how to make this time of preparation joyful and exciting. It offers practical steps for healthy, God-centered relationships, advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of dating,and the tools needed to lay a solid, biblical foundation for true love.
       Some of the 15 chapter titles include: First Encounters, The Intimate Challenge, Dealing with Dreams, The Real Deal, Confrontation, The Truth Comes Out, Looking in the Mirror, Costly Expectations, Love Talk, The Initial Surrender, and The First Revelation. The author's poems are interspersed throughout these chapters.
       From Harvest House Publishers in 1997, this 198-page book sold for $8.99 (trade cover).

What Are You Waiting For? by Dannah Gresh. The author offers help to young women trying to grow up and navigate in a sex-obsessed culture. She offers a sexual theology based on an ancient biblical word traced from Genesis to Revelation. She candidly shares straight talk about masturbation, pornography, and the addictive nature of romance then gives a clear plan for breaking free from sexual guilt.
    Some of the 16 chapter titles include: Clearly Confused, Not All Sex is the Same, Friends with Benefits, Relational Love, The Lesbian Question, Sex is Not a Solo Sport, Exclusive Love, The Line, Finding Yada, Faithful Love and The Yearning. The book is designed to be used in group studies of two chapters per session and includes a set of discussion questions based on each of the 16 chapters.
    From WaterBrook Press (Colorado Springs) in 2011, this book of 178 pages sells for $10.99 (trade cover.)

What Women Wish You Knew About DATING by Stephen W. Simpson, Ph.D. Subtitled, a Single Guy's Guide to Romantic Relationships, this book covers the waterfront on dating. While offering lots of very practical advice, it focuses on spiritual and emotional issues in a man's life and how they affect his dating life. Though written for men, there are sidebars throughout the book geared toward women to help them understand men, along with tips they can use to help the men in their life. In the end, the author challenges his readers to not neglect their walk with God as they look for love.
    Some of the 17 chapter titles include: Living Before Dating, What Do You Want in a Girlfriend?, The Top Five Myths of Christian Dating, The Casual First Date,When Things Don't Work Out, The Romantic Third Date, You Have a Girlfriend, Now What?, Physical Intimacy, and Deeper Wounds That Need Healing.
    From Baker Books (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2008, this 204-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

What You Need to Know Before You Fall in Love by David Nicholson. This book speaks to single adults seeking immediate guidance in choosing a mate and to engaged persons who are wondering if marriage is their next step. It also offers healing for those reeling from an emotional breakup and guidance for avoiding pain in the future. Published by Thomas Nelson in 1995, this 186-page book sold for $9.99 (trade).
What's the Big Deal About Sex? by Jim Burgen. This book was written by a senior high youth minister and focuses on those important sexual issues facing teens today. In a direct, humorous and compelling way this book gives some real answers to some tough questions dealing with human sexuality.
   Some of the 14 chapter titles are: Equal…but Different, Why Wait?, How Can I Wait?, Agape Love, Divorce-Proof Marriage, Choices of the Heart, What about Homosexuality?, What about Masturbation?, What about Interracial Dating?, and What If I've Already Messed Up? Each chapter concludes with a set of questions to stimulate group discussion or personal reflection.
    From Standard Publishing (Cincinnati, OH) in 1999, this 157-page book sold for $9.99 (trade cover).

   When Love Ends by Jackie M. Johnson. Break-ups happen...that's life. But what do you do when the relationship is over? The author wrote this book to help you heal following the break-up as you walk through the darkness to the light in a heart-healing journey to brighter and better days ahead. The book is practical and biblically based with each chapter guiding the reader to restoration.
Some of the 16 chapter titles include: Dealing with Endings, Healing Emotional Pain, Experiencing God's Love, Learning to Wait Well, Awakening Hope, Healthier Choices Next Time, and Living in the Light. Each chapter concludes with Bible verses, a prayer and discussion questions for individual or group study.
    From Moody Publishers (Chicago) in 2010, this book of 226 pages sells for $13.99 (trade cover).

When Love's in View by Dr. Conway and Jada Edwards. The subtitle says it all; this book is about “finding focus in dating and relationships.” The authors state their purpose is to encourage men and women to be content in their singleness and to be open to a God-inspired view of dating, love and relationships. They discuss courtship and dating from a biblical perspective and share their own story along the way. The result is an encouraging and thought-provoking guide to help you develop God-honoring relationships.
    Some of the eight chapter titles include: The Journey Begins, The Man You Are Becoming, The Woman You Are Becoming, Who's Your Comforter?, Experiencing Healthy Relationships, and Got F.A.I.T.H.?  The final chapter contains 11 frequently asked questions with the authors responses. The book concludes with a valuable Discussion Guide based upon the chapter topics.
    Published in 2008 jointly by Moody Publishers (Chicago) and the Institute for Black Family Development (Detroit), this 147-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

World Wide Se@rch by Cheryl Green. The authors claim this is The Savvy Christian’s Guide to Online Dating. With over 3000 Christian matchmaker web sites claiming over 2 million members, online dating is here to stay.  This book covers all the bases to guide you to be successful in your online search, from choosing the right screen name to making you aware of the dangers of meeting people in cyberspace.
    Some of the 11 chapter titles are: Look Inside Before You Log On, Rules of the Cyber-Road, Looking for Love in All the Right Places, Your Identity in Cyberspace, Make a Connection that Matters, Breaking Up Is still Hard to Do, Is He (or She) “the One”?, and From Virtual to Reality. There is also a chapter entitled, Perverts, Players, Psychopaths, and Cyberstalkers.
    Published in 2004 by WaterBrook Press (Colorado Springs, CO), this 202-page book sold for $12.99 (trade cover).

Your Original Personal Ad by Charlotte Digregorio. This book, as the subtitle suggests, is "the complete guide to expressing your unique sentiments to find your dream person" through personals ads. It was written by a lady who found her dream person through an ad and has written ads for others that resulted in marriages. The book contains dozens of original ads, from the delightfully spicy to the ultraconservative. It also contains hundreds of tips, useful phrases and words that can be used in creating your own ad. Plus, it warns you about the typical mistakes often made in writing ads and gives some samples of these bad ads. This process of creating an ad will also help you assess your likes and dislikes so you can adequately evaluate who you are and whom you seek.
    The five chapter titles are: General Tips on Personal Ads, Writing Gaffes, A Sampling of Inadequate Ads, Useful Phrases, and A Sampling of Creative Ads. Plus it has a helpful appendix to guide you in the proper selection of your vocabulary.
    From Civetta Press (503-228-6649) in 1995, this 155-page book sold for $13.95 (trade). 

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