Advertising Options

The SinglesMall is operated by the Institute of Singles Dynamics, based in the Kansas City area, a ministry to
and with singles since 1983.
If you are wanting to reach singles and/or the singles leader,  we can probably help
through one of the options listed below. Please read these options then email us if you have questions. As you
email us, please indicate your name, company name, location (city),  what it is that you wish to promote. We'll give
you our best advice and quote you the fees.

     1. Advertise on the Singles Mall

The Internet is a fast and great way to get your message to people whether they be across the city or around the world. It is also very economical and is exploding with marketing possibilities. If you are interested in advertising on the SinglesMall, please email us and tell us the name of your company and what product or service you'd like to advertise. We can either sell you a link to your site or create a special page for you on our site. The fees are based upon the service provided. We'll be happy to quote prices once we get all the facts of what you want done.

If you're simply wanting to share some helpful information (e.g., a major event for singles or leaders), we'll be happy to post it at no charge. Please email the information exactly as you wish it posted. Start all activities with the date of the event followed by a short description (50 words or less). Make sure you include cost, location, and a contact person with phone or email address for those who might be interested in registering. Also please make sure there are no typos. It will be posted as you send it so please make certain it is grammatically correct with the right punctuation.

2. Advertise via Direct Mail
We own two mailing lists that you can rent for a direct mail campaign. 1. One list contains nearly 5000 addresses of singles groups leaders in the USA. This is is great for reaching the singles group leader, usually a church staff person. 2. The other list is that of about 4500 singles who live in the greater Kansas City area. This list is good for reaching the single person directly. Both lists can be supplied via email, pressure-sensitive labels, or on magnetic tape. We DO NOT have email lists for rent or sale. For prices and special offers, please email us the details as requested above (name, company, location, product, etc.) and we'll get back with you within 24 hours.
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