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Regarding our Bibliography

1. Our objective in producing this bibliography was to compile a highly useful and fairly complete listing of recent books (since 1978) as well as some of the older classics that relate to singles and singles ministry. Naturally, any such undertaking is subject to the accidental omission of certain valuable books for which we deeply apologize.

 2. With a few exceptions, our primary objective was to focus upon those books produced by the various Christian publishers because this is our arena of work.

 3. Many of these books are still in print and may be ordered through your local bookstore...or through our online service.  To help you locate some of the small and/or relatively unknown  publishers, we have tried to list their addresses in the body of the review.

 4. The prices listed, in most cases, are those at the time of publication.

 5. Being listed does not necessarily mean our total endorse of all the material contained in any of the books.

 6. Some books overlap our categories. If you're searching for a particular book, you may need to search several related categories.

 7. We welcome information and review copies of new books. Send to: SinglesMall, Box 27222, Overland Park, KS 66225.

 8. Permission is hereby granted to copy these pages for your own use.

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